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OVA: The Nipponia Arc Episode 2: Meeting the Family

As Highwind anchored, they politely handed the pirates over to the border guard while going through customs. Leaving the confused guards and pirates behind them, they headed for the exit. However, no sooner had they left customs before they were ambushed! Smoke erupted from where they stood, obscuring their vision. An eerie squeaking and honking sound filled the air, until suddenly the assailant was upon them! A middle aged Nipponese man, covered in intimidating face paint leapt at the crew, effortlessly weaving past the group, heading straight for Ryoko! The man deftly picked her up and gave her a big hug as he welcomed her home. Then he turned to the others and introduced himself, Genki Yonaguni, Ryoko’s father.

After a short series of introductions, a welcome speech and a few sneak attacks with custard pies and water sprinklers, Genki began herding the group back to their home. It quickly became clear that Genki credited himself as somewhat of a prankster, Lloyd very much enjoyed Genki’s effort in making them all laugh, while Cecil was less enthused, especially with his still aching foot.

They soon arrived at the Yonaguni house, a plain but spacious wooden house built in traditional Nipponese style. It was quite beautiful and homely in the Nipponese winter landscape. They were all excited about settling in, but no sooner had they entered the house before they were ambushed! Lloyd, having gotten somewhat used to Nipponese customs at this point was therefore not too worried when a small, child sized comet charged towards him. It slammed in to him, and with incredible dexterity vaulted up and around him, settling in on top of his shoulders. As the shock dissipated somewhat, Ryoko introduced her little sister Haruhi with a sigh. Haruhi was 7 years old and couldn’t speak any Teutonian yet, but quickly learned to pronounce her new playmate “Roido”’s name and demanded to have him play horsie with her through the many trips and pitfalls in the house. With a loud neigh, Lloyd happily obliged.

An awkward moment followed, until finally Cecil broke the silence, asking about room and where they would be staying. And so the group began settling in. Cecil and Mashiro’s room were placed close to each other and Lloyd close to the bouncy castle death trap, all for their, or in Lloyd’s case Haruhi’s convenience. It became evening, and Genki and Lloyd prepared food. As they ate Genki apologetically explains that Ryoko’s mother, Naimitsu can’t join them due to her assignment as The Scarlet Empress’ bodyguard. He had a proud, but sad tone in his voice, apparently Naimitsu had been away for a long time.

He went on to tell them about a concerning rumor from the nearby town. Apparently a Yuki Onna, a Japanese ice beast, often resembling beautiful human women, had been seen near town. As far as he knew, the monster had yet to attack anyone, but the people were worried that it was only a matter of time. Both The Tokugawa and the Kyoka whose job it was to protect this area were busy apparently consolidating their forces.

The group’s cheer was somewhat dampened by this, and so they decided to visit the town when they got a chance. For now though, the all went to bed. All except Cecil and Mashiro, who stayed up long in to the night, talking about what happened on the trip there, about Mashiro’s transformation and what it meant for her to finally awaken her storm powers, for good and ill. But eventually they too fall asleep.

Lloyd was woken up the next day by being pretend-killed by Haruhi. It became increasingly apparent that Haruhi was incredibly talented for her age, even out classing her older sister in several fields when it came to being a ninja. He went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast and was soon joined by the others. They had barely begun eating until a desperate cry came from outside, Lloyd and Cecil, both still on edge after the story about the Yuki onna rushed outside. There they found Rei trudging through the snow, calling for Lloyd.

They went to meet her and just as Rei finally got close to him, she was hurriedly brushed aside by a tall, voluptuous woman. With a sensuous purr, she quickly pressed Lloyd tightly to herself, explaining how she had heard sooooo much about him from her daughter. At first Lloyd was strangely calm, remembering what he had learned about the Nipponese and their seeming fondness for surprise attacks, but as he realized where she was holding his head, he panicked, vigorously trying to free himself, frantically apologizing throughout. Again the woman, let out a soft purr and held him tighter. Eventually Cecil and a furious Rei managed to free him. With Eyes Like Daggers, glared at the woman and introduced her, Yuri Hashima. Her mother.


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