Destroyer of Worlds


TRIBUTEWEAPON has the capacity to channel 1,000 years of Storm Energy from the finest Knights in Teutonia into a single, devastating detonation. The result would be an instant Aeon Storm, wiping out a continent. Only an accomplished Storm Eater could possibly wield that amount of power at once, and the strain would leave him permanently insane.

A Sturmmeister can channel smaller portions of the TRIBUTEWEAPON’s power, effectively allowing him access to an infinite supply of elemental energy. While still potent, this is much less dangerous and wouldn’t involve a detonation or an invoked Storm. It could still give said Sturmmeister near unlimited power, though, at the cost of his or her sanity.

Finally, TRIBUTEWEAPON can be set to simply siphon off energy into the surroundings. This is harmless, and would over time render the weapon inert and powerless. Unfortunately, even on this lowest setting, the weapon is easily detected. As soon as it began to leak energy, it would be obvious to Storm sensitives, making it an immediate target. It would take many years for the process to reach completion.


TRIBUTEWEAPON was invented by Principal Benedict von Krakow, completely by accident. He was researching a way to quell his sister’s incredible Mindbending powers. The invention was immediately classified at a top level, and the Principal was instructed to install the weapon in Eisenkrone Academy, turning the finest school in Teutonia into a giant battery for the doomsday device.

The weapon was named after the TRIBUTE group, meant as a final solution in case the Britannian extremists should invade again. It was never meant to be used, but now – as war looms on the horizon – the students of Eisenkrone Academy must fight tooth and nail to prevent their school from causing the end of a civilization – and possibly, the world.


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