Short-Form Session Notes, Part 4


*Cecil tells Captain Francis he will get on with telekinesis training now. Francis approves. They take the boat back to the shore. Francis promises to help the mute people who were mind-controlled by Kage, earlier. Francis also tells Cecil that he knew his mother, back when he visited Nipponia, and implies that they were in love, but she was promised to another man.
*Lloyd meets Gabriel, who is looking for Cecil again. Lloyd doesn’t know where he is. Lloyd returns to the mansion, carrying Ryoko’s gear.
*Lloyd meets Lucille, who is looking for medicine for Colette. They meet Ryoko, who gets her stuff back.
*Lloyd and Cecil meet Rei at the school. She says she will make them a delicious meal. Both of them are busy now, but maybe later.
*Lloyd takes Ryoko out for a walk in the woods, much to the chagrin of Rei. They have a long, meaningful conversation about when she killed Shingen. She confesses she has nightmares about Kain, as she basically killed his father. Lloyd tells her about Helmut Gruber, the soldier he killed back during the first attack on Eisenkrone.
*Cecil goes to find the unconscious Mashiro, and after a short conversation with Barbara, wakes her up.
*Mashiro is very different. The brutal training, perhaps in combination with Kage’s mental assault, has caused her to shut down her sense of empathy. She says she doesn’t want to hurt any more. Mashiro has conquered her pain.
*Mashiro, still injured, asks Cecil if he would like to spar. He declines, so she goes to find Akane.
*Cecil, Lloyd, Rei and Ryoko sit down to eat the meal Rei cooked. Suddenly they hear a scream from behind the school. Cecil and Ryoko go to investigate. Rei thinks she finally has Lloyd to herself, when Lucille suddenly arrives and eats all of the food.
*The scream from behind the school came from Akane, who has been knocked down by Mashiro while they were training. She isn’t hurt, but her dress is dirty. She chides Mashiro. Cecil also chides Mashiro. Mashiro proudly does not give a damn and goes to train in the basement instead.
*Lloyd is approached by a mysterious, beautiful woman who takes him back to her mansion. Rei is furious. The mysterious woman is, in fact, Leon, who has a hideout beneath the abandoned mansion.
*Leon trains Lloyd with special circles of mastery. He also gives him tough physical training in an offscreen montage. Lloyd learns about dancing and how important it is to know ones’ movements in combat.
*Leon and Lloyd proceed to the roof for training in how to look dramatic. Lloyd is bad at this. From the roof, Lloyd spots Gabriel getting paid by a shady looking soldier. He is worried. Leon goes to investigate.
*Cecil, meanwhile, joins Mashiro in the basement. He tries to persuade Thelma that her training sucks and is too harsh. Thelma explains that it’s about conquering animal instincts. After Louise’s death, Thelma expanded the training so that it makes you feel no pain or other “bad” emotions. This is probably what screwed up Mashiro.
*Cecil fights Mashiro and beats her, in an attempt to prove that the training hasn’t made her stronger. Mashiro is devastated and vows to train even harder, so that she won’t be weak and useless. Thelma ponders.
*Lloyd returns to the mansion and meets Luke, who has been reading shipping logs for fun. Luke reveals that Captain Francis kidnapped Terra Kushieda, Cecil’s mother, from a Kushieda yacht, and that plenty of people were killed in action. They are both shocked and appalled.
*Cecil meets Luke and Lloyd. They tell him about Francis.
*Lloyd goes to train with Naimitsu, while Cecil goes off for a swim with Akane, Ryoko and Rei. On the way there, Cecil is stalked by a soldier who has apparently been keeping an eye on him. The soldier, whose name is Fritz, says that Hoffmeister wants to see him.
*Cecil practices swimming and telekinesis with the girls for a bit. Gabriel eventually comes by and wants to talk to him.
*Gabriel persuades Cecil to go talk with Hoffmeister. He says that otherwise, the soldiers will hurt Mr. Dirac. Cecil, through skilled inquiry, learns that Gabriel is the mysterious “friend” the soldiers have been talking about.
*Lloyd trains with Naimitsu. He is blindfolded and has rocks thrown at him, he must catch them without moving his feet. Naimitsu says that he must learn to be confident and certain, to be steady as a rock, to find his center. Lloyd fails because he doubts himself. He has done some bad things, after all. Naimitsu says that he must trust himself, and he must trust others around him to trust him. Grateful for her advice, Lloyd thanks her and somewhat bashfully tells her that despite her professional and often rather distant attitude, this caring side of her he’s been getting to know is actually kind of cute.

*Lloyd and Naimitsu are interrupted by a scream from the village. When they get there,
people are awake and upset. A man has been injured by the soldiers. It is Marcel, Francis’ fisherman friend, but neither Naimitsu nor Lloyd have met him. Naimitsu investigates, while Lloyd goes to bed, hoping the man will recover.
*Cecil and Lloyd sleep. The following day, Cecil goes to see Hoffmeister. Hoffmeister reveals that the soldiers have caught a criminal – and reveal Captain Francis, clapped in irons! They ask Cecil if he would like an opportunity to torture a pirate.


Short-Form Session Notes, Part 4

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