Eisenkrone Academy

Episode13: Special~u Training~u

The Lost Episodes

Due to a freak accident, no whole recordings remain of some of the following episodes, but thanks to the show’s strong fanbase, we’ve been able to recover most of what happened. But, due to some inconsistencies with their reports, there might be some mix ups, we apologize for this inconvenience.

A day or two after their return to Eisenkrone, the principal sends for Lloyd.
Lloyd eventually finds the principal’s office, a solid stone door, with impressive statues on either side. Somewhat nervously, he knocks on the solid stone mass, he hears the principal say something and the passage opens up.

The principal greets Lloyd and gives his condolences. He explains that he knows who and what Lloyd is and that he wishes to teach him how to control his powers, before they end up controlling him. He explains the Megamanius principle and what happened to Lloyd after killing the Jinn. All Storm beats, but most noticeably those strongly associated with one of the four elements have their powers stored within their heart. When striking such a beast’s heart, thus killing it, a Sturmmeister has the ability to draw upon that power, taking it as his own, storing it within his own heart. By striking down the Jinn, Lloyd now has the ability to bend wind to his will, and the principal is going to teach him how. Using his own ability, the principal borrows a small portion of Lloyd’s power and begins teaching Lloyd how to use wind to fling women’s underwear in to the air. A skill he assures him is vital to mastering his powers…

Not long after Lloyd has begun training with the principal, Hildegard calls for Cecil. Since she is to be stationed at the school for the time being, ensuring that there will be no more attacks against the school, she thought that it was time that she repaid her debt to Cecil for his assistance during the duel. She would teach Cecil to be a true Lancer. Weighing him down, first with weights, then with full heavy armour, she drilled stabs, parries and counters with him, the weight leaving him no room for unnecessary movements.
Their training continues and things slow down for a while though Cecil is still haunted at night by the strange dreams.


Riklurt Sydow

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