Season 3 episode 16 notes

The Storm is approaching, and the village is getting ready…

  • Lloyd contacts Cecil, asking him to please diagnose Sophie and see if there is still any lingering effects of Melody’s mind control. Cecil, who’s in the middle of hauling water for all the baths he’s promised, takes a break, leaving the bath arrangements in the hands of Rose and Ralph.
  • Lloyd heads to find Anita, whom he’s noticed is acting rather worried about the Storm even if she hides it well. He remembers from their conversation in the carriage that she lost a classmate to a Storm during her first field experience with a Storm.
  • Anita is waiting for Alice outside Alex’s house. Lloyd doesn’t know what she’s waiting for, but he doesn’t inquire as that would be rude. Anita explains that she does feel afraid, but she can’t afford to let it show. She’s the senior student here, she needs to be an example to the others.
  • Lloyd sympathizes and tells Anita that he’ll be there for her. She admits that there’s a risk she’ll break down once the Storm is over.
  • Lloyd heads to the smithy to help the smith, Jason, who also happens to be Tilda’s eldest son.
  • Cecil is let into the potato cellar by Bren. He talks to Sophie and soon deduces that Melody must have let go of the mind control, moments before her death. Since Sophie was so used to Melody’s mental influence, she was stunned and confused when Melody let go – that’s why she didn’t intervene to stop Gottlieb. She felt hollow, like a shell, unable to care even as her mistress was being slain.
  • Cecil concludes that Melody probably had a last moment of clarity, and released her hold on Sophie entirely, perhaps even undoing the long-term mental damage. He is, however, worried that she might be suffering from Storm Madness as a result of being exposed to Melody’s ravaged mind. Therefore, he tells her that she must remain in the cold, dark potato cellar for the safety of the village.
  • Sophie feels terrible but doesn’t object to Cecil’s orders. She concedes to being locked in here alone while the Storm rolls in, if Cecil really thinks she might be a threat.
  • Cecil tells Bren she shouldn’t be dangerous, as long as she remains locked in. Bren nods, and asks Cecil for help with setting up outposts – but Cecil says he has other, more pressing matters to attend to. Bren understands.
  • Cecil goes back to the well to keep hauling water for baths. He’s interviewed by Jasper, who wonders what all the water is for. Cecil says it’s for baths. The villagers begin to whisper about this, and chafe at the idea of these foreign highborn Storm Knights wasting time, water, and precious firewood on such luxuries.
  • Lloyd enters the smithy to find that Jason sent his apprentice Karla to fetch water for the troughs, but she isn’t back yet. Apparently there’s a hold-up at the well, as Cecil and Ralph are using the only sturdy buckets with ropes.
  • Lloyd helps Jason fill the troughs with snow from the ceiling, and offers to handle the cooling process of the iron spits Jason is making for the town defenses. Lloyd subtly uses his Storm Powers to manipulate fire and water, making the smithing go easier.
  • The apprentice Karla approaches Cecil, wondering what the heck he’s doing. When she finds out he’s spending all this time and resources on warm baths for noblewomen, she gets outraged.
  • Cecil tells Karla the noblewomen need some comfort before the Storm. Karla says that nobody in the village has had any comfort since winter began. She is outraged.
  • Cecil continues to fill bathtubs with warm water, while an angry Karla rushes into the smithy to show Cecil how honest people prepare for Storms.
  • Tapping into her anger and her passion to protect the village, a spark of Storm Energy alights in Karla’s heart. Without knowing it, she transforms into a Storm Blacksmith, and makes a hundred excellent spears for the villagers.
  • Karla asks Lloyd for help to hand out the spears to the villagers. She addresses her countrymen, telling them that they don’t need no stinking spoiled Storm Knight brats who waste time on baths. Slowly, an angry mob begins to form.
  • Lloyd goes to speak with Granny. He needs some way to lure the Storm Beasts toward the gate, where the best fortifications are, to make a choke point where the teachers can set up defenses.
  • Granny paints a face on a plank. She tells Lloyd that this plank is now the keystone to Lloyd’s success and the survival of the village. Because of this, the Storm Beasts will be drawn to it – the Story forces them to. Granny names the plank “McGuffin”, instructing Lloyd to be very careful with it.
  • Lloyd goes to speak with Gottlieb. Gottlieb is suspicious of the witches pagan magic, but agrees that it’s a good plan to set up a lure. Lloyd and Gottlieb head for the gate.
  • Karla bursts into Alex’s house, brandishing her smith’s hammer, confronting Cecil who is heating water. She says she wants to have words with whoever has been occupying the leaders’ house for these foolish luxuries. She is clearly very angry.
  • Cecil informs Karla that Gloria is currently bathing upstairs. Karla demands to see her right this instant, and Cecil lets her past without protest.
  • A careless Cecil heads out through the mob to fetch more water.
  • Bren and his men show up to collect freshly made spears from the mob. They have just returned from setting out watchtowers in the trees. Suddenly, Bren is overcome with pain. His Storm Power is to detect danger and fighting, and he’s sensing conflict.
  • Bren snags a spear and hurries into Alex’s house, with Cecil hot on his heels.
  • Bren and Cecil see Gloria, stark naked and dripping wet from her bath, pointing a sword at Karla. Karla’s wrist is bruised from a smarting blow to disarm her of the hammer.
  • Bren tries to tackle Gloria to the ground, to save Karla from this madwoman. In response, Gloria tries to defend herself, but Cecil jumps into the fray, and is accidentally slashed by Gloria’s sword across the chest.
  • A very upset Gloria explains that this crazy peasant came bursting into the room, shouting at the top of her voice and brandishing a hammer. Gloria panicked and disarmed her of the weapon.
  • Cecil throws Gloria a towel, and scowls at her. Before long, Luzia and Alex show up. Alex orders everyone out of the room so Gloria can get dressed.
  • Alex confronts Cecil, wondering how one bath for his mistress turned into several. Cecil says he thought his classmates could do with some comfort before the Storm. Alex patiently explains that nobody in the village has had time for luxury, and that most people remember the Count’s “comforts” for his daughter. It’s understandable the villagers were upset. Alex blames himself.
  • Cecil says Gloria acted unreasonably, but Alex defends her, saying that she was likely scared and vulnerable, alone and in the bath in a strange place when someone burst in.
  • Gloria, having finished dressing, is led outside by Alex alongside Karla and Cecil. Whatever the circumstances, Gloria has turned her sword on both Karla and Cecil, and the crowd thirsts for vengeance, having heard what happened from Bren.
  • Lloyd, who is at the gate, hears the angry mob cry out for retribution. He fetches his hammer, and slams it into the ground to create a deafening sound.
  • Lloyd, addressing everyone, reminds them that a Storm is coming. Now is not the time to bicker. The villagers must do what they can, and so must the Storm Knights. With the right tools and with cooperation, they can stand against the Storm. Lloyd raises MC Hammer once again, sealing the gate, and announcing that we will show the Storm it can’t touch this.
  • The villagers agree to let any punishment of Gloria wait until after the Storm is dealt with. Just then, a watchman cries out:

The Storm is upon them!


  • A wind full of razor-sharp ice blows in from the south. Everyone hurries to set up the shelters they’ve prepared, spreading out across the village. The Storm Knights head for the watchtowers established along the palisade wall.
  • Cecil and Karla hurry to see the witches, to heal their wounds before the Storm hits them in full.
  • Granny looks at Cecil’s wounds, and announces that he’s a big baby for being so worried about what is obviously a minor flesh wound. What a wimp to come crying for Granny over something so insignificant! Cecil leaves, realizing that the wound is not so bad after all…
  • Granny similarly insults Karla, and she gets upset enough to forget about the injury to her wrist.
  • Somehow healed of their wounds, Cecil and Karla meet with Lloyd. Lloyd asks Karla to stay with Sophie in the potato cellar, as she’s probably frightened and alone. Nobody should face the Storm alone, even if they’re safely locked up. Karla is a Storm Knight now, and so should be able to protect Sophie simply by her presence.
  • Karla agrees. Lloyd helps Cecil don his armor, and they head for one of the shelters along the wall, meeting up with Akane.
  • Akane uses her firebending to subtly melt the razor ice, allowing Cecil, Lloyd and her to look out over the Storm that’s rolling in. A massive bank of swirling mist shaped into some kind of white whirlwind is approaching, and faceless soldiers made from ice are marching out of the woods. Then swirling monsters made from chains and jagged iron scraps come flying at the walls!
  • Just as they spot the living siege weapons, Lloyd hears a cry from behind. It’s Karla. Sophie is panicking and begging to be let out.
  • Lloyd hurries back inside the village, leaving the defense of the wall to Cecil and Akane.
  • Cecil leaps out to stop the iron creatures cold, preventing them from charging the wall. Meanwhile the neighboring shelter, manned by Jacob and Sanchez, is smashed open.
  • Sophie is screaming in panic that her light is going out, and that something terrible is in there with her. Is she telling the truth, or has she been overcome with madness from the Storm? Lloyd cares not; a woman is in danger, and so he tears open the door. He closes it behind him, to keep the village safe.
  • Lloyd hurriedly re-ignites the fading lamp, just before it flickers out. Sophie is in tears, and as Lloyd peers around the room, he hears a familiar cold laugh come from the shadows: A grue…
  • Knowing that grues are impossible to defeat in the dark, Lloyd kicks open the door again, taking the risk of letting Sophie free.
  • The grue latches on to Lloyd’s shadow. He steps outside with Sophie, and the grue is dragged along into the daylight, and destroyed.
  • The iron-chain monsters make for a second assault, launching themselves at Akane. Cecil leaps out of shelter again, finishing them off by catching the beast on his lance and flinging it into Akane’s heated blade.
  • Before Cecil has time to jump back into shelter, the moat behind him rises. A freezing giant ice golem rises from the water, blocking Cecil’s retreat…

Season 3 episode 16 notes

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