Mashiro Kyoka

Sweet, innocent girl. Part-time Angel of the Apocalypse.


Mashiro was Cecil’s girlfriend, and the former girlfriend of Kain. She is a Tenshin, though with difficulties controlling her abilities.

She is a scion of Clan Kyoka, who manipulates shadows. She has not inherited this ability, instead possessing the rare Tenshin power most often associated with Nipponese Christians. She was disowned by her father due to a combination of this outlawed power and her relationship with Cecil, of which he strongly disapproved. She later received brutal but highly effective martial arts training from Thelma at the Boarding School for Extraordinary Girls.

Mashiro was very badly injured by one of Commander Hoffmeister’s soldiers in Lothringen during the siege on the Boarding School for Extraordinary Girls. She spent a few weeks in a wheelchair before she recovered, much stronger than before.



Mashiro Kyoka

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