Places in Eisenkrone

Some interesting locations in Eisenkrone Academy include:

The Towers

The Assassin’s Club
One of the most luxurious and elegant clubs, the Assassin’s Club incorporates spacious private rooms, a gym full of deadly traps, and a privately owned restaurant, the Black Swan. The decor is in various shades of black.

The D-Towers
Named for the Dueling Club they incorporate, the D-Towers are home to the very wealthiest residents at Eisenkrone Academy. Their “dormitories” are luxurious private apartments, complete with servants, private bathrooms, and massive wardrobes. The common room of the Dueling Club also serves as a lounge, where the wealthy relax and hold conversation.

The Infirmary
Located high up, the Infirmary can be accessed via the stairs, but for emergency cases patients are typically flown in through the window. Professor Ryder lives and works here, and his flying red bull serves as ambulance. It has one large common bedroom and a few private rooms. A well-stocked shelf of alchemical medicines lines the wall.

The Alchemy Club
Located halfway up one of the towers, the Alchemy Club is at the moment renovating its quarters as they were blown up by Mashiro. They have small rooms, stuffed to the brim with alchemical ingredients and reagents, most of them jealously locked up as they’re quite expensive.

The Clock Tower
Full of bizarre mechanisms, this tower ostensibly runs the clocks and bells that call people to and from classes. The complicated machinery hints at a more advanced purpose, though.

The Politics Classroom
One of the more luxurious classrooms, the Politics classroom overlooks the campus.

The Britannian Wing
This section of Eisenkrone has stood empty since the times of the war, but was once home to a variety of Britannian clubs and organizations, back when diplomatic relations were less tense and more Britannian students came to the school. It has a fabulous ballroom with a grand piano.

Ground Level

The Weapons Mastery Classroom
Not so much a “room”, this is a fenced-in area of the schoolyard, facing the front of Eisenkrone Academy. It’s full of training dummies and extra weapons, and is at convenient walking distance to both the two smithies.

The Old Smithy
Visible from the massive front school yard, the Old Smithy is run by one of the Prince’s stooges since Lloyd and Alfreda both quit working there.

The New Smithy
A comfortable, cozy building, this smithy is located on a little isolated square, some distance away from the main school yard. It was built by Lloyd and Magnus, and looks very homely.

The Danger Room
Located indoors, heavily insulated in Umbrite, is the Danger Room. A featureless room, it only contains a glass sphere full of Storm Energy, that can be released to simulate the conditions of a Storm.

The Gardening Club
Outdoors near the Britannian Wing, the Gardening Club has fabulous gardens and plenty of sheds (some of which are redundant). A little out of the way, it is nevertheless a popular place for small parties.

The Engineering Club
Located partially outdoors, the Engineering Club is a series of large garages and workshops full of odd contraptions and dangerous war machines.


The Military History Club
Hidden away for over a decade, these locales were recently discovered again by the Military History Club. Consisting mainly of an enormous training room for trying out ancient techniques and strategies, it sports giant training robots, chains in the ceiling, and an obstacle course. Besides this, the club room has two rows of private bedrooms and two bathrooms, divided neatly between a boys’ and a girls’ section. It also features a kitchen, and a secret entrance via the armchairs in the old club room. The old club room consists of a room crammed full of books, and some small bedrooms with bunk beds. The password “Let’s Get Dangerous” allows access to the secret underground facilities.

The Pathfinder’s Tunnels
These secret tunnels crisscross the entire school, and are constantly moved and shifted by the Pathfinder and his apprentice, André. Most of them exit into broom closets, cupboards, and other innocuous destinations.

The Beast Pens
Located underneath the stables on ground level, these rooms hold the numerous Storm Beasts needed for Beastmastery lessons. Some are locked in cages, others in pens or in rooms. The largest, most dangerous beasts are held in circular pits in the ground, including the Iron Bull and the Storm Bear with its cub.

The Storm Engine
Deep beneath Eisenkrone Academy sits the Storm Engine, driven by storm energies and by earth elementals bound there in ages past. The massive machinery controls many of the features of the Academy, like the plumbing, lightning, automatic doors, Danger Room, and other details.

A massive glass cylinder, the Core of the Tributeweapon channels the latent Storm Energies of the Academy into one place. It is the most secret location in the entire school, and can only be accessed by a Pathfinder; there are no doors or other entrances. A Storm Eater could absorb the energies of the school from this location, and a Sturmmeister could wield a portion of them like a weapon. The Core could be set to release all of its energies at once – causing worldwide devastation – or it could be set to harmlessly dilute the energies into the surroundings until empty, a process that would take a lifetime to complete.

Places in Eisenkrone

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