Heidi Kraus

Mistress of disguise.


Heidi Kraus is an assassin originating in Durmstrang. She was “the girl who got away”, who was adopted by a noble family and escaped her life of crime and killing for the Durmstrang bosses. For many years, she was cared for by the von Blankhausen family, before she was recruited by the von Richthofens as their personal spy and killer.

Heidi claims the von Richthofens eventually asked her to assassinate the Kaiser, and she refused. Knowing that they would never let her live, she escaped and hid in Ritterburg. She made contact with Anita von Blankhausen, and helped her spy on her political enemies, before disappearing back into the shadows…

The von Richthofens are still looking for Heidi, and have done their best to press the Ritterburg authorities to find her. Heidi has abandoned killing now, and gets by as a spy and blackmailer.


Heidi Kraus

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