Eisenkrone Academy

Episode14: My Fair Commander

Even though the two train in their respective ways, classes continue as always, and requires no less attention.

Jacob eventually returns to class after staying in The Capitol for rehabilitating training from storm madness. He is for the most part himself, but there is something… off with him, and he seems unbalanced. And he is not the only one.

Alice is still noticeably shaken by the events at the festival. She is unable to properly concentrate on classes, instead constantly keeps her eyes open for would be assailants. The Tutonian military presence at the school is a constant reminder of what happened to her during the festival and Ralph’s and Cecil’s supply of smelling salt was running dry due to her increased fainting fits.

Lloyd and Cecil are worried. They agree that Hildegard needs to talk to her and explain that she and her men are not the enemy. Lloyd goes to talk to Alice in her room and Cecil goes to ask Hildegard to come along with him. Hildegard explains that she has tried talking with Alice previously, but without success. Lloyd listens to Alice talk about her worries and her fears about the military and how everything associated with them brings back all the memories of the festival. And on cue, Hildegards booming and authoritative voice brings the conversation short. Hildegard and Cecil enter the room and in true Tutonian military custom, Hildegard introduces her name, title and before getting to her purpose of wanting to apologize, Alice screams. Utterly terrified, she runs in to one of her other rooms. Ralph glaring daggers at Cecil, runs after her.

The room goes quiet. Lloyd, somewhat aghast points out, delicately but firmly, that it is not in good etiquette to barge in to a lady’s private chambers dressed in full plate mail and start shouting, especially considering the circumstances. Lloyd glares spoons (not nearly as sharp or painful as daggers, but still not entirely pleasant) at Cecil.
Hildegard is utterly confused and wonders how else one is supposed to talk to someone.
Lloyd takes it upon himself to teach her…

Bringing Hildegard with them to the Military History Club’s old dorm, Lloyd uses a spare chalkboard and begins teaching her. First with “Apologies 101” and slowly working on to more advanced maneuvers, such as back straitening chestplates and random bursts of musical showtunes. Finally, switching out in her armour for a dress, Hildegard was finally ready.

After both Lloyd and Cecil urged Alice to give the Commander one last chance, they formally introduced Alice and Hildegard. This time it worked. Alice didn’t show any sign of her old fear and the Commander could finally explain and apologize for what happened. After a nice, long talk, Alice had calmed down and had gotten determined to put what happened during the festival behind her.

Just in time, since Alice had been invited to the Assassin’s Quarter’s Gala’s and she had not been able to prepare for it at all. This being the first such gathering she’d been invited to since coming here, it would have been awfully rude not to show up. And as such, it would also be necessary for her to have a companion to introduce her to everyone. She asks Lloyd, and he agrees. Cecil is tasked for butler duty during the event and they begin preparing at once.

Lloyd and Hildegard excuse themselves and Lloyd escorts Hildegard to her quarters, while Cecil stays behind to help Alice make the arrangements. Hildegard immediately changes back to her armour, ignoring any and all comments from her men. Afterwards, Lloyd thanks her for her help and Hildegard brusquely states that Cecil owes her one for this. But Lloyd can’t help but notice that Hildegard had folded her new dress very carefully on her desk.
He ponders…
The following weekend, Lloyd, Cecil and Alice prepares for the Gala…


Riklurt Sydow

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