Rei Hashima

The Invisible Hand


Rei is a telekinetic girl with a traumatic past. She nurtured a very long, very unhealthy obsession with Lloyd.

She immediately began obsessing over him, and her love for him and her dislike for everyone else who got close to him (especially other girls) drove her closer and closer to passing the Moral Event Horizon. Along with the stress and panic around the time of The School Riot, Rei’s sense of moral broke down completely and she did several things that were arguably unforgivable. After reaching that point and some heart to heart talk with Cecil Darashia, Rei has finally begun the long and shaky path to the side of good (and hopefully sanity).

Rei’s past is tragic. Her home on the Hashima Islands was destroyed by pirates, who killed her father. Her mother supported her through various shady means, best left unspoken, before enrolling her in Eisenkrone, far from their political enemies in Nipponia. The tragedy left Rei unstable, and unable to form healthy emotional bonds.

Rei is a highly accomplished telekineticist, possibly the best in Eisenkrone. Her telekinesis is her primary weapon, as well as her primary mode of transportation.


Rei Hashima

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