Eisenkrone Academy

Episode16: The Storm’Beast Hunt

Lloyd and Cecil runs out in to the forest. Cecil hasn’t spent much time in forest terrain so leaves the tracking to Lloyd. Fairly soon they come up on a strange dog-like beast who fights using bites and nerv-chilling howls. However, they soon defeat it and move on. The come upon what seems to be a storm-bear cave. They consider challenging the bear, but then they hear a girlish scream. It’s Gunther, meaning Mashiro is in danger. They dash towards them.

Gunther is getting his behind thoroughly thrashed by tiny monkeys. Cecil jumps up to save Mashiro and Lloyd’s grabs a vine and swashbuckles to save Gunther. A battle of the ages ensues. Finally, the monkey leader, who was dual wielding a knife in one hand and his severed tail in the other, goes down, refusing to be captured and instead dies free.
The group begins to wind down and look over the wounded (ie: Gunther who got knocked out right at the start) , but they get no time to rest. This time it’s a deafening roar from the way they came, the Storm Bear has woken up and is not happy. Mashiro stays to protect the unconscious Gunther and Cecil and Lloyd runs off to see what’s going on. Apparently Jacob angered the Storm bear by going inside the cave and Sanchez is trying to protect him. Cecil and Sanchez charges in and attacks its lower body, and Lloyd jumps up on his back and tries to calm it down the only way he knows how. He begins whispering calming words and riding the bear in circles around the cave, teaching it to trot and canter. Meanwhile Jacob does something at the back of the cave.

Through their combined efforts and mental and physical attacks, Cecil eventually manages to capture it in to one of the bottles. Lloyd is uneasy about it holding though, since the bottles where not supposed to hold such powerful beasts. They all return to Mashiro where she’s set up camp. Jacob reveals that he’s brought a storm-bear cub with him. He names it Usagi, after his stuffed bear. Usagi wanders off a bit to Gunthers dropped backpack and licks up the liquid from a crushed container. Drinking what is revealed to be a love potion Gunther planned on using on Mashiro, Usagi evolves in to a Care Bear.
Before the group has time to recover from their surprise, there’s a sound from the bushes. Rei wanders off to Lloyd, relieved to finally have found him. Lloyd is happy to see her but wonders were Alice is. According to Rei, Alice got lost somewhere, but reassures Lloyd that there is no need to worry.

Lloyd immediately worries and wants to go out and find her. After a short and heated mental argument, Cecil and Rei agree to split up in two new teams to search for her. Lloyd and Rei, and Cecil and Mashiro. Jacob, Sanchez and Usagi stays behind to rest and watch over Gunther.

Rei leads Lloyd in to the forest but Lloyd soon realize that Rei accidentally took him the wrong way, and not the way she was coming from. And to Rei’s dismay, Lloyd quickly finds the trail back to where Rei apparently left Alice. Only to find the place abandoned. They do however find two pair of tracks leading to a small lake.

To Lloyd’s shock and horror, it would seem that Alice, tired from the walking, decided to wash herself in the lake. Somewhat startled, Alice answers him, and reassures him that she is quite decent, still wearing a few layers of undergarments. Lloyd, still worried that it might not be quite as many layers as there should be continues to look away, until he hears Alice give out a shriek. Alice is under attack. By her own clothes no less.

Lloyd stands stunned and troubled as this is an opponent he cannot fight. He can’t raise his sword against the clothes without ripping the fabric of a lady’s clothes. But as he stands there in despair, seeing the clothes tearing at Alice’s remaining unmentionables, he realize that he needs to act. Using everything he learned from Principal von Krakow along with the know-how that comes from a true Britannian upbringing, he blows up a wind, tearing the rampaging clothes towards him where he eventually folds them neatly in to submission. It is then Lloyd spots the owner of the second pair of footsteps, a hooded man hiding in the trees.

He goes to run after him, but is stopped by a screaming Rei, calling out for Lloyd to save her from a flying sock. Seeing that Rei is clearly stronger than the small piece of fabric, he encourages her to fight back and instead heads out after the hooded and suspiciously Russian looking man, though he sadly lose track of him after a while, along with any hope of identifying Mikhail the culprit .

Meanwhile, Cecil and Mashiro have wandered off on their own…


Riklurt Sydow

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