New Combat Manouvres

New Tactical Action: Give Command

A character who takes this tactical action is concentrating on instructing and commanding his allies instead of taking an action of his own. If the ally complies to the action, he will receive a +1 to attack or defense, as specified by the command. A character can continue using this command on subsequent rounds, adding on to a + 2 during the second round to a maximum of + 3 on the third round. If the ally doesn’t follow the command, he won’t receive any bonuses and the character’s action is wasted.

New Combat Manouvre: Distract

The Distract manouvre covers tripping, knocking back, distracting, or otherwise inconveniencing an opponent, giving them penalties on their actions. Inconvenience is carried out with a -1 penalty to attack rolls, or with the GM’s permission, with an appropriate Skill roll (such as Ride to barrel into an opponent with a horse), normally opposed by Defence. A successfully Inconvenienced opponent suffers a -3 to all rolls on their next action, including Defence. Attacks made to Inconvenience normally deal no damage; if you wish to deal damage as well as Inconvenience an opponent, the difficulty of the attack increases to -3.

New Combat Manouvres

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