Mikhail Robovich

Rumormongering pervert


Mikhail Robovich is a rumormongering pervert and journalist from the Russian steppes.

Mikhail ran the school newspaper, the Eisenkrone Weekly, with virtually no journalistic integrity, publishing any piece of gossip he heard. He used to be censored and have his content dictated by Prince Heinrich, but later just printed pretty much whatever he wanted.

Mikhail is notoriously perverted and constantly chasing after girls. He’s currently involved in a shaky relationship with Rei Hashima, which revealed that he’s got no actual idea of what to do with a girl, however.

Mikhail left the newspaper after the previous editor, Dieter von B├╝low, returned from his exchange year in Elsinore. He’s currently a member of the Arts Club, as well as the Assassins Club.


Mikhail Robovich

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