Viktor Waltrau

The ultimate swordsman! (in training)


Viktor was a young Teutonian boy with a lot of zest and energy. He has journeyed to Eisenkrone Academy to become the ultimate swordsman , and seemed to have little goals or aspirations beyond this.

His simple facade was all a ruse, however. His true identity was Viktor Kushieda, a half-Nipponese Mindbender of incredible power. He had come to Eisenkrone to seek out the Empress, to extract information from her mind that he planned to trade for his family’s freedom. Viktor revealed to Cecil that the Kushieda family still exists, but that they’re – at least as far as he knows – enslaved by the Akatsuki ninja.

Viktor’s plan failed due to Lloyd’s and Cecil’s intervention, and his true identity was revealed.

His Storm Powers revolve around erasing memories, at which he is extremely adept – capable even of erasing the memory of his presence in others in real-time, rendering him almost invisible.


Viktor Waltrau

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