Eisenkrone Academy

Episode18: The Noh Mask

Lloyd and Cecil continued their hunt in the forest and eventually found a new set of footprints. They were clawed and looked somewhat bird-like. As they followed the tracks up a steep hill, a raptor-like beast charged right at them, and a new battle ensued. Lloyd’s balance allowed him to fight despite the steep angle while Cecil handled it by resorting to his normal tactics of leaping in to the air and striking from above. However, after having done this a few times, the bottle that was barely containing the storm bear broke due to the impact. While Cecil fought off the raptor, Lloyd once again tried to pacify it by riding it in. They are eventually both successful with Cecil capturing the raptor and Lloyd hoisting Cecil up on the bear and they both rode off in to the sunset, back towards Eisenkrone.

Once outside the forest, they joined up with the rest of the class.
Mashiro and Gunther unfortunately barely got any points due to Gunther’s poor performance. Alice and Rei managed to capture a huge amount of very weak beasts, thanks to Alice’s natural ability to call on woodland critters with her singing. And thanks to Rei’s ability to shove said small fluffy animals in to small confined containers.
Sanchez and Jacob successfully managed to capture a fair amount of storm beasts during their own adventures.

Lloyd and Cecil tied with Sanchez and Jacob for first place due to them crediting Sanchez and Jacob for capturing the bear as well, despite Sanchez’s objections. Their friendship strengthening in the process.

When the two returned to the clubhouse, they found that André and Luke had been busy preparing a shortcut to the old clubroom. Using Andre’s pathfinding powers, they could now access the clubroom through a special tunnel by sitting down in a pair of chairs and using the password “Let’s Get Dangerous”.

The club began exploring the old club area for real, realizing that it is far larger than they originally thought. They found a well-stocked library, training equipment from all over the world, and perhaps most importantly, sleeping quarters with actual beds and not just slabs of rock. They were all excited by this.

As they continued to explore, Lloyd and Cecil heard light footsteps across the floor, following the sound, they opened up a door, finding themselves face to face with a person wearing an expressionless, white Noh-mask, matching the one Cecil received in the mail. The stranger immediately lunged at Lloyd with a furious snarl, clawing for his throat until Cecil was able to pry the mask off of the attacker. It turned out to be Amanda. She immediately slumped down unconscious as soon as she was freed from the mask.

Cecil rushed off with Amanda to Professor Ryder to makes sure she was ok. After which he returned to his room to try and reach out to his brother to get some answers on what was going on. Kage answered the call and they meet up within the same mindscape as last time: the flaming ruins of their old home. Kage explained that he sent Cecil the noh masks to help him. He knew about the bullying and abuse Ceil had to go through, and the noh mask could make it all stop. The first one, the one he sent Cecil would allow Cecil to control the person wearing the other one. Kage had been able to use Cecil as a beacon and control students throughout Eisenkrone to gather information, switching from one host to another, explaining the unconscious students that were found in the hallways.

Containing his anger, Cecil pressed on, asking why Kage had Amanda attack Lloyd. Kage explained that Lloyd was a bad influence on Cecil, that he weakened and confused him. He warned him that he shouldn’t trust him, that he shouldn’t trust anyone who isn’t family. Once again he urged Cecil to leave Eisenkrone, to go back to Durmstrang and be with his family. Cecil resolutely declared that Lloyd and his other friends at school are his family, that Lloyd is more of a brother to him than Kage and that he wanted nothing more to do with him, as he moved to cut off the mental tie that bound the two. A profound fear and sadness settled over Kage and he begged Cecil to reconsider, begged him not to abandon him. Cecil didn’t want to lose is only living relative either, so made Kage promise to not hurt his friends. With that the two started over from scratch, trying and get to know one other.


Riklurt Sydow

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