Eisenkrone Academy

Episode 2: Classes

First History class.
Horst Schröder explains the setting, the history of Eisenkrone and how the Military History Club is the most bad ass thing since sliced bread.
Horst learns that Lloyd and Cecil are members of the Military History Club.
Horst explains to the class that Lloyd and Cecil are the most bad ass things since sliced bread.
Class gets annoyed, especially Gunther.

Politics class
Teacher Victoria Amalia von Zweibrüchen asks the students to explain what politics is.
Cecil gives a good guy answer. Victoria declares to the class that Cecil is an idiot.
Large parts of the class agrees, especially Gunther.
Gunther von Sluhren gives a bad guy answer. Victoria declares that he is on the right track, but presents the correct, megalomanian answer; Politics is power.
Lloyd drifts off to sleep during class, gets yelled at by the professor.
When the class ends Gunther walks up to Cecil and starts trash talking. The argument is postponed due to weapon mastery class.
Weapon mastery class
Conrad Gottlieb decides to have a try out to see what the class is capable of and divides the class in to pairs.
Cecil fights Gunther.
Lloyd fights a sweet and very shy girl named Rei Hashima.
Lloyd doesn’t want to hurt a girl so ends up pulling all of his blows and begins teaching Rei how to use a sword. Gottlieb is disappoint.
Cecil fights Gunther and begins strong, but Gunther fights dirty and axes Cecil in the groin.
Lloyd is shocked and appalled and swings Rei’s training sword from her hand so it hits Gunther, stopping him from continuing axing Cecil’s groin. Lloyd points out that Gunther went against the Code duello.
Gottleib is pleased.
While Gunther is distracted, Cecil takes the opportunity to lance Gunther in the back as payback. Gottleib punches Cecil in the face and teaches the class about fighting fair.
Lloyd apologizes to Rei for hitting her sword, but she forgives him and instead just looks at him strangely. Suggests that they study politics together. Lloyd makes up a bad excuse. Rei is sad.
Lloyd accompanies Cecil to the school nurse to have him repaired. The School nurse, an elderly Texacanian man named Ryder is more than happy to help. Ryder makes Cecil strip and begins rubbing his hands all over his body while healing him.
While Cecil somewhat dejectedly begins putting his clothes back on, a badly injured girl is carried in to the room. Ryder annoyedly pokes her a bit with a finger and heals her back up to health.
Lloyd is pleased to see that Ryder makes sure to use proper decency when dealing with the opposite sex.
Third day
Storm lore
Professor Andersson teaches the class about storms and how to defend against them. Tells them the most important rule among storm knights it to “Never face the storm alone”
Teaches the class how to clear their mind. Lloyd doesn’t really have that much in there to begin with so is fine. Cecil botches horribly. Andersson teaches Cecil mindbending-fu to close off his mind from others. Cecil gets it.
Rei continues to be nice and friendly towards Lloyd. Lloyd is nice and friendly back, but is oblivious to Rei’s advances. Rei is sadx2
Lloyd and Mashiro has Beastmastery class with Ryder.
Lloyd learns how to tame wolves.
Cecil and Rei has mind bending class.
Andersson realizes that Cecil is a scary mind bender who needs to hone his skills both for his own sake, and that of others.
Rei decides to buy Cecil an expensive lunch to give them some time to talk about Lloyd and if Cecil might have learnt anything about him from glancing into his mind.
Cecil is socially awkward and starts telling Rei how Lloyd woke up all sweaty dreaming about fire and pain. Unintentionally implies that Lloyd is heavily into BDSM.
Rei understands and jots this down for future advances.
It is also discovered that Rei’s father was killed during a pirate attack. Rei hates pirates.

Pilot Episode: Welcome to Eisenkrone
Pilot, Eisenkrone, Lloyd Wilder, Cecil Darashia

Pilot Episode: Welcome to Eisenkrone

Day one
Cecil Darashia enrolls at Eisenkrone academy.
Meets Mashiro, another first grader and they quickly become friends.
Mashiro shows Cecil around school.
While touring the school, the two meet Mashiro’s boyfriend, Tokugawa Kain.
Kain introduces Cecil to his fist and crashes Cecil through a window and holds him out there dangling
Cecil makes a snarky remark, Mashiro stops Kain right before dropping Cecil out the window and pulls Kain away.
Lloyd Wilder runs up to Cecil in an attempt to help.
Lloyd and Cecil become friends.
Lloyd guides Cecil to Anton Fried, the Janitor where he can enroll to Eisenkrone proper.
Lloyd asks which club Cecil belongs to and informs him that all students are required to join one.
Cecil doesn’t have any particular plans so Lloyd suggests the Military History club, which he had just recently been recruited to by Ryoko. Cecil agrees.
Ryoko introduces herself on the way there by assassinating Lloyd using a crayon.
Ryoko follow the two to meet the rest of the members, The club president, Luke von Lothringen and André the eccentric archeologist.
It is decided that Lloyd and Cecil are to become roommates.

Day 2 – first school day.
Lloyd wakes up after having horrible nightmares. Cecil also wakes up by Lloyds horrible nightmares.
Cecil reveals that he is a mindbender. Lloyd is shocked and appalled due to mindbenders are known to being horrible bad guys. Then quickly decides that that is probably not true.
Principal holds a welcoming speech. Nods knowingly towards Cecil. Cecil is unable to read or even feel the Principal’s mind.
Lloyd goes out accompanying Ryoko to cheer her on in her assassin homework.
Ryoko is assassinated by Anita by use of a big bucket of red paint. Effectively ruining her assassin uniform.
Due to school policy of only allowing students to leave the school during weekends, Ryoko would end up having to wait a long time before getting a chance to buy a new uniform.
Lloyd realizes that this was clearly an accident on Anita’s part, but is still sad for Ryoko.
André promises to help Ryoko buy a new suit next time he sneaks out of school, something he pointedly does regularly.
André suggests bringing down terrible vengeance upon Anita.
Lloyd points out that this is clearly all a misunderstanding and that they should focus on becoming closer friends instead.
Awkward silence ensues.

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