Mobs and Armies

Rules Concept: Mobs and Armies

A Mob is a type of character, representing a bunch of extras rather than a single individual. Mobs typically only exist during combat and can’t really take actions outside it – to that end, they only rarely have Skills. Mobs can have any type of Attributes though, and possess Stats like any other regular character.

What differs a Mob from another character is the following special Attribute and special Restriction. It’s not, normally, possible to have one without the other.

Attribute: Magnitude
Cost: N/A (not available for player characters)
Relevant Stat: Soul
Progression: Medium (10, 30, 100, 300, 1000, etc)
Magnitude represents being a mob of many people. At first level, it represents roughly ten individuals, teaming up to take some kind of collective action. Besides this narrative implication, each Level of Magnitude bestows the following benefit:

At the end of a Mob’s action, it immediately makes (Magnitude) “phantom attacks” against one target it attacked on its turn. These phantom attacks cannot hit and do no damage, but serve to deplete the target’s Extra Defenses. This can rapidly deplete a character’s defenses if the mob is allowed to persist! The mob cannot enjoy the additional defense penalties it sets up alone, even with Extra Actions – mobs are only truly effective when fighting alongside another mob or a skilled ally. The “phantom” attacks therefore occur only after the mob’s turn ends. The effect can be countermanded by spending Energy Points – by focusing their Energy, the character dodges and weaves the mob while keeping focus on the real enemy. For each Energy Point spent, ignore one “phantom” attack.

Note that this makes Mobs very good for distracting other Mobs! This is intentional. A skilled fighter can easily turn the tide of a battle.

For every point of Magnitude, a Mob also reduces 10 damage from incoming attacks. This is to represent that it’s quite difficult to cut down an army with a sword – but see Mob Rule, below.

Restriction: Mob Rule
Cost: N/A

Mob Rule is a special Restriction applied to Mobs. It has the following effects:

One, any character with the Mob Rule Restriction has 0 Energy Points. They do not naturally gain any of their own, but can receive them through Aura of Inspiration or a Military Sciences roll requiring an action (Earning 1 energy point for each 3 points by which the result beats 12).

Two, Mobs are vulnerable to Extra Attacks and coordinated efforts, as well as area attacks. Reduce the innate damage reduction from Magnitude by 10 points per defense the mob has expended (Extra Defenses not included). So, at a -1 penalty, damage reduction is reduced by 10. At -3, it is reduced by 20, and so forth.
Additionally, reduce the innate damage reduction by 10 points for any Area Attack, and by 20 if the Area of the attack exceeds the Magnitude of the Mob. Attacks made with the Multiple Targets reduce the Damage Reduction by 10 per each -6 penalty taken, to a maximum of 30 at -18. The Multiple Targets Combat Technique reduces the penalties, but not the effectiveness.
Mobs with Extra Defenses are typically elite soldiers, capable of resisting coordinated attacks.

Three, Mobs grow weaker as their numbers thin out. Any time a Mob is hit by an attack that would prompt a Shock roll (after applying damage reduction), it loses one point of Magnitude. If a commander is present, that commander may make a Military Sciences roll to block this effect, difficulty 18. It also loses one point of Magnitude when reduced below half its maximum HP, an effect which cannot be stopped. If a mob’s Magnitude reaches 0, it dissolves, its members having lost the will to fight.

Mobs and Armies

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