Long-Form Session Notes, Part 5


Final OVA episode

  • Lloyd finds Naimitsu chained up with storm-iron in front of a cave entrance. Swearing that he will protect her, Lloyd earth bends forth a stone shield and shining armour made of ice and turns to face the dragon. The dragon is old and wounded, showing scars and wounds still not truly healed despite the long years since his fight with St George. It senses the blood of Saint George within Lloyd and taunts him before engulfing him in flames.
  • Meanwhile, the school is being besieged by Hoffmeisters soldiers. Thelma guards the front door, but it’s clear that she can’t keep them at bay for long. As Hannah moves to have the soldiers force themselves in, Cecil arrives in his Gundam. He announces himself as One, and moves in to save the school. Hoffmeister arrives and the two locks on to each other and the fight begins.
  • Lloyd parries the flames with his shield and moves to draw the attention of the dragon away from Naimitsu as he shields her away behind an earth wall. The dragon, underestimating him, suffers a great wound to its foot as it tries to step on him, and responds with severely burning him, melting the sand, turning it in to glass. As the dragon moves in to finish him, Lloyd slides on the glass under it, managing to score a another major wound on the Dragon. Enraged, the Dragon flies up in the air to gather momentum.
  • Cecil and Hoffmeister exchange glancing blows back and forth, as Rei, Mashiro and Akane joins the fray. Captain Francis soon joins them and begins clouding the soldiers mind through his mindbending. Gabriel helps them in his own way by bring Francis and Cecil their weapons. But quickly leaves the battle afterwards as a noncombatant. Biggs, having been thrown by Hoffmeister as an improvised weapon, barely misses Cecil and flies in to the School, where after a shriek, he is sent out flying far out in to the distance by a half-dressed and very angry Sister Barbara. She quickly makes herself decent and joins the fray. Cecil uses the Gundams advanced Psitanium instruments to bolsters his allies’ mind, making them far more capable. Everyone except Mashiro, who refuses his help and goes off to fight alone. She is soon overwhelmed and Cecil loses sight of her. He continues his fight with Hoffmeister, until the commander reveals Mashiro, broken and bleeding, with two large axewounds across her back, in an attempt to break Cecil’s spirit.
  • The Dragon gathers moment and crashes down towards Lloyd, turning itself into a burning meteor of claws and fangs. Using the air pressure of the descending dragon, Lloyd swoops up high in the air, to descend upon the dragon. They continue their battle, going back and forth, but just as Lloyd begins to gain the upper hand, the dragons’ flames begin reaching towards Naimitsu. Realizing that he can’t drag the fight on any longer, he charges at the dragon, stabbing him through his old wounds and in to its heart. Surprised and almost amused at the realization that he lost, the dragon curses Lloyd with his final words: that Lloyd will kill the last of his kin with his own hands. In one final act of malice, he lets go of the energies inside him, exploding in a shower of flame, engulfing Lloyd in the inferno. Burning and unable to control the heat that came with absorbing its element, Lloyd desperately makes his way to Naimitsu and melts the iron, falling unconscious, happy to know that he was able to protect her.
    Cecil, horrified that he was unable to protect Mashiro leaps towards her, sending a large shockwave around him, scattering any soldiers around them. He picks up Mashiro and brings her to Sister Barbra who promises to protect her while Cecil deals with the commander. The situation is growing increasingly dire, as Hoffmesiter organizes his soldiers. For the first time, Cecil breaks in to Akanes mind so he can communicate with her, and help her organize their forces. He charges Hoffmeister again and is told that it is a shame that things had to be this way, that if he continues to defy the empire, The Empire will Strike Back, and his friends will die. The commander strikes Cecil, slicing through the Gundam and nearly brining Cecil down. Enraged, wounded but refusing to give up as the machine is falling apart around him, Cecil re-doubles his efforts and lands a solid blow. Hoffmeister taken aback decides not to take pointless risks and rallies his soldiers and retreats. Not daring to allow him to live and risk him returning and hurting Mashiro, Cecil follows after Hoffmeister and strikes him down as he was getting away, killing him. Exhausted, and with broken off shards of Psitanium stabbing him from the crumbling Gundam, Cecil falls out of the machine. Before he has time to further injure himself by moving, Francis puts Cecil to sleep.
  • Naimitsu watches over Lloyd as he’s having disturbing dreams. Lloyd wakes up to him boiling in the ocean, his newfound powers still not under control. Naimitsu is taking care of him and washes his cloak that somehow survived the fire. They talk, she informs Lloyd that everyone is alright and soon he returns back to sleep.
  • Cecil wakes up in the chapel back at the boarding school. Mr. Dirac is there waiting for him. He is disappointed in him and doesn’t offer him a bonbon. Cecil is suffering from Psitanium poisoning due to the broken shards inside him. Dirac tells him that he can save him, but doesn’t know if he should.
    He made that Gundam to protect people, not to kill them. Cecil makes excuses but Dirac wants none of it. Cecil still doesn’t know what it truly means to end someone life, so he decides to show him. The Gundam had a built-in mechanism; it stores the memories of those it fights. He sends Cecil Hoffmeister’s entire lifetime of memories, his childhood, his time at school, the war, his family, raising his daughter Hannah, all of it is wired in to a stunned Cecil. Dirac leaves Cecil to agonize over what he has done while he goes to get the equipment necessary to remove the psitanium pieces.
  • Lloyd wakes up feeling slightly better with Leon and Naimitsu around him. Lloyd asks them to keep his involvement with the dragon a secret, lest they learn about his secret. Leon agrees and tells him he must be off to prepare for the final part of the revolution. Lloyd asks him to come with him to talk to Thelma before he leaves. They arrive and Lloyd presents Leon as a belated birthday present for Louise. Thelma is almost moved to tears, but handles it by slapping Leon hard in the face and taking him inside to talk.
  • Dirac meets up with Lloyd and gives him a bonbon. They talk about Cecil and how killing is bad.
  • Lloyd goes to see Cecil who is watching over the still unconscious Mashiro. They talk about Hoffmeister. Instead of condemning Cecil as he first expected, Lloyd tries to comfort him instead. Everyone makes mistakes, what’s important is to not give up but to learn from them and keep moving forward. They talk about death and their fears of having to kill again should the war begin.
    Soon after Lloyd leaves Mashiro awakens. She is a bit more like her usual self. Cecil and Mashiro talk and they both apologize for what they have done to each other. Mashiro explains that she still can’t truly feel things, not even towards Cecil, but they decide to overcome this, and find balance between Mashiro and the angel. Not through strange training but in their own way.
    Lloyd goes to find Mrs Hashima. He finds her at the abandoned military camp. She’s studying a military map filled with important military hot spots. Eisenkrone is listed among them. Lloyd scolds her for betraying Naimitsu and the others to the military, as well as her involvement with Shingen. She explains she only does what she can to protect Rei. She is sorry for what she did, but pirates have taken over their lands and the Tokugawa no longer protects them, she is destitute and needs to find a way to keep Rei safe. Lloyd tells her she needs to start trusting her daughter, that if she doesn’t try to change her ways she is going to lose her. Mrs Hashima goes to talk to Rei before leaving them but promises/warns him that when they need her, she will return.
  • Cecil meets with Dirac once more, and Dirac can tell that Cecil has learned his lesson. Cecil thanks Dirac for teaching him, it was painful, but having grown up in Durmstrang had numbed him to what killing someone meant. He feels as if he has regained something important. Dirac removes the psitanium and gives the shards back to Cecil as a memento. Cecil begins scheming on how to use them. Dirac gives him a bonbon, and tells him that even though he might never forgive Cecil, he still understands that he tried his best. And perhaps, one day he might aid Cecil again.
  • Cecil meets with Akane and she is pleased with him. Once again he came to the aid of his friends, and fought bravely beside them. Cecil apologize for breaking in to her mind, and explains why he did it, he also gives her a psitanium shard that recently resided inside him. Akane forgives him, and reluctantly takes the psitanium and shoves it inside her bag.
  • Lloyd goes out to clean up the pieces of gundam with Keanu. They meet Akane who once again has lost her faith in Lloyd. Once again he hid in safety while his friends risked their lives. Lloyd is sad.
  • Lloyd goes to do mildly dirty things alone in his room.
  • Cecil goes to speak to Francis about his mother and the news about him attacking Kushieda and Tokugawa ships. Francis explains he was only saving his girlfriend from the Tokugawa. Ieyasu had raped Terra a short time before, and decided to marry her against her will, so while they were on the waters, Francis attacked, but only the Tokugawas. He managed to rescue Terra, but eventually had to leave him on the Darashia island since she couldn’t come with him and live the life of a pirate. They realize that due to all of this, there is a distinct possibility that Cid Darashia isn’t Cecil’s father after all, instead he might be the son of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Or, Captain Drake Francis…
  • They both decide to drop the subject and focus on eating melons using telekinesis.
  • Cecil goes to talk to Rei after she spoke with her mother. Rei explains her family’s situation to Cecil. Cecil listens and comforts her. They talk and they confess that they have become practically like siblings, and they both take comfort in the other. Rei confess that she has finally gotten over Lloyd, another man, Zéro, has stolen her heart when he rescued her. Cecil worriedly supports her.
  • Lloyd stops doing mildly dirty things in his room, and instead wraps the result of his efforts in to two parcels and heads over to the boarding school.
  • Lloyd and Lucille cunningly gets Colette to come with them to the beach. Lloyd gives Lucille one of the parcels. It’s another shell bikini so she can be modest even while in mermaid form. Lucille immediately tries it. Cecil arrives just in time to accidentally get a glance of Lucille changing. Colette vents her frustration on him. Lucille transforms and is happy for the opportunity to swim in the ocean. Colette looks longingly after her cousin and after some coercion from Cecil, Lloyd and Lucille and after having gotten a shell-bra of her own, she eventually goes to change.
  • Meanwhile in the ever growing sandcastle in the sand, the crab king schemes his nefarious plans, but is interrupted by Haruhi appearing from one of the inner passageways. She opens the drawbridge and joins the others. Just in time to attack Colette and drag her underwater. They both soon resurface, only Colette could no longer suppress her instincts and turned in to a mermaid. To her surprise, it wasn’t as terrible as she thought it would be, she was still her. She eventually joins up with Lucille and they swim out in to the seas, happier than they have been in many years.
  • Gabriel walks up to them and explains that he tried to make deals with the soldiers to keep the town and his friend safe, but it didn’t work. So he arranged a plan with Captain Francis to have him be captured and later break free when the time was right. Thanks to Cecil he didn’t need to actually save him, and it all worked out nice again. He apologizes for lying to them and leaves.
    Lloyd goes back to the boarding house, and meets Rei. She is finally normal around him, having finally gotten over him. He casually thanks her helping him find Naimitsu, explaining he had to stay in disguise when he met her as Zéro. Happy that things turned nice again, he leaves a broken and devastated Rei behind him.
  • Cecil goes on a platformer adventure inside the sand castle to find Ryoko and save her from an evil turtle.
    Lloyd goes on another late-night training session with Naimitsu. This time they go over the element of water. They meet up at the beach where Lloyd fought the dragon, and Naimitsu arranges a music box that plays a Nipponese waltz. Water is adaptive and fluent, and using those cues, they dance, slowly moving towards the sea, until finally they’re dancing out on top of the water. Lloyd is embarrassed by the situation, while also realizing it’s kind of cool. He offers to thank Naimitsu by teaching her how to swim. She eventually agrees, “since it might help Lloyd’s training”.
  • Lloyd teaches her how to swim in the giant crater left by the fire.
  • Afterwards they sit and talk. Naimisu explains she used to fear the ocean as a kid, which is why she never learnt how to swim properly, but now she can see the appeal. Lloyd used to be scared by the elements after the storm in Crystal, but his father taught him how to overcome it. Swimming was how he taught Lloyd to like the water as well.


*Cecil and Francis bonds over various forms of bending. Pointedly not in a father and son-kind of way
*Leon, now donning the mask of Zéro waves farewell as he swings away in to the distance
*Cecil meets with Akane being friendly.
*Lloyd meets with Akane being angry
*Haruhi riding Monsieur LeFluff in to battle.
*The angry mob now waves around blinged out golden pitchforks and other such weaponry having plundered the dragon’cave.
*Dirac sells Zéro and Gundam toys to the children. They are very popular.
*Lucille and Colette swims out in to the sea as Thelma watches from the distance
*Lloyd sleep-bends the castle to make it ever more glorious, and more perilous. Adding many more floors to it underground, which quickly fills with random enemies to encounter
Thelma begins smacking around people saying bad things about mermaids
*Rei is upset about her mother leaving, and unsure how to deal with everything by herself. But is reassured by Lloyd and Cecil that they’re there for her.
The town, especially the blacksmith and the fisherman competes about who loves mermaids the most.

  • Thelma thanks Lloyd and Cecil for what they’ve done, and for teaching her how to move on with her life after the death of Louise. She is starting up a new semester, for Thelma’s Boarding School for Extraordinary Girls. With guest lectures on mindbending from none other than Captain Francis.
  • Before leaving, Francis meets up with Cecil and they say their farewells. Francis tells him he believes they will meet again someday, the fact that Cecil mainly stays in the heartlands won’t be an issue anymore. Mr. Dirac helped install a Psitanium core to the ship, and using his telekinesis, Francis lifts his ship from the seas and in to the sky.
  • On the final day, Colette and Lucille come to say goodbye, and thank them for what they’ve done. So does most of the town. As they move aboard the ship, a chill runs down Lloyd’s neck, making his hair stand on edge. Worried he utters that The Storm is Coming.
    Meanwhile, in Britannia. Sidney Morrigan sets his plans in motion. Now aided by boy-genius: Isaac Newton…

Long-Form Session Notes, Part 5

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