Current Plot Threads

The current homework is to figure out how to protect an object from being dissolved by Storm Energy (Storm Lore), as well as interview someone who’s been to the North (History).

The Storm Beast Hunt
Lloyd, Ryoko and Mashiro must hunt down rare and exotic Storm Beasts in the oldest and most profound contest at the school.

The Martial Arts Tournament
The Martial Arts Tournament is starting to get way out of hand, becoming a question of prestige for the various clubs… leading to actual violence.

Who Is The Blue Oni?
Parsifal is searching for the Blue Oni, who sabotaged his shipment of MANPANTHER PLATINUM. He has recruited Mr. Dangerous, a mysterious Great Detective, to do this.

The Student Council Election
Parsifal is poised to become Student Council President… unless somebody stops him.

Shigeru’s Trials
Now that Lloyd has become Hattori’s apprentice, Shigeru plans to do his best to stop Lloyd from intervening, slowly losing it as he gets more desperate. Mashiro, meanwhile, is breaking free of his command.

Heidi in Shadows
Heidi escaped Hildegard Kreutz, and is hidden in the school, armed with dangerous blackmail material. She’s looking for dirt on Shigeru and Hanzo and is poised to strike.

Rei and Mikhail
Rei and Mikhail are trying to figure out how to be a couple. It’s not going terribly well so far.

Nina and Aurora
Aurora and Nina are dating, but their relationship must be kept secret, as Parsifal has forbidden friendship with the Military History Club. Aurora got Wilhelmina back, and now has more resources – but Nina’s started to spend a lot more time with Kain.

Project Iron Girl
The Engineering Club is undertaking a project to build a mechanical Storm-powered suit, piloted by Evghenia. They have both Cecil and Alfreda Eriksson’s help in constructing their war machine.

Reginald and Clara
Reginald and Clara are in an arranged marriage, on the behest of Reynard Feist who believes engineering and technology are the future. Reginald is looking for some way out of the arrangement.

The Princess of Tennis
Hans and Mashiro are both training extremely hard for an upcoming tennis championship…

Reginald’s Campaign
Reginald is campaigning for the Student Council, and has begun to take it seriously – even talking back to his parents.

Naimitsu’s Special Training
Naimitsu is teaching Lloyd Controlled Breathing, to allow him to keep his calm even in pressured situations. She’s trying to help him find inner peace.

Wilhelm Wessler
The criminal Wilhelm Wessler is still at large somewhere in Ritterburg.

Current Plot Threads

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