Eisenkrone Academy

Episode12: Dorfstadt

Hildegard won the duel but was unable to return in time to help.
Suspects that was why prof. von Zweibrüchen challenged her in the first place.
Asks Cecil to investigate.
Alice is weak, but uninjured.

Time passes and Lloyd, Cecil and Sebastian leaves to bury Walt back in Dorfstadt, the town Lloyd grew up in.

Meets with violent, childhood friend Nina Messerschmitt.
Nina is suspicious of Cecil, fears he might be a bad influence.
Nina learns of Walt, and is sad.
Goes to meet Nina’s mother, Gretha.
Gretha is a great cook, makes excellent food. Was the one who taught Lloyd about the secret ingredient.
Nina is a terrible cook, makes horrible food. Was the one who taught Lloyd about indigestion.

Group goes to sleep in Lloyd’s old house.
That night Lloyd confess about being a prince to Nina. Nina is surprised but doesn’t really care much. But gets worried when Lloyd speak aloud his fear that he might never be able to return to Dorfstadt again.

Cecil starts hearing voices in his head, more so than usual. Meditates himself to sleep to shut them out. Lloyd sleep downstairs and lets Cecil take his room.
Mysterious person creeps into Cecil’s room and into his bed.
Cecil is woken up by being telekinetically kicked in his nether regions by a naked Rei.
Rei runs out, Cecil runs after. They trip and Cecil accidentally gropes her.
Everyone is shocked and appalled.
Nina is convinced that Cecil is a bad influence.
Sebastian Butler-punches Cecil for laying his hand on a lady.
Rei explains that she wanted to support Lloyd in his time of need.
Lloyd is moved by this act of friendship.
Everyone else wonders why she decided to do so naked in his bed.

Walt is buried along with his badass sword.
Lloyd holds a farewell speech and even though he still blames himself for his father’s death, and is hurt by the lies, he decides to continue on and make his father proud.

During the reception afterwards, Nina grills Cecil about being a bad influence.
Cecil gets annoyed, and begin hearing voices again.
Cecil leaves the gathering to listen to evil voices in his head.
They tell him he doesn’t need friends and that he should go back to his old life in Durmstrang.
There he could live without worrying about others, there he could be free.
Cecil is a bit tempted, but decides not to.

Meanwhile, grumpy and slightly greedy man tries to make Lloyd sell his land to him.
Lloyd rents the land to grumpy man’s good twin brother instead.
Sebastian returns back to England, leaving Alice in Cecil’s and Ralph’s hands.
Cecil and Lloyd returns to Eisenkrone

Learns that the soldiers who attacked the school have been executed.
Learns that Ryoko have been missing for a day or two.
Finds Ryoko chained inside the girl’s showers in the dungeons.
She is rescued but is suffering from a bad case of a Nipponese cold.
Cecil goes to find medicine. Barters with Zelenka, and eventually gets the medicine.

Meanwhile, Sherlock Lloyd and Dr. André tracks down the culprit and find themselves in a great big dungeon.
There they are ambushed and knocked out.
Lloyd wakes up tied to a chair. Is interrogated for a bit by the leader or the Maids, Madam Dominique. Lloyd explains and Madam Dominique leaves it to Rose to deal with.
Rose begins interrogating and Lloyd answers by breaking free and reversing the rolls.
Rose thoroughly approves of the situation. A little bit too much.
Gains confirmation that Rose was the one who chained down Ryoko, on Anitas orders.
André breaks free when no one’s watching using pathfinder-fu and they escape.

Lloyd gives Anita a stern talking to. Lloyd explains friendship and emotions to Anita.
Anita is thoroughly confused but decides to try it as a way of getting closer to Lloyd, thus sealing her inevitable doom.

Cecil prepares medicine and Lloyd prepares chicken soup to help Ryoko on her way.
Lloyd tells the club members that he is the prince of Britannia and the Earl of Lancashire.
Cecil reveals that he is a super mindbender.
Everyone is surprised, except for André who reveals that he is one as well.
Lloyd is once again impressed by André.
Mashiro enters while secrets are exchanged, but it is waved aside by how it is all parts of a plot for Luke’s upcoming novel.

Cecil receives a package for himself for once, a white noh-mask and begins having strange® dreams, following the mind of someone walking around the school at night…

Episode 11: The Festival

Cecil is trained by Sebastian and endures harsh trials.
Encounters Ralph the rival servant. He is Cecil’s rival.

A platoon of stormknights led by Hildegard Kreutz set up camp outside school to take part in the parade during the festival.

The Prince goes to threaten Lloyd during rehearsal. The Prince is passive aggressive and insinuates horrible things happening to Lloyd and those he loves. Lloyd is grateful for the Prince warning him and appreciates that the Prince is worrying about him.

Lloyd befriends Sebastian the butler. Sebastian’s last name turns out to be Wilder as well.
It is revealed he was formerly a part of the TRIBUTE group.
Gotlieb’s mood gets increasingly darker as he is seen welcoming his crippled nephew, Linus, who is staying at the school during the festival
Lloyd and Rei goes to strategy class with Gotlieb
Gotlieb recounts horrible warcrimes and keeps looking back to Lloyd strangely.
Luke tells the group about Gotlieb’s past, about warcrimes comitted by Gotlieb’s nemesis, Sidney (Vicious) Morrigan. And how Linus was one of the victims of one of Vicious’s attacks against civilians.

Cecil is awoken at night as a strange man breaks inside his room. The man realize that Cecil is not who he is after and vanishes.

The day of the Festival

Hildegard can’t attend the festival, she’s been challenged by Prof von Zweibrüchen.
As the class prepares for the show, the man from the previous night returns, Lloyd’s father, Walt, shows up to take Lloyd away from the school.
Lloyd doesn’t want to, but is eventually forced to agree, but only after he has had time to play his role in the play.
The play is sabotaged repeatedly by various factions.
André takes on the role of Hamlet and Rei has him and Cecil kiss.

Suddenly a wild storm beast appears.
Alice faints.
Everyone tries to keep up appearances and stay in character, Cecil pretends to be the Ghost of Mercurio and joins the fray. The Storm beast, a Jinn, turns the stage into a raging storm, blowing most people away.

Walt runs out to help, but is stopped by Gotlieb. Hildegard’s second in command, Klaus von Carlewitz, is threatening to kill Gotlieb’s nephew unless he defeats Walt. Gotlieb refuses and Klaus stabs the Nephew. Walt summons up the elements to form a sword of Awesome and blasts Klaus outside where he and Gotlieb follows.
Lloyd, shocked by this fights on against the Jinn and eventually landing the killing blow, causing a strange chain reaction, where he absorbs the power of the Jinn.

Lloyd, unable to understand what is going on, runs out to his father. As Lloyd burts out, Walt is distracted and is given a devastating blow by Klaus . Lloyd, now half mad, charges Klaus landing a grazing hit, but is quickly overwhelmed. Gotlieb tells him that the soldiers target is Alice, they wish to cause a war by killing a diplomat’s daughter. Cecil is finally able to get through to Lloyd and they both run back inside to save Alice.
Alice has been taken away by one of the soliders and the two find her unconscious and about to be raped. They charge at the soldier, the soldier uses strange chain and whip techniques to keep them away, trapping Cecil in the process. As the Soldier turns to kill off Alice, an exhausted Lloyd, no longer left with an option, lunges and stabs the soldier in the heart. Killing a man for the first time.

Ryoko shows up, and takes Alice away.
Lloyd walks out, to find Gotlieb and Ryder standing over a dying Walt.
Lloyd, unable to grasp the situation yells at Ryder to help him. But the damage is too great.
A desperate Lloyd asks Cecil to get Sebastian in case his healing powers combined with Ryder’s would be able to do something.
Ryder and Gotlieb moves away to give Walt a chance to give his final words.

Walt calmly reveals the truth of who they really are. That Lloyd’s real name is Lloyd Pendragon VI Britannia, Prince of Britannia. And with suitably dramatic and heartwarming last words, he tells Lloyd to be strong and that he is proud of him.
Sebastian shows up, reveals himself to be Walts younger brother. He explains about their past, about TRIBUTE and why they both needed to go into hiding. Then leaves Lloyd to mourn.

Mourning Lloyd fade out.

Episode 10: Operation: Best Birthday Ever!

Gunther, who is still in love with Cecil takes him out to the school spa.
Gunther gives Cecil special perfume, MANPANTHER.
Gunther shows Cecil the ropes and pretends to be a masseur.
Gunther begins groping Cecil in weird places, Cecil is uncomfortable and runs away.
Runs in to Snowdrop spying on them from the mens locker. She tells Cecil that she likes to watch.

Cecil, increasingly disturbed gets dressed and goes back to his place where everyone surprises him by throwing a party for him.
Mashiro gives Cecil a heart-shaped cake.
Prof. Daisuke gives Cecil a life sized portrait of Cecil and Mashiro in a loving embrace. Daisuke also brought a Geisha as entertainment. The Geisha is being generally seductive and plays love songs.
Kain barges in, sees the painting and does some bad things and is then forced to leave.

Soon the party is crashed again, this time by Zelenka who shows up to harass Amanda for having stolen supplies when helping Cecil and her custom-made makeup. Amanda begins to cry and her toxic makeup cause people to get dizzy.

A ninja shows up to attack Lloyd.
Ryoko tries to protect Lloyd, but her new dress falls apart. Lloyd tries to fight the Ninja while covering up Ryoko. Anita and or Alice chase the ninja away.

Anita punishes the girls for pulling mean tricks on Ryoko, have them disrobe and hold buckets outside.

Alice offers up her own dress to cover up Ryoko.
Anita notices that Alice won some Lloyd points by doing so, thus decides to offer up her own dress to Alice.
Anita walks around in her underwear, and is able to get under Lloyds skin.
Rei gets angry at this point and duels Anita “to protect Lloyds honour”.
Rei telekinetically punches Anita when she’s off guard. Anita brings down terrible vengeance upon Rei.

Meanwhile Cecil goes to Alice’s place to fetch a new dress for her. Receives one from Sebastian the Stormbutler, but on the condition that Cecil must pay it back should anything happen to it.
On his way back, Cecil is ambushed by an angry Kain.
Kain stabs Cecil in the face will a halberd. The dress gets ruined in the process.

Lloyd and Mashiro gets worried when Cecil doesn’t return and goes outside.
Finds the three half naked maids, Lloyd lends them his cloak of modesty and befriends them, by giving a speech about friendship and forgiveness. Snowdrops botches her roll to resist. Becomes Lloyds crazy friend.

Lloyd and Mashiro finds Cecil semi-dead in the hall, and brings him back to Ryder.
Kain is there as well, tending his owns wounds.
Kain apologizes for murdering Cecil’s face. While bowing and apologizing, something snaps inside of Cecil and he murders Kain right back.
Everyone is shocked and appalled. Mashiro is very upset.

Cecil is shocked by what he’s done and makes Lloyd promise to stop him using any means should he snap again like that..
Cecil decides that first he must return the torn and burnt dress to Sebastian.
Sebastian proclaims that since Cecil doesn’t have the money to pay it back, he must work off his debt by becoming a… Stormbutler!

Episode 9: The Mysterious Exchange Student

Cecil and Ryoko go to the assassins’ club. Ryoko is upset about the poisoned dress. Cecil goes to bed. Ryoko goes to her own room. Cecil is disturbed by knocking. Ryoko arrives. Ryoko has been evicted. Ryoko is sad. Ryoko and Cecil share the bed. They sleep.

Ryoko has nightmares, Cecil has Ryoko’s nightmares. Nightmares of Ryoko being bullied since day one by Anita and her gang.

Lloyd learns about Ryoko and Cecil sharing a bed. Is shocked and appalled.
Lloyd learns about Ryoko being bullied, is confused.
Cecil and the rest of the group decide that taking back the room must have been just another part in a long line of bitchery.
Lloyd tells them this can’t be true since Anita is a nice person. Explains that it is all a big misunderstanding.

Lloyd seeks out Anita to help Ryoko. Anita realizes that slowly torturing Lloyd’s friends is not an effective way of seducing Lloyd. Agrees to give Ryoko a new Room and ensures Lloyd it was all a big misunderstanding. Lloyd is pleased.

A mysterious exchange student from Britannia joins the class.
Alice Winchester, a blond, clumsy noblewoman. The military group gets suspicious, fearing that it might be another Britannian spy.
Meanwhile Lloyd is just happy to find a new person to befriend.
Befriends Alice.

Lloyd and Alice bond in beastmastery class while taming turtles. There they also encounter their classmate: Sanchez FUUUURY for the first time on screen, despite him always having been around.
Sanchez is a strange mexacanian wrestler who always wears a red pro wrestler mask on his face and guards the fourth wall with unyielding passion.

A school festival is approaching and Class 1A decides to put on a play. It is decided that they put on the classical play of Romulus and Julian. The class decides that Lloyd should play the role of Romulus. Alice is chosen as Julian due to her experience of acting. Despite Rei’s effort of threatening the class to vote for her. Rei gets extra scary.
Lloyds learns about there being a kissing scene.
Lloyd panics. Tries to get out, but can’t.

Cecil gets the role of Romulus’ best friend Mercurio.
Rei is in charge of wardrobe, does strange things to Lloyds clothes.
Meanwhile the group plans for Cecil’s birthday party.
Ryu and Sanchez befriends each other by out-muscling each other.
Ryu and André prepares a palm tree for Cecil’s birthday

To make up for the trouble the first dress caused Ryoko, Anita arranges a new dress for Ryoko as well as lending her The Girls to boss around.
Ryoko is happy and forgives Anita.

Gotlieb is unusually grumpy.
He gets annoyed by Rei and Alice being sucky at fighting and gives them both detention. The two duels each other and Rei wins.
Lloyd congratulates Rei.
Rei is happy.
Lloyd worries about Alice.
Rei is sad.

Lloyd meets Alice’s Bodyguard, the Britannian Storm Knight Bert Hackney.
Lloyd and Burt become friends, bonds over talk of football.

Time passes and finally it is Cecil’s birthday…

Episode 8: I Spy

Lloyd and Ryoko goes to the assassins’ club to get new clothes for Ryoko. Ryoko is kidnapped. Anita speaks to Lloyd. Lloyd suggests giving her new clothes. Anita says that maybe she owes it to Ryoko. Ryoko re-appears. Anita and Ryoko talk about assassins’ clothes. Anita promises Ryoko assassins’ clothes. Lloyd asks if he can help Anita. Anita says she needs salve on a bruise on her back. Lloyd thinks Ryoko or maybe one of the girls can help. Ryoko vanishes. Violet, Snowdrop and Rose vanishes. Lloyd agrees to help Anita. Lloyd and Anita go to her room.

Cecil goes back to Zelenka. Cecil tells Zelenka the potion worked. Zelenka says that is good. Zelenka reluctantly gives Cecil the antidote. Cecil hurries to the club house. Luke is in the club house. Luke and Cecil read about the alchemy club. Cecil waits.

Lloyd and Anita enter her huge mansion-room. Anita tells Lloyd to wait in the bathroom. Lloyd waits in the bathroom. Lloyd gets the salve. Lloyd returns to the bedroom. Anita is naked and in bed. Lloyd carefully applies salve to her back without looking. Anita makes funny noises. The Prince arrives. The Prince knocks on the door. Lloyd hides in the cupboard. The Prince enters. The Prince finds Anita is naked. Anita seduces the Prince. Lloyd flees while the Prince freshens up. The Prince notices someone escaping. The Prince is angry.
Lloyd bumps into Andŕe. André is unconscious. Lloyd carries André to the common room. Luke worries about André. Cecil worries about André. Cecil tends to Andrés wounds. Luke goes to speak with Prof. Schröder. Ryu goes to look for Mr. Fried. Lloyd goes to look for Ryoko. Lloyd finds Ryoko in a brand new assassin dress. Ryoko worries about André.

Luke returns. Luke says infiltrators and spies must be behind this. Luke says infiltrators have great eye for detail. Luke says they are probably Britannian. Luke stays to take care of André – Ryoko, Lloyd and Cecil go to look for Ryu and Mr. Fried. Ryoko mentions the post office. Cecil goes to the post office. Mr. Fried is nearby. Cecil and Lloyd inform Mr. Fried of what has happened. Mr. Fried takes them to one of the beast-pits. Lloyd suspects Mr. Fried might be the infiltrator.

Mr. Fried jumps into the beast-pit. Everyone else jump into the beast-pit. Lloyd exposes Mr. Fried. Mr. Fried runs away. Mr. Fried releases the Iron Bull.

Lloyd rides the Iron Bull. Cecil is knifed grievously by a sneak attack from the fake Mr. Fried. Cecil snags the fake Mr. Fried’s jacket. Lloyd chains the Iron Bull in place. Ryokos’ dress is poisoned. Ryoko collapses. Lloyd cuts the dress off her and gives her his cloak. Cecil fights the fake Mr. Fried. The fight continues to a big room with chains in the ceiling. Cecil paralyzes the fake Mr. Fried with psychic brainpower. The fight continues to the floor of the big room with chains. The floor is full of training equipment. Lloyd bungee jumps with a chain after Mr. Fried. Ryoko deals death from above on Mr. Fried. Cecil fights bravely with Mr. Fried.

The fake Mr. Fried turns on a robot training dummy by throwing Cecil at it. The robot training dummy attacks Lloyd and Ryoko. The fake Mr. Fried says Lloyd is a “Wilder”. He says Lloyd could be an asset to his country. Lloyd and the fake Mr. Fried fight. Cecil comes back. Cecil defeats the fake Mr. Fried.
The room turns out to be the old club room of the Military History club. The room is full of awesome stuff. Ryoko lights a lamp. The real Mr. Fried arrives. The real Mr. Fried gets the antidote. The real Mr. Fried tells them to get upstairs and find Prof. Anderson. The real Mr. Fried goes to cure the Pathfinder. Lloyd and Cecil and Ryoko talk. Ryoko thinks the assassins’ club poisoned her. Lloyd and Ryoko wonder if it might be the three girls who are jealous of Ryoko. Cecil contacts Prof. Anderson Psychically.

Prof. Anderson arrives. Prof. Anderson reads the defeated spy’s mind. Prof. Anderson kills the spy. Lloyd asks Prof. Anderson if Ryu is all right. He is. Lloyd asks Prof. Anderson what a Wilder is. Prof. Anderson says it is a Sturmmeister, a Storm Knight with powerful hereditary powers to control the elements, the environment, and storms themselves. Such powers are only present in royal bloodlines, or in a rare few Scandians and North Britannians. Lloyd concludes he probably is not one. Prof. Anderson is troubled by what he has seen in the spys’ mind. Cecil sees a vision of a scary woman.

Prof. Anderson leaves. Mr. Fried arrives. Mr. Fried binds everyones’ wounds. Mr. Fried tells them to get back to their dorms. Mr. Fried vanishes. The group leaves.
Lloyd goes to his dorm room. Lloyd borrows a book from Luke. Lloyd reads about Sturmmeisters. Lloyd learns about their strange and terrifying powers.

Episode 7: Love and Poison

Cecil goes back to the clubhouse. Cecil learns from André that the Pathfinder has been poisoned by thieves using Shadow Essence. Cecil knows everything about Shadow Essence. Cecil sends André to fetch Mr. Fried. Cecil goes to speak with Prof. Anderson. Prof. Anderson tells him to look for Theodor Zelenka, the alchemy club president. Cecil goes to speak with Zelenka. Cecil learns that Zelenka is busy making a love potion for Mikhail. Cecil learns that Zelenka is poor because he burned all his money on stupid shit. Cecil speaks with Amanda. Cecil learns that Amanda can help him, if he introduces her to Gunther von Schluren. Cecil goes to fetch poison and ingredients for antidote.

Lloyd is attacked by Those Three Guys again. The Mysterious Stranger saves Lloyd. Lloyd wonders who it might be. Lloyd goes to Spycraft class. In Spycraft class, him and Ryoko practice disguises. Lloyd disguises himself as a Britannian soldier. Mr. Fried compliments him, but comments that the medal is on the wrong side.

Ryoko and Lloyd meet Cecil. Ryoko and Lloyd learn about the Pathfinder. Ryoko, Lloyd, and Cecil go to the assassins’ club, to steal everything they need. Lloyd stays in the common room as distraction. Ryoko steals the poison. Cecil steals stuff from the kitchen. Cecil steals watermelons for Zelenka.

Anita arrives. Lloyd talks to Anita. Anita hits on Lloyd. Anita summons Rose, Violet and Snowdrop to serve him tea. Rose notices Ryoko. Lloyd spills tea all over himself to distract them. Anita sends Rose to fetch him new clothes. Lloyd is given tight pants and elegant clothes. Lloyd changes into tight pants and elegant clothes. Lloyd distracts all the girls with his tight pants. Rose notices Ryoko again. Lloyd distracts all the girls with his shiny ass. Rose notices Ryoko again. Cecil interrupts her, says he is testing sneaking.
Ryoko gets away.

Anita learns that Cecil lives in the dorms, not Lloyd. Anita is angry. Anita tells the three girls to fuck off. Anita tells Cecil to fuck off. Anita leaves.

Lloyd, Cecil, and Ryoko re-unite. Together they go to the alchemy club. Zelenka is grumpy in his room because his love potion was unsuccessful. Amanda promises that she can take stuff from the alchemy club to cover what Cecil could not steal in the kitchen. Amanda begins making the antidote out of poison, kitchen supplies, and Zelenka’s stuff. Zelenka laments lack of test subject. Cecil suggests testing potion on Lloyd. Cecil suggests testing potion on Gunther. Lloyd and Ryoko stay in alchemy club to watch potion boil. Zelenka takes over working on the antidote.

Cecil and Amanda go to meet Gunther. Cecil tries to tell Gunther the potion will get rid of girls. Gunther does not want the potion. Cecil introduces Amanda to Gunther. Amanda sucks at talking. Cecil tries to provoke her to talk. Gunther insults her. Amanda tries to run away with embarrassment. Amanda bumps into Cecil. Cecil drops the love potion. Gunther and Amanda fall in love with Cecil. Cecil runs away.

Episode 6: The Pathfinder

Lloyd wakes up half naked in a strange dungeon and finds Ryoko in the same state.
Lloyd goes into rage mode.
Encounters a mysterious man, Lloyd gives a stern talking to the mystery man. Mystery man is not sorry and declares it was necessary. Lloyd attacks. Mystery man swings the sword from before, makes an attack, then re-shuffles the dungeon and escapes. Leaving behind a cloud of the same gas as before, Lloyd, together with Cecil, who meanwhile had been searching for them, are able to get a door open, Lloyd sweeps Ryoko in his cloak, hands her to Cecil, then collapse due to the gas.

After Ryoko and Lloyd recovers, André explains that he is a Pathfinder, capable of using a powerful storm power capable of reforming the world around him to allow him to travel from various places almost instantaneously. He tells them how Pathfinders are hunted, due to the risk (and very high probability) of them abusing their power.

He explains that the mysterious man was probably his master.
He arranges a meeting with him so he can explain himself to the rest of the group.
The Pathfinder explains that he thought Lloyd might have been a Britannian spy.
The Pathfinders job at the school is to protect it against spies.
He hints that he knows about Lloyd and that his mother might be still alive.

Anita realizes that Ryoko and Lloyd are friends, decides to become friends with Ryoko to get to Lloyd. Tells Ryoko that there is an opening in one of the assassin rooms and that she should invite one of her friends, (Lloyd) to move there. She also gives Ryoko a new fancy room instead of her old one.
Ryoko understands and after consulting with Lloyd, decides to give the room to Cecil.

Rei hear rumors about Lloyd moving to the assassin quarter.
Cecil Moves In – learns that Rei is now an assassin. Cecil’s room is huge. Ryoko has a very pink room.

André suggests throwing a party for Cecil and giving him presents, so he can fill his new room. Mikhail moves out. André mysteriously disappears, having important business.
Rose, Violet and Snowdrop confirm that he has moved in. Rei is sad and angry that Lloyd did not move in.
It is weekend. Nobody has anything to do. Everyone watches the art gallery. Lloyd talks to Ryu about his class next day.

The next day

Lloyd goes to Beastmastery class. Some guys look at him funny. Ryu has a class about Nightmares and how they are very dangerous and difficult to control. Lloyd tames one.
It is scared by Those Three Guys. Lloyd scares them back. Lloyd wins.
Cecil has Religious Studies. Kain is not in Religious Studies. Moira sends Cecil to look for Kain. Cecil finds Mikhail. Mikhail has been peeking at Mashiro disrobed. Mikhail hides behind Cecil. Mashiro and Kain arrive. Kain punches Cecil in the face really hard. Mashiro thinks Cecil and Mikhail are perverted friends. Mikhail runs away. Mashiro is angry. Cecil and Kain go back to religious studies class. Cecil says 100 hail marys because he was in a fight.
Mashiro goes to Beastmastery class. Mashiro is nearly stepped on by an angry horse. Ryu calms down the horse. Mashiro and Lloyd talk. Lloyd says Cecil is not a pervert. Mashiro goes to ask him if he is.

Mashiro confronts Cecil. Kain leaves, grumpily. Cecil convinces Mashiro that he genuinely cares for her. Mashiro is touched by Cecil’s vigilance, when he stayed up for four nights to watch over her. Mashiro begins developing feelings for Cecil.

Episode 5: Storm Baito's

Cecils waits for 3 days, missing classes and finally Mashiro recovers.
Cecil leads Mashiro back to Eisenkrone.

Is stopped by Kain, Kain accuse Cecil for laying his hands on Mashiro. Kain takes Mashiro to the infirmary. He leaves some of his friends to lay their hands on Cecil. The prince makes a sudden appearance, and stops the thugs right at the last second. Politely threatens Cecil, then announce that the thugs are simply using self defense, then leaves them to continue harassing Cecil. Cecil opts not to fight and simply leaps up to where the thugs can’t get to him.

Welcome ceremony for Ryu’s return to the club. There is a lot of Cheese.

Lloyd and Cecil needs to buy new school uniforms due to them getting torn during the battle. Lloyd takes a part time job at the smithy to be able to afford it. There he takes care of the upkeep of weapons, including the weapons inside the school armory. Finds The Prince’s sword in a dusty corner. An incredible sword The Prince got for his previous birthday, adorned with all kinds of valuable gems. Sadly the Prince has thrown it aside due to it being old and out of fashion. Lloyd thinks this is a pity and does some upkeep on it.

Cecil meanwhile gets a job as a school postman. Meets Amanda Edelweiss, shy and socially awkward brainiac who also works for the alchemy club. They quickly become good friends. Amanda’s job is to sort the mail and prepare it for Cecil to go/jump out and deliver.

A few days pass, and while Lloyd is opening his locker to change into his training gear for Weapon mastery class, The Prince’s sword falls out of his locker. A clear attempt to frame Lloyd for stealing. Cecil decides to run with the sword and return it before anyone can do anything.

Conrad is called out from the class due to a strange notice, giving Anita, The Prince’s girlfriend time to call out Lloyd and accuse him of theft. Lloyd, being clueless looks up.

Lloyd uses Innocent Charm on Anita. It is super effective.

Anita concludes that Lloyd’s sword is more impressive and far bigger than The Prince’s, blushes, and leaves.
Lloyd has his first Spycraft lesson, trains in hide and seek. Meets Mikhail, a perverted assassin in the same class as Ryoko.
Lloyd hides with Ryoko in a closet despite Lloyds protests about indecency. They find an impressive sword and many strange potions.
Ryoko decides to try one of the potions. Lloyd and Ryoko are gassed and passes out.

Episode 4: In The Eye of The Storm

The students and Hildegard runs out to do what they can. Lloyd hears a scream for help and jumps up on a (white) horse and rides off alone to the rescue.
Cecil follows after him, leaping across rooftops.

Lloyd arrives to see a mother and her child being cornered by a storm beast.
Lloyd draws the attention to him so as to give the mother and daughter time to flee.
Lloyd charges the beast and is soon assisted by Cecil who attacks with improvised lance weapons, which he continues to accidentally break. He is however finally able to find something out of metal and is able to land the final hit.

As the storm energy dissipates, Lloyd feels a strange tingling.
They run off to meet the others, to find Mashiro being knocked out cold, and Rei and Ryu fighting a losing battle against a yeti monster while Hildegard desperately tries to contain the storm.
More fighting, Lloyd uses the secret self-sacrifice move Luke taught him to save Ryu who is being mauled. Lloyd gets hurt pretty badly.
Yeti monster is defeated.

Hildegard is supported by Sugimoto and other teachers and the students are told to hide.
The group hides in a shed where they treat the injured.
Rei temporarily returns to sanity and nurses Lloyd to health.
Mashiro is hurt bad, Cecil stays up caring for her.

During the night, Cecil walks out after hearing strange sounds. He hears Britannians muttering about how their ‘plan’ worked. Sadly, Cecil doesn’t understand them.
He then returns to watch over Mashiro, but eventually falls asleep by her side.

Lloyd wakes up with his head on Rei’s lap. Though grateful, immediately realize the indecency of him having bodily contact with a girl, and decides to get up and walks outside so as to not wake anyone up.

He hears someone calling for help, a stray storm beast had stormed into a family’s home during the night.
He calls them away and charge in…to find a very hung over Ryu eating cheese.
Lloyd explains the evil of liquor and how Ryu should stop drinking , apologize to the family and clean up his act.
Ryu cries and swears off liquour (for the first time)

Back in the shed we find Cecil resting on Mashiro’s chest, finds out that her ribs are broken and one of her lungs are punctured. Bad. Cecil feels guilty.
Calls in doctor, panic happens. Doctor is able to stabilize Mashiro.

The students returns to Eisenkrone, Cecil stays behind to look over Mashiro.
Ryu is re-enrolled to Eisenkrone.
While waiting, Cecil notices Ryder and Andersson, begs them to heal Mashiro. Sees Jacob, being subdued by Andersson. They tell him they don’t have time, they need to focus on Jacob. Cecil accidentally glimpses into Jacob’s head, sees a mind destroyed by the storm.
Is horrified.

Episode 3: Code Duello

A few weeks pass..

History class
Horst explains about the Code duello and declares that the class is going to have a field trip into the nearby town to watch a duel between proper storm knights.
Luke tells Lloyd and Cecil about Ryu Ashigaru, a former club member and how he was unjustly expelled due to Kain and the Student council.

Cecil takes it upon himself to clear Ryu’s name.
Since Kain is part of Cecil’s Religion studies class, he takes the opportunity to retell the story about Ryu with a made up story about Storm Jesus, making Kain think back to the time when he framed Ryu.
Cecil gets the information he needs, but his teacher, sister Moira Margarethe is disappoint.

After clearing a few things with Prof Andersson and showing him what he saw in Kain’s mind, the way back for Ryu is open.
It is decided that Cecil and Lloyd should look for Ryu during the field trip and bring him back to school. But they have to do so secretly since he is living a bad life which the teachers can’t find out about.
Meanwhile Lloyd has been making friends with people and has been freaked out by Rei talking about fire and pain. Rei gets sad x many and starts acting weirdly…

Luke teaches Lloyd a secret move he found in a dusty tomb.
André tries to teach Cecil ancient martial art, but sadly it doesn’t work on account of André making everything up.
Cecil goes to Nipponese studies and encounters teacher Sugimoto Daisuke
Cecil is shocked and appalled.

Daisuke asks everyone to find a Nipponese practice partner.
Mashiro ends up becoming Cecil’s Nipponese practice partner.
The day of the trip arrives and the class is lead by Sugimoto Daisuke. He announces that they should group up in pairs of two and Rei immediately appears from the shadows and appoints herself to be Lloyd’s partner for the trip and takes a firm grip of his hand.
Lloyd glares at the clouds suspiciously and fears it might be a storm. Is told not to worry.
Mashiro and Cecil shyly ends up together.

At the arena the fight between the Scarlet knight, Hildegard Kreutz and Victoria’s sister, Mathilda begins.
Lloyd and Cecil notice something odd with the combat and Cecil starts probing Victoria’s mind and realizes that she is casting illusions on Hildegard.
Cecil relays this information to Hildegard and tells her the real position of her opponent. Hildegard wins and tells Cecil to meet her in the tavern afterwards.
Cecil, Lloyd, Mashiro and Rei wanders off to the tavern and Rei scares the staff to make a cake for Lloyd.

Ryu arrives and right before he has time to order alcohol, Lloyd orders warm milk for him.
Cecil and Lloyd explain the situation to Ryu.
Money lenders arrive for Ryu but they are scared away by Lloyd’s politeness.
Hildegard arrives and says that she owes Cecil, but that how she won the duel must stay a secret or it would null her victory.
Hildegard promises to teach Cecil to become a proper lancer and makes up a story about someone she knows from Durmstrang, Cecils hometown, to tie the two together.
The moneylenders run back inside the tavern, panicking. A storm has appeared.


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