The OVA will focus on Lothringen, the western parts of the Teutonian Empire. This space reserved for notes & secret plans.

OVA Plots

OVA Cast – Definite
Luke von Lothringen
Gabriel von Lothringen
Mashiro Kyoka
Ryoko Yonaguni
Naimitsu Yonaguni
Haruhi Yonaguni
Akane Tsuru/Nobunaga Amatsukami
Rei Hashima
Mrs. Hashima
Sister Barbara


Calais is a small town on the west coast of Lothringen, toward Britannia. It was damaged very heavily in the Great War, and has only recently rebuilt – but is otherwise famously a very peaceful location, virtually never visited by Storms. Few Storm Knights reside in the area.

So far, the following citizens have been introduced:

Mayor Auguste Rondelle, a portly man with a mustache
Mr. Dirac, an elderly watchmaker
Lucille von Lothringen, Luke’s air-conditioner-repairing cousin
Colette von Lothringen, angry cousin of Luke and Gabriel
Thelma, Luke’s aunt
Leon, Chameleon, Musketeer
Drake Francis, Pirate

Calais is home to a boarding home for girls, as well as the Von Lothringen summer mansion and a magnificent old clock tower. Its main square has a statue of St. George and the Dragon, and there are many statues of musketeers throughout its streets.


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