Timeline of Historical Events.

Ages Past: The first Storm Knights arise in Grecia, forming the first few city-states and establishing a defense against the Storms. Grecian Storm Knights form the basis of Britannian, Latinian and Teutonian cultures. Storm Knight cultures also arise in far-flung Hindusia, whose techniques eventually spread to Nipponia.

~600 BC: Emperor Jimmu lays the foundation of what will eventually become Nipponia, by teaching Hindusian Storm Knight arts to the locals on the Nipponian Islands.

~500 BC: The Latinian Republic, later to become the Latinian Empire, is established. It spreads to cover most of modern-day Teutonia.

~0 AD: Storm Knight Iesu is born, heralding in a new era of powerful Storm Knights. During his lifetime, Storm Knight Iesu, by the Grace of God, teaches several new Storm Powers to his 12 disciples. After persecution by the Latinian empire, Storm Knight Iesu is crucified but breaks free, sacrificing his life to defeat the Aeon Storm and saving the world.

~50 AD: Iesu’s disciples establish the Christian Church, and elect Peter as the first Storm Pope.

248 AD: Empress Himiko gathers a retinue of Storm Knights and unites Nipponias’ warring shoguns, thereby establishing the tradition of a female Empress in the Nipponian state. Nipponia becomes an Empire proper, the oldest of the currently existing.*

470 AD: The Latinian Empire, now Christian, collapses due to internal conflict and failure to withstand Storms. Raiders from the Russian steppes finish it off, and the Empire crumbles. An age of darkness begins. Storm Lore and other wisdom from the fallen Empire is collected and preserved by monks and scribes throughout Teutonia and Britannia.*

516 AD: The legendary Britannian Sturmmeister, King Arthur Pendragon, lays the foundation of what is to become Britannia, by single-handedly defeating 960 enemies and gathering a retinue of Storm Knights of the Round Table. Though the unification is followed by many civil wars, the foundation for Britannia is laid and the Pendragon bloodline survives.

659 AD: Charles Eisenkrone establishes the first school for Storm Knights, Eisenkrone Academy, in the Teutonian Heartlands. Previously, Storm Knight skills have been taught by a single master to a few select students, in the model of Storm Knight Iesu, but now a formal school is established. The world begins to slowly emerge unto an age of civilization. Eisenkrone devotes his life to retrieving Storm Lore from obscure sources across the world.

962 AD: The modern Empire of Teutonia is founded by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, a Sturmmeister who – with the aid of Storm Lore gathered by Charles Eisenkrone and other scholars and monks – manages to get the blessing of the Church in crowning himself Emperor of Teutonia. His reign on the throne is marked by a fervor to combat the Storms, and for one century peace and prosperity marks Teutonia.

1095-1291 AD: Conflict between Britannia and Teutonia slowly escalates as both nations struggle to expand and establish themselves. Chiefly, the nations struggle for the favor of the Church, still located in Latinia. Britannia begins to expand overseas, obtaining colonies.

1534 AD: Britannia declares King Henry Pendragon to be their new religious leader and establishes the Church of Britannia, forswearing any ties to the Storm Pope in Latinia, which is now under Teutonic control.

1610 AD: Teutonia invades and claims Lothringen as part of the Empire. It had already more or less been under Teutonic control for over a century, but now loses its former independence. Locals suspect the meddling of Cardinal Richelieu, whose power increases considerably as a result.

1618 AD: The Thirty Years War between Britannia and Teutonia begins over a petty squabble, in which Britannia unlawfully sends Storm Knights onto Teutonian soil to save a village from a Storm. Teutonia misunderstands the situation and attacks the intruders. Britannia retaliates, and soon the conflict has turned into a full-blown war. Nipponia stays outside the conflict, mostly because it’s plagued by pirates, Storms, and barbarian raids.

1637 AD: The Military History Club at Eisenkrone Academy, after years of struggle, loses access to its quarters and facilities. The Student Council orders them destroyed or converted to other usage, but for unknown reasons the rooms are simply walled off and hidden away.

1640 AD: The TRIBUTE group is formed in Britannia, intended to become an unstoppable league of Storm Knights bent on the utter defeat of Teutonia. They are named in mockery of Teutonia’s demands for tribute to stop the war.

1646 AD: A Storm of the Century destroys the Britannian city of Crystal, almost ten years after its predicted arrival. The Storm could have been defeated, but resources had been diverted to fuel the war. TRIBUTE member and Crown Prince Walt Pendragon goes missing with his four-year old son; his wife, Tara Morrigan, dies. His brother, Sebastian Pendragon, leaves the TRIBUTE group. The group is greatly weakened as a result.

1647 AD: The war between Teutonia and Britannia comes to an end after the brutal and bloody Battle of Rhine Valley, in which Britannian forces led by Sidney Morrigan slaughter innocent Teutonian civilians, but are eventually pushed back and defeated. Britannia is forced to call off its assault and sign a peace treaty, fearing Teutonia might strike back. TRIBUTE group is never deployed, in part due to a lack of resources in the Storm-stricken Britannia.

1648 AD: BLITZ forms in Teutonia, a secret organization bent on revenge on the Britannians.

1655 AD: Benedict von Krakow is appointed as Principal of Eisenkrone Academy, in the wake of his horrifying discovery that the school could be used as a devastating weapon. The project is nicknamed TRIBUTEWEAPON, as an insult to the horrors wrought by TRIBUTE during the war.

1658 AD: Lloyd and Cecil enroll at Eisenkrone Academy. The series begins. Klaus von Carlewitz, a prominent BLITZ member, is killed by Professor Gottlieb.

1659 AD: Schemes initiated by Clan Tokugawa force the Scarlett Empress of Nipponia, age 16, to go incognito. She hides at Eisenkrone Academy under the name “Akane Tsuru”. Shingen Tokugawa finds her and attempts an assassination, but is killed by Ryoko Yonaguni.


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