The Mindscape

The Mindscape

The Mindscape is a mental representation of someone’s mind. A Mindscape is shaped by a person’s past, personality, thoughts, dreams, fears, and desires. Mindbenders can use the Telepathy Attribute to enter someone’s mindscape (see below) – this is usually resisted, but one can let a person into ones’ Mindscape voluntarily.

A Mindbender can stealthily enter a mindscape, but if invited, the owner of the mind knows exactly what the mindbender is up to and can interact with them through mental representations of themselves.

In the Mindscape, people appear as their self-image. This is usually not that different from their true appearance, usually mostly a difference in outfits.

Most information in a person’s mind is readily available in the Mindscape – what they had for lunch today, who they spoke to, and so on. However, traumatic experiences, important secrets, long-lost love and the like are almost always locked away behind Doors. A Door is a mental construct protecting a fragile or important part of the mind. A Door is sensitive, and a person virtually always senses when it is being messed with.

Telepathy Clarifications

A surface scan requires a roll of Mind+Telepathy vs. Mind+Mind Shield. This can only be detected if the defender wins the roll-off and if the defender has Mind Shield.
Luring a target to think about a certain subject gives a +1 to +3 bonus to this roll.

A mind probe (breaching someone’s Mindscape) is done at -3 to the Mind plus Telepathy roll, and opposed by (Soul or Mind) plus Mind Shield. The defender detects such an invasion only if he or she successfully defends (and hence, cannot spend EP to block a probe). Once inside the Mindscape, continue to roll Mind plus Telepathy vs. (Soul or Mind) plus Mind Shield to open doors containing especially well-kept secrets. Breaching a door is always detected by the target, but only closely guarded secrets are kept behind doors. Because of this, any target can spend EP retroactively (as on a Defense roll) to guard their secrets.

Information such as gossip is readily available once the mindscape is breached. Reaching such information does not require a roll – it is “just lying around” in the target’s mind.

People who have Mind Senses (such as Cecil) can detect Telepathy being used. If you wish to hide Telepathy use from these senses, make an opposed Mind roll (neither side adding any Attributes, since Sixth Sense does not scale). If successful, the target does not detect your Telepathy roll.

The Mindscape

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