Season 3 episode 45 notes

Lloyd and Cecil remained separated for this entire session.

Lloyd’s Arc

  • As the freakish crustacean Storm Beast smashes the cliff under them, Lloyd, Ryoko and Mashiro go hurtling towards the lake below, a rain of rocks around them. Lloyd focuses his Sturmmeister abilities and churns the water and sand below into mud, breaking the lethal surface tension.
  • Landing deep in the mud and water, they have only seconds before the rest of the cliff collapses on top of them. Lloyd focuses his energy, and channels the Principal’s ice shield; a thin, but impenetrable dome surrounds him and his friends, as the weight of the cliff bears down from above. After a few cacophonous moments, everything goes quiet.
  • Lloyd asks if Ryoko and Mashiro are okay. Confirming that they’re alive, he slips into unconsciousness from the enormous effort, having both parted the lake and caught a falling cliff.
  • Lloyd wakes up several hours later, in a cave lit by a small, flickering flame. Mashiro is asleep, while Ryoko is grilling what’s left of their rations. She hugs him as soon as she sees he’s alive.
  • Ryoko and Mashiro explain what happened – after Lloyd fell unconscious, the ice shield melted. Fortunately, the rocks had already stabilized into kind of a stone igloo, suspended in an arch – but without Lloyd’s abilities active, water rapidly began to fill it as the lake poured back into place. They had to dig their way out, bringing Lloyd with them, and sought refuge in a cave by the lakeside where they’ve been waiting for him to wake up.
  • After Lloyd eats most of the remains of their rations – what wasn’t scattered in the fall – they begin to discuss a means of leaving. The way back is cut off, but Lloyd should be able to use his mastery of the earth to tunnel back to the surface. The Storm Beast is still out there, however, searching for them. Ryoko has researched it in her Junior Adventurer’s Handbook by the fire, and concluded that its delicate tremorsense will probably detect them as soon as Lloyd activates his earth powers.
  • They resolve to swim, keeping below the water to avoid detection. They make their way out of the cave, guided by luminous underwater fungi. After coming up for air, Lloyd asks if they should still search for the Diamondfish – it should live in this lake. Since they need to cross it anyway, they resolve to do so.
  • Lloyd dives down, followed by Mashiro and Ryoko. They break off glowing mushrooms to see better in the depths, and soon the light is reflected of a glittering blue Diamondfish. Lloyd draws a flask to catch it, but his actions attract the attention of two storm-mutated moray eels with eerie, glowing eyes.
  • The eels attack Lloyd with some kind of heat vision, bubbling and boiling the water around him. Mashiro and Ryoko quickly intervene, catching a moray while Lloyd scoops the Diamondfish safely into a flask before attacking the struggling, biting monster.
  • Lloyd cuts it open, and its blood draws the attention of other, larger fish. He gestures for Ryoko and Mashiro to swim for the surface and for the other shore. Himself, Lloyd dives deeper, manipulating the water to draw out trapped pockets of air from beneath the collapsed cliff so that he can breathe.
  • Lloyd knows that the fish mate for life, and he’s not tearing apart the happy couple. Spotting a female fish on the lake floor, he uses his waterbending to catch it safely in a flask full of water. But something large and terrifying approaches in the murky water…

Cecil’s Arc

  • Cecil goes to see Professor Anderson, delivering the letter from the Army. It’s an exact copy of the letter to Gottlieb, and Anderson doesn’t even read it. He does, however, unlock the weapons cabinet and gives Cecil his lance back. Gottlieb said he was ready to use weapons responsibly again, and Anderson trusts him.
  • Anderson proceeds to ask Cecil if he thinks Lloyd and the others will be safe in the Forest. Cecil says he’s sure they will.
  • Anderson furthermore takes out Gilbert von Bratt’s school file. He tells Cecil that von Bratt could be expelled for the fight on the bridge. Cecil, however, urges Anderson not to expel him, and to instead note it down as a simple fistfight – even though Cecil could have died being thrown off the bridge. Anderson obliges.
  • Cecil explains about the broken perfume bottle and how it caused von Bratt to go overboard. Anderson agrees that von Bratt seems to have been under the influence of some type of drug.
  • Cecil asks if he can see Viktor – who is being expelled. Anderson and Cecil agree on a date, and Cecil also learns that while Viktor committed a crime on school grounds, he will be expelled to somewhere safe, in Grimwald, rather than sent back into the hands of the Akatsuki.
  • Cecil leaves, headed for the Military History Club. He meets Marissa, who is waiting outside. Marissa was very impressed by his brutality and strength in the martial arts tournament earlier, and wants to go out on a date with him the following day. After some hesitation, Cecil says yes.
  • Inside the Club, Cecil meets with Ryu, who is very concerned about Lloyd – he really should be back by now. Ryu makes sandwiches for Lloyd and his team, for when they return. Just then, there’s an angry shout from the girls’ dormitory.
  • Cecil bursts into the dormitory to find Minami walking to her dorm room from the showers. Juan de Cervantes is standing in the door to Mashiro’s room, having apparently broken into the dorms. Nina spotted him and is furious with the intrusion.
  • Cecil leads Juan out of the dorm room and asks him what he’s doing here. Juan assures him he had no intention of spying on the girls – he’s merely looking for Mashiro. Cecil explains that Mashiro is out in the incredibly dangerous and extremely forbidden Forest.
  • Juan, who has strict instructions from her brother to keep Mashiro safe, is very distraught. He can’t very well bodyguard her if she’s in the forest! Unfortunately for Cecil and the rest of the Club, Juan refuses to leave until he can at least verify that she’s safe. He will stay in the club house until she returns.
  • Juan casually informs Cecil that Rei is in the infirmary, as he begins to eat the sandwiches left out for Lloyd and acts like a general asshole. Worried, Cecil heads to the infirmary – telling Ryu to keep an eye on Juan.
  • As Cecil arrives, he finds that neither of the doctors is on call. The infirmary is manned by Samuel Lovejoy and somewhat surprisingly, by Reginald – who has burns on his fingers and his face. Reginald explains that somehow, while Mikhail was painting Rei, the studio caught fire. Rei hasn’t really explained to him how it happened, but maybe Cecil can get some sense out of her. She’s in the next room with an unconscious Mikhail.
  • Sophie appears, informing Cecil that Professor Ryder is helping the law enforcement in Ritterburg and probably won’t be back for a while.
  • Cecil enters the room where Mikhail is kept. He finds Rei, who is wearing nothing but a flimsy robe. She explains what happened. Mikhail was going to paint her in the nude with lots of candles, but when she dropped the robe, somehow he had a sudden nose bleed and was so shocked that he fell over and hit his head. He knocked over some candles in the process – and Rei, as she panicked to save him, sent them flying with her telekinesis all over the room. She rushed him to the infirmary, but by then the studio was already on fire. Reginald managed to put it out, but the damage was apparently quite severe.
  • Mikhail is, except the bump on the head, perfectly fine. Rei, however, has nasty burns on her from all the splashing wax.
  • Cecil explains that Mikhail was probably being a perv and a klutz, reacting with shock to the sight of a naked woman. Rei refuses to believe him. She contemplates reading Mikhail’s mind to find out, but Cecil stops her. She has to trust and believe in Mikhail if she wants the relationship to work.
  • Rei doubles down on her faith in Mikhail, telling herself that he must truly be in love with her. She resolves to stay by his side until he wakes up. If Cecil says she must trust in Mikhail, she will do it with all her heart! She won’t be heartbroken again!
  • Cecil leaves, explaining the situation to Reginald. He’s worried for Rei, but despite this, leaves her alone with Mikhail as he heads for the Military History Club, accompanied by Sophie…

End of Session

Season 3 episode 45 notes

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