Season 3 episode 41 notes

  • Lloyd gets invited to the Storm Jesus Fan Club by Bartolomeus, as they’re holding a cosplay contest sometime soon and they could use his help. He graciously agrees.
  • Cecil goes to meet Parsifal over lunch. They speak about [something] and Parsifal guarantees Cecil will be safe… for now. While in the Dueling Club, Cecil also meets Reginald and Shigeru. He asks Shigeru about the painting Aurora received, but gets nothing much in the way of answers.
  • Lloyd heads for the Arts Club [for some reason], where he meets Shigeru, painting a mysterious woman facing away. It looks a bit like Aurora. Reginald is also there, painting the Strix that he tamed earlier [when?].
  • Lloyd confronts Shigeru, telling him to give Mashiro some freedom and independence. Unfortunately, it’s unsuccessful. Shigeru threatens Lloyd, and Lloyd leaves disheartened. Shortly thereafter, Cecil – having figured out that Shigeru is Aurora’s secret admirer – comes to speak with him. Cecil mentions that Aurora’s heart already belongs to another, but since he wants to protect Nina, he accidentally implicates Lloyd as her lover. Shigeru is even more upset with Lloyd.
  • As Cecil heads out into the Dueling Club again, he meets Lloyd, who is talking to Gloria. Parsifal really really doesn’t appreciate this, and tells her to leave – being very domineering and impolite. Gloria, for her part, has gotten interested in horses and wants to get one of her own. With Lloyd’s encouragement, she decides to go to the stables to get an idea of what kinds of horses there are, with Bartolomeus’ help. Parsifal, however, refuses to let his girlfriend go alone, and so comes with her.
  • Cecil and Lloyd speak briefly with Dieter von Bülow. Parsifal has assigned two girls – Elena and ??? – to distract and manipulate him, but Lloyd is able to charm them, and make a good impression on Dieter as well.


  • Time passes

-Right, first, lloyd is invited by Bartolomeus way later. After he finished the lunch with André and Gabriel, Lloyd went to the MH club to make sandwiches. (Not sure but I think this might be when he super critted Usagi and Snowie, making them not fight one another regarding the pet show) He lets Ryu try out his bread and sets out bread for Cecil, and the Martial arts gang to eat when they’re finished practicing. Having a free lesson, Lloyd then went and talked to Viktor about what happened. Hence the sandwiches . He explained how he didn’t think Viktor was a bad person, but he made some bad decisions but that he will be there to stop him should he try anything like that again so that his friends won’t have to. That, for now he was still a member of the club and that he would do what he could for him. Talked about making a home for oneself, possibly her in Teutonia, and suggested telling Naimitsu about the Akatsuki spies that he knew of, since it would help ensure his own and the Empress’ safety.
Then he went Keanu at the hospital wing and asked his forgiveness, arranging the meet up with Naimitsu when he is ready for her to apologize (and gave him sandwiches for lunch). Then he talked to Mashiro who taking care of patients. Then Kain came in and was hurt after his fight with Janos. Lloyd helped Kain disrobe and gave him hard bread for him to bite in to (and eat) while Mashiro took care of his wounds. We learn about the protection squad.

Cecil takes his friends in to the dojo and practices with them, lying about cheating and making them practice the right Katas. He then had his first class fro the first years. Teaching them what it meant to be a good Mind bender and giving them assignments on famous people and the mind benders who supported them. Linda argues telepathically with Samantha lovejoy finally Samantha runs out because her brother is being beaten up by the new protection squad
also, Cecil went to talk to Parsifal to aplologize for the threat and then talked to Reginald about the painting and Shigeru about Mashiro. Though all that happened in the previous episode

  • Lloyd and Bartolomeus visit the stables, where Gloria and Parsifal are finding good horses. Unfortunately, Snowy spooks the horses and they stampede. Ryu shoves Parsifal out of the way to save him, making him very upset.
  • Lloyd and Bartolomeus set after the horses, trying to round them up. Lloyd botches and scares some into the woods, and has to pursue them. He finds that the Storm Monkeys have holed up in the old Gardening Club deep in the forest, surrounded by jungle from some experiment gone wrong.
  • Lloyd rescues the horses, but the monkeys shoot various debris at him through a catapult. One of these is a Langoustine, making him eligible to participate in the Storm Beast Hunt. He dutifully returns it to Ryder, after returning all the horses and fixing up the stables with Bartolomeus.

Season 3 episode 41 notes

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