New and Modified Attributes

Storm Attributes

Cost: 5 or 15 points per Level
Progression: Linear
Default Area: 10 meters

Neutralize is an Attribute used to negate environmental hazards and other effects that are not caused by a character’s Attributes. It is similar to Nullify, but cannot be used against other characters, only on environmental effects or other abstract forms of energy. At 5 points per Level, it can be used only against one type of hazard from a given source; at 15 points per Level, it can be used on any kind of hazard from the given source, or even the source itself.

Neutralize has both a passive and an active effect. As a passive effect, everyone within the area of the effect (including you) may add your Neutralize Attribute to any rolls made to resist the relevant hazards. If used actively, roll (Stat + Neutralize), possibly also adding a relevant Skill. If the roll beats the difficulty, the environmental effect is weakened or dissipated, as applicable. Using the Attribute actively does not disable the passive effect; it is always on.

In the Storm Verse
In the Storm Verse, Neutralize is used to destroy a Storm, at the 15 points per Level version. The relevant Skill is Storm Lore. Unlike normal hazards, the Eye of the Storm is not weakened instantly; instead, you must succeed at a certain amount of rolls before the Storm is defeated and dissipates. Before this point, the Storm retains its full strength. The passive effect applies against all hazards created by the Storm (but not Storm Beasts, as they are characters).

For the 5-point version, you must specify what type of Storm effect you can countermand. For example, a character with Neutralize (Storm Beasts) might be able to prevent Storm Beasts from being spawned by the Storm, and a character with Neutralize (Rain) might be able to make the deadly rain created by the Storm less dangerous.

Neutralize can also be used to countermand and heal the effects of a Storm. It can be rolled to remedy, reverse or completely heal Storm Mutations and Storm Madness.

Possible Specializations:
Storm Madness, Storm Mutations, Storm Beasts (keep Beasts from spawning), Rain, Clarity (focus on defeating illusions of the Storm).

Other changes

Rewritten Restriction: Activation
Replace the Activation Restriction with the following:

-1 When activating the Attribute, the character cannot move or use the Extra Actions Attribute; essentially, activating the Attribute occupies the characters’ entire turn, no matter his other abilities.
-2 As above, but the character must also take one general action preparing the Attribute.
-3 As above, but the character must spend one entire turn preparing the Attribute, unable to move or use Extra Actions during this time or the character must spend three general actions preparing the Attribute before it is used.
-4 As above, except the character must spend an entire minute preparing the Attribute.
-5 As above, except the character must spend 10 minutes preparing the Attribute.
-6 As above, except the character must spend an entire hour preparing the Attribute.

Combat Techniques

New and Modified Attributes

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