Season 3 episode 46 notes

Note: Cecil and Lloyd remained separated for this entire session.

Lloyd’s Arc

  • Lloyd looks up after capturing the second fish, and sees a large, dark shape above him. It’s some kind of iron-shark, laced through with veins of ore. It sinks to the bottom as Lloyd walks away across the lake floor, trying not to draw its attention.
  • Realizing that it can sense vibrations, Lloyd topples over a stone pillar. The shark attacks using spikes of ore, as it’s apparently capable of metalbending. Lloyd uses the diversion to swim away, escaping to the surface.
  • Ryoko, Lloyd and Mashiro gather in a cave above water to discuss. Lloyd, somewhat awkwardly, uses his waterbending to dry himself and the girls off, a little embarrassed by it.
  • Lloyd explains that he swam down to catch another fish. Mashiro notes that she will scold him for risking his life, later.
  • Ryoko mentions that if they can identify the rocks using the Junior Adventurer’s Handbook, they might find a place where they can tunnel through to the surface relatively quickly, before the hideous crustacean Storm Beast can catch them. They set off through the tunnels.
  • With Ryoko’s knowledge of geology and Lloyd’s ability to sense stone, they get quite near the surface before the tunnels come to an end. Lloyd senses that there’s another cave through a thick stone wall. They have no choice but to tunnel through. Lloyd asks the others to watch his back while he works.
  • Focusing his energy, Lloyd attunes himself deeply to the element of Earth, calling upon the depths of his Sturmmeister power. He wills the Earth to open up, and slowly the stone obeys, parting into a natural tunnel. But the vibrations of the shifting earth alert the Storm Beast.
  • As Lloyd is nearly through, the Beast bursts into the room, attacking. Mashiro and Ryoko manage to distract it, but suffer terrifying injuries. Mashiro is clawed badly, and the creatures’ acid spittle nearly burns away the skin on her arm. Ryoko is stung by one of the beasts’ spike-tipped tentacles.
  • Lloyd finally breaks through the wall, setting a trap for the beast as he does. While Mashiro and Ryoko escape through the tunnel, Lloyd collapses the earth under the creatures’ feet – but it’s only slowed down. On the other side of Lloyd’s tunnel is a waterfall leading to a slope; Mashiro and Ryoko slide down it lying down, while Lloyd creates a snowboard out of ice, and glides after them.
  • The Storm crustacean-echidna-monster rolls up into a ball and goes after them. Lloyd, Ryoko and Mashiro clear a jump at the end of the slope, and continue up a tunnel which seems to lead to the surface… but there’s a large chasm between them and freedom. Ryoko wall-runs past it, while Mashiro throws herself heedlessly out, trusting Lloyd to catch her. Lloyd draws the whip he found in the Military History Club, and uses it to swing across, catching Mashiro and taking her to safety. They hurry on, while the beast climbs out of the chasm behind them.
  • The three burst out of an overgrown hill, near the Gardening Club and the firebreathing Storm Monkeys, which scatter in fear. All except two: the tailless King of the monkeys, and his gorilla steed.
  • The beast from below charges out in the light, and is immediately blinded, its eyes accustomed to the dark depths. Lloyd, Mashiro and Ryoko turn to attempt to defeat it while it’s thus weakened, as the Monkey King rides into battle, his gorilla steed throwing a barrel at Lloyd.
  • Ryoko manages to throw a knife into the beast from below’s mouth, greatly hampering it and allowing Lloyd to go for the kill. He slashes through the creatures’ carapace and kills it, but the sword gets stuck. The Monkey King sees his chance, and leaps off his steed, stealing the sword and attempting to run away with it.
  • Lloyd calls upon his mastery of the elements once more and strikes the sword with lightning, then heats it up. The monkey, surprised by the attacks, drops the sword but manages to escape. Meanwhile, Mashiro and Ryoko deal with his gorilla, knocking it out.
  • Battered, bruised, bewildered and exhausted, the three gather up to assess their injuries. Mashiro’s arm is badly burned by acid, and Ryoko is bleeding from an open wound in the shoulder. Lloyd has serious bruises. But they escaped the cave, and they have two cave fish with them. Now only remains to make it back to Eisenkrone…

Cecil’s Arc

  • Cecil is woken by Wilhelmina, who helps him get ready for the Martial Arts Tournament. As they emerge into the corridor, Sophie appears, informing them that Lloyd’s team still isn’t back. Naimitsu, worried for them, is speaking to the Principal about it. Cecil assures Sophie that they’re probably okay.
  • Down in the club common room, Ryu is nervously eating. He’s worried sick about Lloyd and hasn’t even checked on Snowy. Ryu and Cecil are soon joined by Nina, who is also worried.
  • Just then, Juan walks out in the common room wearing a towel. He’s showered and used up all the hot water. Also, he kind of made a mess in the dojo, fed Snowy some sandwiches and set him loose from his doghouse, allowing him to run free on the school. Juan calmly explains all these things while he casually eats the breakfast Ryu prepared for Lloyd.
  • Nina is furious with Juan and almost attacks him, but Cecil holds her back. Nevertheless he firmly tells Juan that he’s outstayed his welcome. Juan objects, saying he’ll stay until Mashiro comes back – but it’s cool. She’ll be back soon, right?
  • Ryu goes to search for Snowy, and Cecil sends Sophie after her to help. He also asks Rei telepathically to help coordinate the search, and she agrees – despite having been up all night worrying about Mikhail.
  • Cecil and Nina head out for the Martial Arts Tournament, accompanied by Juan who decides to stick with Cecil until Mashiro comes back. Today’s arena is outdoors, at the edge of the Forest. On the way there, Cecil senses Professor Ryder in the forest. He’s talking to Hildegard Kreutz, presumably about the state of Ritterburg since Ryder brought his vigilante justice to town. Cecil waits for them to finish.
  • Ryder is very critical of the alchemical process used to set Cecil’s broken leg by petrifying it. Nevertheless he heals up Cecil as best he can, before the first fight begins.
  • Professor Gottlieb, acting judge for the contest, calls out the names: Cecil Darashia vs. Louis Kumpel.
  • Louis tries to be friendly and civil with Cecil, but it’s a little hard since all his club members are loudly booing and jeering at Cecil, calling for Louis to kick his ass. Gottlieb eventually has to shut them up, silencing the entire crowd except AndrĂ© – who is for some reason chanting about shrimp fried rice to cheer Cecil on.
  • The fight begins. Louis cautiously tries to judge Cecil’s fighting style, backing away until his back is against a tree. He attempts to slam Cecil into it but fails, and panicked at Cecil’s counterattack, he scrambles up in the tree. Cecil, hampered by his petrified leg, chooses to blast Louis out of the tree with a Butler Bolt.
  • The sizzling bolt impacts Louis with such force that he’s nearly knocked unconscious. He falls out of the tree, and Cecil catches him lest the fall injure him further.
  • The Dueling Club hisses angrily at Cecil, but he’s declared the winner. He retreats to his corner, where Wlhelmina serves him ice cold lemonade and takes care of him.
  • Next fight is Nina vs. Juan. Nina is overjoyed to get a chance to beat Juan up, having been angry with him since yesterday. Her irritation proves to be her undoing, though – she charges at Juan, who uses bullfighter-tactics to dodge out of the way, sweeping a red cloth past her. Cecil angrily watches as Juan humiliates her by towel-whipping her on the rear with the cloth.
  • Juan’s Storm Power turns out to be to manipulate light. He leaves hazy after-images when he moves, as on a camera with low shutter speed. These confuse and disorient Nina, allowing Juan to get in two solid punches, before he pulls her into a mockery of flamenco dance and slaps her in the face as a finishing move, winning the fight. Furious and humiliated, Nina returns to her corner, barely able to contain her anger.
  • Just as Juan triumphantly returns to his corner, Yvain shows up, wondering what the hell happened to his mission to guard Mashiro. A nervous Juan directs Yvain to speak with Cecil.
  • As Yvain learns that Mashiro is in the Forbidden Forest, and has been there overnight, he panics. She’s probably dead, and her brother will have his hide for this! Yvain angrily scolds Cecil and the Military History Club for letting this poor, innocent, vulnerable girl off into the woods. It’s soon been 24 hours – if they’re not back by then, the teachers will call off the contest and send a rescue team. Yvain hurries off to pressure the teachers into speeding up. If Shigeru learns that Mashiro has been hurt, he’ll be very, very upset.
  • Cecil and Nina, also worried about the team away in the forest, resolve to head off to the Military History Club. Once the 24 hours are up, they’ll launch a rescue plan of their own…

Season 3 episode 46 notes

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