OVA Plots

Marching Jack Boots
A regiment of soldiers is approaching Calais, intending to occupy it and fortify it against a possible Britannian invasion.

Vive la Resistance!
Leon, the Musketeer, is secretly still alive. He’s working from the shadows to prevent Calais from being drawn into the war with Britannia, and says that he may have to start a revolution if no peaceful situation presents itself. He will not see his people fight against their relatives in Dover again.

Hidden Treasure
According to legend, the old Musketeers hid a treasure of gold, weapons and Storm devices somewhere in the Calais region, to keep it out of Teutonian hands. A painting in Thelma’s school may hold the key – upon it is the motto “The path of the sword flows like water”.

Man-Eating Mermaids
A mermaid has been spotted at the coast of Calais. So far, only Lloyd and Naimitsu have seen it. Naimitsu believes it to be a man-eating monster, and the locals of Calais also fear and hate it. Lloyd, however, believes the creature tried to save Akane from drowning, and doesn’t think it’s dangerous.

Lessons in the Flesh
Drake Francis has been trying to teach Cecil to listen to his body and understand the world around him. To that end, they have practiced insult fighting and now, have moved on to eating. Cecil must learn how to truly enjoy a meal.

My Angel
Mashiro’s Angel problem is manifesting more often now. Cecil has been trying to persuade Thelma to teach her to remain calm and in control, but Thelma refuses – she’s retired. Attempts to press the question made her angry and upset, and she shouted that she can’t do it alone, not without her friends – who are dead.

OVA Plots

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