Cecil Darashia

Mind bending lancer


Body: 8
Mind: 9
Soul: 5

220 pts

Health 65
Energy Points 15
Shock value 13(23 with Fighting trousers)

Initiative: 10

ACV: 12, Damage: 42
Martial Arts:
ACV: 12, Damage: 17 + 20 Psychic Stun Damage
Butler Bolt:
ACV: 11, Damage: 31
Melee Defense, Dodge: 12, parry: 10
Ranged Defense: 10


Mind Bending:
Telepathy(Reflexive 3, Range 4, Target 4): 6/35
Telekenisis: 2/16
Illusion(Extra senses 2, range 2, Multiple target 1): 4/13
Sensory Block(Sight, Target 1, Range 1): 1/4
6th Sense(Minds, Powers, Area 2): 2/6
Mind Shield: 6/12
Exorcism(Mind Control): 2/4
Psychic Defense(Defense 2): 2/10
Unknown Powers(Kushieda Kage): 10/10

110 pts

Jumping: 4/8
Land Speed: 2/4
Special Movements(Fastx2, cat like, wall bouncing, balance): 5/10
Special Defense(Pain): 1/2
Resistance: 3/6
Energy Bonus 1/2
Divine Relationship(Mind): 1/2

32 pts

Combat Technique:
Leap Attack: 1/2
Lightening Reflexes: 1/2
Smasher 1/2
War Dancer 1/2
Last Ditch Effort 1/2

10 pts

Feature: 5/5 (Eidetic Memory, Lightning Calculator, Speed Reading, Mind Clock, Hard Knot LIfe)

5 pts

Attack Combat Mastery 4/40
Melee attack(Lance): 1/3
Melee attack(Unarmed): 1/3
Defense Combat Mastery: 3/30
Melee Defense(Dodge): 2/6
Extra Defense: 1/5
Natural Armour(Dodging): 1/2

89 pts

Gungan Lance(Accuracy 1, Massive damage 1, envorimental(Storm) -4, dependent(lance) -1): 1/(7)2
Lance(Reach, penetrating 1): 6/7
Light Armour(4 armour): 4/4
Unarmed Weapon: 1/2
Psychic Fist(Linking(Unarmed Weapon), Stun, Shocking, Psychic, Deplete 1): 4/15
Trousers(Hard Boiled 1, Butler Bolt(Range 2, weapon 4, Deplete 1) 9, Intimidation 2, Must be Shirtless -1): 1/(14)7

22 pts


Storm Lore(Theoretical): 4/12
History(Nipponese History): 3/3
Latin(Reading): 1/1
Nipponese: 3/3
Writing(Academic): 3/6
Sports(Running): 1/1
Politics(): 2/2
ReligiousStudies(): 3/3
Law(Eisenkrone) 1/1

28 pts

Acrobatics(Jumping): 5/10
Freefall: 6/6
Poisons(Toxicology): 5/5
Biology(Flora): 1/1
Empathy(Reading): 1/1
Etiquette(Butlery): 3/3
Domestic Arts(Butlery): 1/1
Integrity(Friends): 2/6
Intimidation(Violence): 3/6
Deception(Protecting Others): 3/6
Streetsmart(Durmstrang): 4/4
Psychology(Psychosenes) 1/1
Persuasion(Teenage Girls): 3/6
Gaming(Gambling): 2/2
Administration(Sorting): 2/2
Architecture(): 1/1
Medical(Theoretical): 2/4
Litterature(): 1/1
Foreign Culture(): 1/2
Mechanics(Theoretical): 1/2
Math(): 4/4
Stealth(Hide persona) 1/2
Biology(Flora) 1/1
Forgary 1/1
Science(Math) 1/1

71 pts


Phobia(Fire): 2/-2
Less Capable:
Strength: 2/-2
Charisma: 1/-1
Innocence: 1/-2
Horrible Chef 1/-1
Girl Magnet 1/-1

-9 pts

Exp: 622
Unspent: 9

Currency: 25 Marks


Cecil Darashia born 1632, x date x month. Father Kira Cid Darashia, a skilled botanist, and alchemist. Mother Kushieda Terra, of the Kushieda blood line, a blood line of powerful mindbenders. Cecil also has an older brother, Kushieda Kage.

Cecil lived peacefully in the village X, until the year he turned 4. A group of raiders attacked the village, because Cid refused to help their side of the island deal with the poisoned land. They burnt the village down. Terra and Cid ran to their house where Kage and Cecil where, Kage was covering Cecil, using his, yet immature, mind bending powers to down their foes. The house went in flames around them. Cecil, shocked and scared, couldn’t even move. Kage had drag Cecil out of the house, to keep him alive. At which point they saw their parents being killed before their eyes. The village was a living inferno. The raiders where closing in on Kage and Cecil. Kage stood in front of Cecil as shield, Cecil was unmoving, too shocked to even feel. Right as the raiders was about to strike, someone interfered. A lancer jumped in, slaying the raiders before Kage and Cecil.

The lancer brought the two kids out of town. The lancer, how ever, was mortally wounded. Cecil lost consciousness upon arrival. When he woke up, the lancer was nearing death, and Kage was nowhere to be seen. The lancer hands his lance to Cecil, and tells him: “Chikara wa tada chikara desu…”. Meaning, power is only power. Cecil embraced the lance, and and stumbles towards the town. For the years to come all of these Cecil will have buried these memories deep inside, only to haunt his dreams.

He boarded a ship, as a stowaway, towards Teutonia. Where he made his way to Durmstrang. Here Cecil grew up, on the street. Being picked up by Boss Renner, Cecil became one of his right hand men. Cecil was as of yet only a very weak mind bender, but in terms of his skills with a lance he excelled quickly. His mind bending powers were awakening, and his fighting skills were developing. Cecil was often used as extra muscle, both for his fighting abilities, but also for his ability to anticipate where the enemy might attack from… He was not always right, he was no tactician, however he was very clever and quick thinking.

Cecil spent most of his off-time alone, while playing cards and the likes (ehum—gambling) had caught his interest, he was often dismissed due to his mind bending powers. One day he met a young girl, whose name Cecil had forgotten until recently. Her name was Cassandra. She was also an orphan, like Cecil, or so she believed at least. Cecil was surprised over how kindhearted she was, even in a place like Durmstrang. She was often beat up, or yelled at for her outlandish ways, but Cecil protected her more then once. She became Cecils first friend.

Some years passed since their meeting, when Cecil got his first assassination assignment… This was the “graduation”, in some ways, he would become a fully fledged member of Boss Renners group, but he did not revel in the opportunity. Cecil had seen what kindness was, and was not so willing to kill as he once had been. Even less so when he found out who the target was. He had been told that she was the daughter of a rival mobster, but when he got there… He was face-to-face with Cassandra. Cecil felt his entire being work against him. His job was to kill her, he knew that, but he also knew that he couldn’t. As he hesitated to act, the thugs who where with him killed Cassandra. Cecil blanked out… There was so much pain, anger, and confusion that he simply shut down and killed the men…

Having killed some of Renners most trusted, Cecil was forced to leave. Cecil wandered for some time and had reached a village nearer to the heart of Tuetonia, where a pudgy old skandian man walked up to him. Professor Anderson had found Cecil, and was under orders to bring him to Eisenkrone.

Military History Club:

To Cecil, Lloyd is family. While Lloyd can be blind at times, and miss the obvious, he’s still the most open eyed person Cecil knows. Cecil knows that Lloyd is what the world needs, and will protect him in what ever way needed.

Mashiro used to mean the world to Cecil, the only person who could make Cecil hesitate whether or not to help Lloyd or her. Now Cecil is unsure, perhaps starting to realize that “feelings” in general is something that he knows nothing about has made him doubt his previously steadfast notion of how he felt about people.

The leader of the military history club, if only on paper. Cecil holds Luke in a very high esteem, being someone below him as far as pure intelligence goes, how ever always managed to one up him as far as actual knowledge goes. Cecil respects Luke, and, much like any other Military History member, would do almost anything for him.

The enigma himself. As Cecil would put it: “I can read a 100 minds, a 100 times, and nothing surprises me… But André is always an Enigma, whether in, or outside of his mind.”. Cecil is so used to reading people, even if he means not to, that he is seldom surprised about what people say and do, he acts as much, because it’s expected of him. André how ever, is always an enigma, which intrigues him greatly.

To some degree, Cecil views Rei as his sister. Not only do they connect on several key points in their pasts, but they are both also accomplished mind benders.

Ryoko borders on the same as Lloyd, dimwitted and ignorant. But Cecil respects her a lot, for her ability to always put a smile on everyone around her, with her goofiness.

Ryu is very simple minded, how every a very trustworthy and loyal person.

A very polite girl, not as dimwitted, but still very ignorant at times, as Lloyd and Ryoko. She is very smart and knowledgeable. Even for Cecil, she is hard to understand at times. But, as far as Cecils butlery goes, you’d have to look hard and long, for a better master.

There are not words to describe how odd Cecil finds Nina. Well, “A female Lloyd”, comes close. She is brutal and reckless, but she is also someone you can count on in a pinch. She will never run away from a friend in need, much like the rest in this club.

Prof Anderson:
The teacher that Cecil respects the most, and someone he reveres as a powerhouse, as far as mental prowess goes. Cecil trusts Anderson without a doubt.

Hildegard Kreutz:
Cecil’s esteemed master of the lance, and combat. Hildegard is very militaristic, and her attention to detail, and preciseness, is something that Cecil, as a lancer, can relate to. Hildegard is the only person whom Cecil feels safe sparring with. Due to her defense, even if he hit her… She would be fine.

Sister Margarethe:
The ignorant religion teacher, who wants to study the “only” religion, whilst Cecil has an equal interest in all of them, and often gets flack for it. Cecil respects people who are ignorant, because they don’t know better. However people who are ignorant by choice are something he loathes greatly.

Flamboyant Nipponese teacher. An odd fellow, but intriguing and unpredictable. Two things that Cecil finds most interesting, as his mental abilities rarely allow for unpredictability.

The Principle:
And impressive old man, to say the least. Very dedicated. Aside from respecting. Ceci also cannot read the principles mind, at all, or even see that there is a mind. Cecil has a hard time trusting people whom he cannot read. However, he knows that the principles research is considered very dangerous, so he accepts it.

Prof Zweibrücken:
A hateful woman. Cecil just seems to not agree with anything this mind bender says, or does. One of few people who has broken into Cecils mind, without his consent. Her teaching style is something Cecil cannot approve of. Favouring the students of high birth. Not to mention that most of the topic of politics is completely uninteresting to Cecil.

Prof Gottlieb:
The highly respected weapons master. Physical attributes aside, Gottlieb is an impressive powerhouse. Gottlieb has a lot of experience to give, and Cecil respects him enough to force himself to only listen with his physical ears. While Gottlieb is militaristic he has left that path behind, to focus on teaching youth to not die an early death.

Prof Schröder:
Pudgy history teacher. A man of great knowledge, not the wittiest of men but Cecil respects him heavily, as Schröder is a man who is interested in all history, from all over the world. He is very Teutonian, but still not ignorant to the rest of the world. Prof Schröder also has the interesting ability allow spirits of the past inhabit his conscience. While Cecil’s experience with Hoeffmeister differs somewhat, Schröder seemed to find some solace in that someone understood what he goes through… If only a little bit.

Mrs Messerschmidt:
Brutal doesn’t begin to describe this woman, nor does the word kind. Being Ninas mother, Cecil would expect no less. Aside from the fact that she is great at cooking! The food in the cafeteria has improved greatly, since Mrs Messerschmidt took over as lunch lady, much Cecils approval.

Student Council:

Kain changed greatly after his time in prison. Cecil now finds him more annoying then a threat. Still, Cecil does find it to be an improvement that he no longer has to fear this brute.

The Prince:
The prince set Cecil on fire the one time, something to never be forgotten nor forgiven. But… The prince has shown to be a somewhat reasonable person. However, now that his father has passed and he has been taken to the capitol to lead… Cecil dreads to think what will happen.

Aurora is Cecils friend, though they don’t often speak, and they have few things incommon… Cecil still helps Aurora out whenever and however he can. It annoys Cecil how ignorant Aurora seems to be when it comes to Nina… She tries, but she never really seems to understand.

Mashiro’s older brother. And heir to the Kyoka Kage-No-Jutsu. Cecil and Shigura started off on a rocky path, one trying to kill the other respectively. They were close to burying the hatchet completely when Shigure returned to Nipponia. And now after everything that has happened, Cecil would hate to meet Mashiro’s deadly older brother.

Misc. Students:
Amanda Edelweiss:
Amanda and Kage dating… Something that Cecil has yet to be able to wrap his head around. While he is somewhat sure that Amanda went to Kage for the wrong reason, the two seems to genuinely like one another. While Cecil worries for Amanda due to her visits in Durmstrang, he trusts that Kage would keep her… Reasonable safe.

Sanchez Fury:
Sanchez Fury… Not much can be said about him, aside from that he is strong and loyal… And a very good tackler. He also seems to protect a certain wall. I wonder what—FUUUURY! Oh, never mind.

A senior mind bender. Not very naturally skilled, like Cecil, but he has trained well. And attends the senior classes, even though he is still not a last year student. Cecil respects Reginald greatly, both as a person and as a mind bender. He would even consider him a friend, even.

Amatsukami Akane:
Akane is one of those odd cases that Cecil never quite understands. Her demeanor and attitude says that she doesn’t care, but sometimes she seems to care more then her share. The way she acts, especially recently, makes Cecil often forget that she’s the Empress of an entire nation.

Gloria von Rosen:
Cecil hates her kind… Nobles who prance around thinking they are better then absolutely every other person who isn’t ranked higher then them (and even then…). But Cecil has slowly warmed up to Gloria, at least as a fellow Eizenkrone student. However, Cecil caught a glimt of Gloria’s past during the storm they were sent out to experience. This made Cecil understand Gloria somewhat, and relate to her.

Cecil Darashia

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