Professor Conrad Gottlieb

Old soldier, tired of fighting.


Professor Conrad Gottlieb, formerly General Gottlieb, is a grizzled old warrior with one eye. He teaches Weapon Mastery and Strategy.

Gottlieb was recruited as a soldier at a young age in the early days of the War, and it occupied most of his life. His family lived in Rhein Valley, and his brother served as mayor there. When the war ended in the climactic Battle of Rhein Valley, Gottlieb saw his brother killed and his nephew Linus maimed by Sidney Morrigan.

Gottlieb has a strong dislike for the “youth brigades” and the idea of teenagers serving in war. He made an oath to his friend and companion, General Leo von Rhein, that once the war was over they would no longer be soldiers. After Sidney Morrigan killed Leo near the end of the war, Gottlieb made good on the promise and retired to Eisenkrone. He’s adamant about being a Professor now, and does his best to leave the old life behind.

Gottlieb is hailed by most Teutonians as a war hero, as he turned the tide of the Battle of Rhein Valley. He’s quite possibly the most skilled warrior in the Empire.


Professor Conrad Gottlieb

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