Anita von Blankhausen

Head of the assassin's club and former Queen Bitch


Head of the Assassin’s club, and former girlfriend of the Prince, Anita von Blankhausen is a powerful, influential and well-connected woman with a trio of the most powerful Storm Maids at her disposal. She used to be a terrible bully, but Lloyd and Cecil taught her the value of friendship.

Early during Parsifal’s run for Student Council President, she was deposed as leader of the Assassins by Yvain the Dangerous, and has since been scheming her revenge.

The von Blankhausen family is famous for its philanthropy and Anita’s maids – as well as many of the family’s servants and connections – were once orphans, given stable employment in the von Blankhausen estates. They recently added Grimwald to their holdings, after the death of Count Johann Adlergriff.


Anita von Blankhausen

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