Yuri Hashima

Nipponese seductress. Loving mother.


Yuri Hashima is Rei‘s mother. Much like her daughter, she is interested in the stronger sex, although her tastes are a bit more diverse than Rei’s.

Yuri’s husband was killed in a pirate attack on the Hashima islands off the Nipponese coast. She has been trying to provide for her daughter ever since, but the raids on the Hashima islands have left her more or less destitute.

She knew Naimitsu Yonaguni when they were teenagers, but was swept away for “special training” by the Akatsuki. A former member of an Empire-spanning conspiracy of extremely dangerous ninja, Yuri Hashima has considerable skills but also very dangerous enemies, as she abandoned the Akatsuki to start a family of her own.


Yuri Hashima

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