A brief overview of the regions of the World:


Teutonia is geographically the largest Empire, dominating most of the continent of Europa. It is subdivided into several regions – chief of which are Lothringen, Daneland, Balkanland, Latinia, and the Heartland, where Eisenkrone Academy is located. The youngest of the Empires, it was founded by Emperor Barbarossa, and is marked by an excelling mastery of science and Storm Lore – the legacy of Charles Eisenkrone, founder of the Eisenkrone Academy and the Teutonian schooling system in general.

Its current ruler is Emperor Wilhelm Johann Atticus Sturmmeister Imperius, an old and weary man.

Interesting locations include Eisenkrone Academy, as well as Ritterburg, Durmstrang and Dorfstadt.

Lothringen is technically an area of Teutonia, but lately there’s been talk of revolution and independence. Lothringen encompasses all of the Frankish lands down to Hispania, but the natives call it “Lorraine” in their own tongue, and there’s even talk of a restoration of an old Frankish nation rather than what is arguably the name given by the oppressors.

Interesting locations in Lothringen include Calais, which Lloyd and Cecil visited over summer.

Daneland is Teutonia’s bastion against the storm-wracked Scandia. It’s the northernmost point of the Empire, and a heavily militarized place. The foremost bastion of Daneland is the black Castle Elsinore┬áthat stands as a defensive line against the horrid Storm Beasts that escape from Scandia.

The Alps
The Alps are a range of mountain in the southern parts of Teutonia. Few people live here, but during the War the area was used as a place to keep prisoners of war and other undesirables. Interesting locations include the Grimwald, an alpine forest home to a handful of villages, and the Castle Alpenfest, which was recently destroyed in a Storm.

Other Empires

Britannia lies on the Britannian Isles to the west. It is geographically rather small, but is noteworthy for its many colonies, including among others Texicania and Atlantia. Britannian culture is marked by an adherence to high class and culture, and they always keep a stiff upper lip. It is the homeland of the most successful Storm Butlers, and ruled by King Charles VI Britannia.

Interesting locations include the capitol of Londinium and the lost city of Crystal. It also has a famous school, The Royal Academy.

Nipponia is a mysterious land to the south, its culture more akin to far-flung Hindusia than to the lands of Europa. It is the oldest Empire, and the one most steeped in tradition, uninfluenced by the church of Storm Knight Iesu. Nipponian politics are hierarchical even to a greater degree than the other Empires, with a Scarlet Empress ruling over daimyos, shoguns, and samurai. Its lands are home to many tentacled Storm Beasts, and it’s got very zealous policies about religion.

Nipponia’s greatest strength lie in the tight-knit families, who carry down ancient and unknown Storm Powers through their blood.

Some interesting locations include the Kyoka Palace, home to the Kyoka Clan.

Far-flung Hindusia lies across the Russian wastelands. Little is known about this foreign land, but that the people there practice strange and arcane Storm Powers, and that it is perhaps powerful enough to constitute a fourth Empire.

Smaller Nations

Hispania lies to the south of Lothringen, one of the few parts of Europa that isn’t part of the Teutonian Empire. A small country by comparison, it – alongside its colony, Mexicania – is home to some unique Storm Knights, perhaps most famously the Mexicanian Wrestlers.

Texicania and Mexicania
Colonies of Britannia and Hispania, respectively, these lands lie far to the west and are largely unexplored, but for those brave pioneers who have made their homes there. They are home to Mexicanian wrestlers and Texicanian outriders.

Wild Places

A Storm-blasted region in the north, Scandia is hostile and harsh. The lands are wild and untamed, full of dangerous Storm Beasts, and the few people who live there huddle together in closely guarded, heavily fortified cities. Its Storm Knights are said to be among the world’s finest, but Storm Madness also runs rampant through Scandia, and they are – perhaps with good reason – distrusted by more civilized folk.

Kashgar is a mysterious jungle continent, virtually uninhabited. The Nipponians occasionally travel there, but it has few natives and is blasted by Storms, making it a wholly inhospitable place.

The Russian Plains
Located to the east of Teutonia, the Russian Plains are home to the Rus Nomads, but has very little civilization. These plains are barren and empty, although they contain a few small settlements and cities.

Incaland is a mysterious continent south of Mexicania, about which very little is known. It has roaming tribes of natives, but also apparently magnificent architecture and large nations of its own. It’s almost untouched by Europan travelers, excepting a handful of explorers.

Counterweight is a Britannian colony, impossibly far across the ocean. Very little is known about it.


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