Naimitsu Yonaguni

Ninja. Bodyguard. Mother of two.


Naimitsu is the mother of Ryoko and Haruhi Yonaguni. She is a skilled ninja and bodyguard to Akane, the Empress – a great honor that she aspired to as a young woman. Her two daughters attend Eisenkrone, and since Akane’s transfer to the school, Naimitsu now watches over them from the shadows.

Lloyd rescued Naimitsu from a trap arranged by Captain Niedermayer in Lothringen, in which Naimitsu was incapacitated as a dragon attacked. Since then, the two have grown close. Naimitsu is currently Lloyd’s teacher in the ninja arts, as well as in self-control and self-awareness, to better improve his Sturmmeister abilities.


Naimitsu Yonaguni

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