Skill Techniques

Skill Techniques:

Skill Techniques deepen and broaden Skills. You buy the Techniques for each skill separately, and you must have at least four Ranks in the Skill before you’re allowed to take the Technique. So, for example, Improvised Equipment: Domestic Arts allows you to improvise equipment for Domestic Arts, and requires four levels in the Skill.

A Skill Technique costs the same as a Combat Technique, 2 points.

Improvised Equipment
You can improvise the equipment needed for the Skill, negating any penalty for lack of equipment. Examples include picking locks with a hairpin as easily as with quality lockpicks, or forging a sword in a simple campfire near a lake. You still need some type of tool, but as long as it could be feasibly used for the task, you suffer no penalties.

No Equipment
Requires Improvised Equipment. You no longer need equipment at all to perform the Skill. Exactly how this works depends on the character.

Fast Worker
You are adept at working under pressure, and can apply your skills quickly. You suffer no penalties for working faster than normal, but you still cannot work past your top speed. Essentially, you cannot make a hasty work any faster, but your hasty works are as perfect as your time consuming ones.

Instant Solutions
Requires Fast Worker. You somehow work faster than what should be humanly possible. Reduce the time spent on the task to 1/10, though never shorter than a single action. You can pick locks in a few seconds, or paint a masterpiece in an afternoon.

Slow and Steady
This Skill Technique cannot be combined with Fast Worker or Instant Solutions. You are adept at spending lots of time on your project, making sure they are done well. As long as you do not attempt to work faster than normal and can do your work in peace and quiet, without distraction, you may roll twice and pick the best result.

Requires Slow and Steady. This Skill Technique cannot be combined with Fast Worker or Instant Solutions. You are a true perfectionist. As long as you have plenty of time to do the task, and can do it in peace and quiet, you may take 12 on your roll – automatically doing your best. Perfectionist cannot be used in stressful situations, and takes at least as much time as Slow and Steady, sometimes months or even years.

Think Harder
On a roll made to recall theoretical knowledge in the Skill, you can spend Energy Points retroactively (after the roll is made). They do not count double, as with Defense, however. You may not apply this to practical actions, only rolls to know things.

You are particularly adept at showing off your skill to impress others. You may use this Skill in place of social skills as appropriate – to intimidate, seduce, or persuade others. Note that the GM may still veto nonsensical uses of Show-Off.

Home Field Advantage
You know how to use your knowledge of the surroundings to your advantage. As long as you are in an area that you’re familiar with and know well, you are never caught off-guard when you use this Skill. You automatically suceed at Skill rolls made to navigate the area, and you enjoy a +6 to rolls made to find people or objects within it using this Skill.

Make Your Own Luck
Your instincts in this Skill are well-honed, and what others call luck, you call intuition. You may use this Skill in place of Luck rolls when applicable, using your knowledge of the wilds to bump into the right person at the right time, or stumbling upon a valuable artifact using your knowledge of history.

Smooth Recovery
You are good at bouncing back from mistakes. Though you cannot actually negate a failure, you receive an immediate extra action after you fail a roll with this Skill, that can be used only to try a different task with the same Skill. For example, if you fall while climbing you can roll to catch yourself, but not to keep climbing (at least, not on the same action). If your disguise as a nobleman falls apart, you can quickly reassemble your outfit to look like someone else instead, hopefully avoiding having your true identity revealed

Split Second
You may apply this Skill even when it isn’t your turn, or when you would otherwise be too slow to act. You may not combine it with any attack or similar combat shenanigans, however.

Just For You
You are good at focusing your efforts with this Skill on a single person. If you spend at least one minute preparing the Skill’s use on a single person, sizing them up or judging their mood, you negate any penalties imposed by their mood, culture, build, or any other traits. You can impress a foreign diplomat as well as a local one, or build a custom suit of armor for a 20-foot giant, or make perfect candy for someone who hates sweets.

Great Teacher
You excel at teaching the chosen Skill, and at giving other people advice. Any advice or commands you give a person imparts an automatic +3 on the chosen Skill roll. Naturally, the target will learn much faster as well, though this is abstracted.

Master’s Eye
You are incredibly skilled at identifying the correct use of your Skill in others. You automatically gauge the Skill level of anyone who practices it in your presence, unless they deliberately try to hide it or deceive you, in which case you receive a +6 on the roll to see through the ruse. In addition, you can gauge the results of the Skill flawlessly as well – a master blacksmith identifying a well-made sword on sight, or a mathematician spotting the flaw in a formula instantly.

You are very adept at copying the ideas and moves of other people. When you observe another using this Skill, you can mimic their behaviour with eerie precision. As long as you perform roughly the same task they are (for example, walking across a tightrope with Acrobatics), you may choose to use their die roll result in place of your own, adding your skill to the die roll as normal. This may mean you do better than they did, if your Skill his higher. You may even do this on opposed rolls, provided you have time to observe the opponent finishing their actions before you try your own. So, for example, if a rival makes a painting for a contest, you can copy it once it’s finished. Close scrutiny can still reveal the original, however.

In A Blink
Your character is exceptionally good at catching the details of his field of study. You may make a roll to study an object, person, or target that falls under your field reflexively – even if you’re distracted. A skilled biologist could identify a monster in perfect detail even as he’s fleeing from it, and a talented botanist could identify the flower in a pot thrown out a window across the street before it lands. Treat any glance of the subject as if you had studied it for at least fifteen minutes in good light, as long as you could see it relatively clearly.

Your character is adept at discerning when the Skill is used against him, and can easily counter such efforts. Add a +3 to any roll made to oppose the relevant Skill.

Your character suffers no penalties from exhaustion on this Skill. This includes penalties for being tired from working too long on the Skill – he can keep pushing himself until he starts suffering Health damage at no penalty, and even work himself to death.

Crouching Moron
Your character has their own style for the skill, which is so unique it cannot be copied and is hard to understand. This Technique prevents the use of Copycat and Master’s Eye, and rolls to try to discern your true skill are at a -6 penalty. You most likely seem bumbling and incompetent to others, concealing your true abilities.

Always Prepared
Your character is never fazed by unexpected circumstances when using this Skill. If an unexpected obstacle or challenge occurs midway through the Skill roll, you may anticipate it retroactively. If the obstacle gives any penalty sheerly due to your being unprepared (for instance, more people showed up for a banquet than you expected), you may simply ignore the penalty. If the obstacle makes the task more difficult than you thought (it turns out you must make a gourment meal for the King), you may retroactively spend Energy Points on the roll, up to a maximum of the difference between the old difficulty and the new one.

Supplementary Skill Set
You have picked up a lot of useful knacks in other Skills, as they relate to your passion. When you use some other Skill to prepare for or assist your usage of the Skill this Technique is tied to, you may instead roll the Technique Skill at -3. For example, if your Skill is Medicine, and you want to gather herbs to prepare a remedy, you may roll Medicine at -3 instead of Wilderness Survival to find the herbs.

Team Player
When you use this Skill together with allies, you coordinate them well. Adjust whoever rolls the worst total result, so that their result matches the person who rolled second worst. If there are only two people cooperating, that means you both get the same result.

Team Captain
Requires Team Player. You may extend the results of your Skill roll to the entire team; anyone who rolls worse than you automatically adjusts up to your level. This allows you to guide a team stealthily into position, or spearhead fantastic team efforts in sports.

With Deadly Accuracy
Somehow, your character has managed to make this skill applicable in combat. When appropriate, you can use the tools of the trade as Weapons, rated at one-half your Levels in this Skill, whether they are the needles and scalpels of a doctor, or the jumping rope of an acrobat. The weapons have a number of Variable Ranks up to half your Skill Level, as well.

Your character excels at using his skill to make others feel comfortable and relaxed. He may use this Skill to give others medical attention, doubling their rate of HP recovery, and he also excels at using the Skill to return Energy Points to the recipient – doubling Energy Points recovered by use of this Skill.

Land And Sea
Your character can use their Skill in any environment. You negate all environmental penalties to your Skill rolls, though you still can only use the Skill where applicable. Note that target numbers are not an ”environmental penalty” even if they are based on the environment – but you can climb in heavy rain as well as in good weather, and you can hide behind a flimsy tree.

All Places Are One
Requires Land And Sea. Your character has transcended the bonds of natural law. He can apply this Skill anywhere at no penalty, even in the face of logic. He can hide in plain sight in an empty room, ride a horse across water, or track a butterfly across a mountain in a heavy snowstorm.

Your character’s Specialty is more than just a specialization within a field; it’s all the character focuses on, to the detriment of the rest of the field. Unlike other Techniques, this Technique can only be picked if your Skill is below 4. When your Specialty applies, treat your Skill+Specialty as being exactly 4, no matter what your Skill rating is. If your Skill ever reaches 4 Levels, you may immediately sell this Skill Technique.

Skill Techniques

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