Season 3 episode 44 notes

Lloyd and Cecil remained separated for this entire session.

Lloyd’s Arc

  • Lloyd, Ryoko and Mashiro descend into the depths of the mushroom caverns in search of the Diamond Fish. It’s deep beneath the old Gardening Club, full of giant luminescent mushrooms. The water from above rushes down into a broad, shallow stream that trickles evenly over the rock, making it very slippery.
  • Strange spores and giant, floating fungi like dandelion seeds fill the air, many of which glow. Lloyd uses Airbending to keep the spores at a distance.
  • Mashiro instructs everyone to watch out for purple mushrooms, as those are the most poisonous and dangerous ones.
  • Lloyd puts out his torch and goes first, sensing the water and earth to keep steady. Mashiro holds his hand to steady herself. Ryoko goes last, but slips!
  • In an attempt to catch her, Lloyd chips loose a piece of rock with his earthbending and the three slide down on it, safe from being battered by the stone. As on a giant waterslide they descend into the dark. They come to rest atop a giant mushroom, which lights up as they touch it.
  • Strange wasp-like monsters descend from above, drawn by the noise and the light of the mushroom. They seem to have parasitic fungi growing out of their brains. Mashiro jumps up and grabs one before it can sting Lloyd, while Ryoko cripples one with a well-placed throwing dagger. Lloyd channels the element of fire, and sets the spores around their heads aflame.
  • During the fight, the mushroom breaks and Ryoko goes plummeting below. She slows her fall with a kyoketsu-shoge chain weapon, but still splashes into the water below, after being hit by spores from one of the wasps. Lloyd and Mashiro finish off the monsters, before they descend to help her.
  • Lloyd uses the purification ability he learned from Master Fei to cleanse Ryoko’s system of the spores, making her safe from infection.
  • The three move towards a well lit mushroom forest, full of luminescent fungi. Nothing moves, and they make their way onwards through it.
  • Ryoko accidentally nudges a trumpet-shaped mushroom, and it begins to blare loudly, emitting a piercing shriek. This agitates the entire colony, and the fungi erupt in blinding light and deafening noise.
  • Unable to see or hear, they hurry through the colony until they reach a precipice – down below are a bunch of non-luminescent mushrooms, some of which are vibrant purple.
  • Lloyd uses Earthbending to bring down several large stalactites, creating platforms to safely jump on to avoid the purple mushrooms. His works agitate six earthen Storm Beasts, however, which awake from their camouflage as stalagmites and rocks.
  • Mashiro is pushed off a platform whereas Lloyd leaps off his to engage the Storm Beasts on the ground, careful not to touch any purple mushrooms. Ryoko uses her chain weapon to grab a floating fungus. It carries her weight, allowing her to lift Mashiro off the ground.
  • Though it’s a close call, they manage to defeat the beasts without being poisoned or crushed by the powerful creatures.
  • They hurry away before any more beasts are alerted, but it’s too late – as they leap onto a jutting cliff over the main body of the underwater lake, a huge beast with crab claws and tentacles on its head steps out and smashes the cliff beneath their feet. The three go plummeting into the dark…

Cecil’s Arc

  • Injured after his fight with von Bratt, and being thrown off a bridge, Cecil realizes that it’s worse than he thought – his leg is broken. Nevertheless, he’s got Professor Gottlieb on his side, and the defeated Protection Squad members quake in fear.
  • Sophie asks Cecil if he will be safe. He says that he will; Sophie resolves to help Cecil and tries to find Professor Ryder.
  • Wilhelmina assists Cecil and gets him to the infirmary. Unfortunately, Professor Ryder isn’t there and the office is unmanned. When Cecil knocks, a very annoyed Nurse Mathilda appears, in her dressing-gown. She seems to be dressing up for something important.
  • Nurse Mathilda gives Cecil cursory treatment, and asks him if he needs alchemical aid, since a proper healer isn’t present. Cecil says yes, so Mathilda administers alchemical Stone Salve, which is charged with the element of Earth. It turns Cecil’s leg to living stone, keeping the bone set while still allowing mobility. She warns him that while it will make him able to use the leg just fine, it’s both heavy and brittle, so he has to be careful.
  • Just as the process is finishing, Victoria von Zweibr├╝cken enters. She has a short conversation with Mathilda, revealing that the two of them are meeting with a von Richthofen in Ritterburg. It’s not the Baron himself, but rather some female family member.
  • Von Zweibr├╝cken also questions Cecil about the fight with von Bratt, and says that she hopes he will find detention instructive. She leaves the details of the detention to Gottlieb, however.
  • Cecil finds that the weighed-down leg makes him unable to use his jumping powers – but he can at least walk normally, just with a bit of a limp. Appreciating the miraculous salve, he heads down to the post office to resume working.
  • Cecil meets with Amanda in the office, and they have a short talk about the dangers posed by the Protection Squad. Cecil learns about the Blue Oni’s (Lloyd’s) earlier break-in into the Alchemy Club, and how Parsifal is now furiously chasing the Blue Oni.
  • Just then, the Storm Postman appears with an express letter to Reginald. Cecil takes the opportunity to resign as Express Postman, since he’s now school Janitor as well. He will keep delivering regular mail, though.
  • Delivering the letter to Reginald as one final task, Cecil sets off. He meets Bartolomeus in the Dueling Club, who tells him Reginald is in a club meeting with the Arts Club – they’re inducting new members. Bartolomeus is worried.
  • The door to the Arts Club is opened by Rei. She explains she’s there as a model slash muse, to sit for Mikhail’s painting. Cecil is slightly worried, knowing Mikhails pervert antics.
  • Entering the Arts Club, Cecil finds that Samuel, Samantha and Mikhail are the new members – all foreigners in low standing. Reginald is in high spirits, having cast off Parsifal’s yoke, but the letter – which is from his father – sours his mood again. He begins to contemplate, while Mikhail shows his art portfolio and makes an entry exam by drawing a picture from memory – he makes it a romantic piece of Hildegard and Cecil, recalling an old gossip story from last year.
  • Reginald establishes telepathic contact with Cecil, and while Mikhail draws, they discuss. Reginald wants to get in touch with Mashiro, as he wants to speak with someone who has rebelled against their parents. He has very little experience in the field, but he won’t let his father push him around any longer. He sets the letter on fire, and formulates a response which he hands to Cecil.
  • Mikhail passes the test, and is allowed to use the club’s private atelier. He immediately invites Rei inside. Cecil decides not to get involved in his and Rei’s relationship. Thus, he continues his postman round after a cup of tea.
  • Delivering Reginald’s response to the office and the official Storm Postman, Cecil continues to deliver letters to the teachers – they’re in Army envelopes.
  • As Cecil gets to Professor Gottlieb, he hears only noncommittal grunts from inside. Entering, he finds Gottlieb half-dressed, half-asleep, and half-drunk. He seems not to be well.
  • Cecil’s passive mind reading catches a few glimpses of Gottlieb’s memories, from the War, of a blond general talking about bringing a peaceful end to the War.
  • Cecil delivers the letter, and Gottlieb gruffly tears it up. The Generals want to sponsor the Protection Squad, but he will have nothing to do with it.
  • Gottlieb reveals that he made a promise to his best friend and trusted comrade, General Leo von Rhine, that after the war was over they would no longer be soldiers. It’s part of the reason why Gottlieb is so adamant about having left it behind – but snapping at von Bratt earlier, he called the school his “regiment”. This seems to have deeply shaken him.
  • Gottlieb tells the story of how Leo died, trying to negotiate with Sidney Morrigan in the Battle of Rhine Valley. He gave Morrigan the option to surrender and get free passage back to Britannia – but Morrigan killed Leo, more or less out of sheer spite as he had already lost the battle. Leo was the last of Gottlieb’s close friends – all the others had already died in the war.
  • Gottlieb bitterly tells Cecil that good men die in war, and it falls to bad men like him and Cecil to keep their legacy alive. Therefore, they must be true to their promises and their friends. He says that Cecil is a survivor, and that he will probably survive to see all his friends die, as well.
  • Cecil says he’s begun to understand the gravity of the situation, and how dangerous it can be to let violence run unchecked. Gruffly, Gottlieb gives Cecil permission to retrieve his lance from storage. He’s ready to wield a weapon again, now that he understands what it means.


Season 3 episode 44 notes

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