Eisenkrone Academy

Episode15: At the Gala

Preparations are in full swing, and Cecil has to work hard to keep up.
While on an errand to the assassin’s quarter, he hears murmurs of plans for mischief during the Gala. Anita and the girls seems to want to punish Alice for going on a date with Lloyd. Cecil is concerned and decides that he must keep an eye on them.
Lloyd meanwhile, oblivious to any sinister plans leather pants-suits up. He borrows a Britannian suit from the Military History Club’s old wardrobe storage and goes to escort Alice.

They meet outside Alice’s room and with an unusually vigilant Cecil, and move on to the Gala. Once there, Lloyd and Alice are announced on entering, some shouts and muffled curses are heard from the female demographic. Anita welcomes them ever so warmly. Meanwhile, Cecil moves on to the back walls so he can keep an eye on everyone, including The Girls.
It does not take long before the game begins, the girls whispers between one another and Snowdrop is sent out, homing in on Alice. A desperate Cecil is forced to act before thinking, resulting in him grabbing on to Snowdrop and kissing her. Everyone is shocked and appalled, including Snowdrop. Alice and Lloyd tells him off. Snowdrop is horrified, telling him in no unclear fashion that his lips are not made for kissing girls.

Somewhat taken aback by this, Cecil only barely has time to stop Rose from serving Alice a toxic drink, only to turn to deal with Violet…This kept on for most of the evening, until after the dinner where Anita, as the hostess, thanked everyone for coming by playing a piece on her harp. She played beautifully, and everyone was engrossed in her performance, everyone except Cecil, who saw Anita readying herself for the kill. Just as Anita let her Harp bow sail towards an unsuspecting Alice, Cecil threw himself on top of Alice. Before Lloyd has time to reprimand Cecil for his clearly unsuitable behavior, he sees Anita’s harpoon looking Harp bow sticking out of Cecil. He quickly sweeps the table cloth from the table to try and stop the bleeding. Lloyd is still confused and has a lot to say about Cecil’s strange and uncouth behavior throughout the evening, but realizing that Cecil just saved Alice from a terrible accident that happened on Anita’s part, he decided to let it go for now. Anita, clearly irritated tells everyone that she is ever so sorry, and that her fingers slipped. Cecil, secure in the knowledge the he kept his mistress safe, gently falls in the comfortable embrace on unconsciousness.

A few days after his injuries at the Gala, Cecil and Mashiro has one of their many Nipponese-study sessions. Kain interrupts them and tells Mashiro to get away from Cecil. For once, Mashiro stands her ground and refuses to go along with what Kain says. Kain grows angry, telling her that she belongs to him and not to argue. The wounded Cecil talks back. Realizing that Cecil is still to wounded to go up against Kain, Mashiro steps in before Cecil gets a chance to defend her, and instead does so herself, breaking up with Kain on the spot. Kain looks at Cecil with murder in his eyes, but leaves angrily, calling Mashrio various unkind names. Cecil comforts the sad Mashiro, though is careful to control his feelings for her.

A few days pass and another field trip happens, this time it’s a competition in the nearby forest. The class is divided into pairs with the aim of collecting storm beasts by storing them in to storm-containing bottles. Points and grades are determined by how strong and how many beasts are collected, and the winners gets top marks. Each group is assigned a signal flare, using it will alert the teachers and get them to help you out of the forest, but also disqualify the group who used it.

Groups are:
Cecil and Lloyd (to Rei’s great disappointment)
Rei and Alice (again, to Rei’s great disappointment)
Sanchez and Jacob
Mashiro and Gunther

Alice is dressed in one of her normal frilly dresses, and Rei in heavy military gear. She looks at Lloyd with a determined and not entirely sane stare.
Gunther is greasing up on Mashiro hard after news has gotten around that she and Kain has broken up and Kain started spreading rumors about Mashiro being “easy”. He conspicuously pats his backpack knowingly.
The teacher fires his gun and the teams dash out in separate directions. The Storm’Beast Hunt has begun!


Riklurt Sydow

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