Eisenkrone Academy

OVA: The Nipponia Arc Episode 2: Meeting the Family

As Highwind anchored, they politely handed the pirates over to the border guard while going through customs. Leaving the confused guards and pirates behind them, they headed for the exit. However, no sooner had they left customs before they were ambushed! Smoke erupted from where they stood, obscuring their vision. An eerie squeaking and honking sound filled the air, until suddenly the assailant was upon them! A middle aged Nipponese man, covered in intimidating face paint leapt at the crew, effortlessly weaving past the group, heading straight for Ryoko! The man deftly picked her up and gave her a big hug as he welcomed her home. Then he turned to the others and introduced himself, Genki Yonaguni, Ryoko’s father.

After a short series of introductions, a welcome speech and a few sneak attacks with custard pies and water sprinklers, Genki began herding the group back to their home. It quickly became clear that Genki credited himself as somewhat of a prankster, Lloyd very much enjoyed Genki’s effort in making them all laugh, while Cecil was less enthused, especially with his still aching foot.

They soon arrived at the Yonaguni house, a plain but spacious wooden house built in traditional Nipponese style. It was quite beautiful and homely in the Nipponese winter landscape. They were all excited about settling in, but no sooner had they entered the house before they were ambushed! Lloyd, having gotten somewhat used to Nipponese customs at this point was therefore not too worried when a small, child sized comet charged towards him. It slammed in to him, and with incredible dexterity vaulted up and around him, settling in on top of his shoulders. As the shock dissipated somewhat, Ryoko introduced her little sister Haruhi with a sigh. Haruhi was 7 years old and couldn’t speak any Teutonian yet, but quickly learned to pronounce her new playmate “Roido”’s name and demanded to have him play horsie with her through the many trips and pitfalls in the house. With a loud neigh, Lloyd happily obliged.

An awkward moment followed, until finally Cecil broke the silence, asking about room and where they would be staying. And so the group began settling in. Cecil and Mashiro’s room were placed close to each other and Lloyd close to the bouncy castle death trap, all for their, or in Lloyd’s case Haruhi’s convenience. It became evening, and Genki and Lloyd prepared food. As they ate Genki apologetically explains that Ryoko’s mother, Naimitsu can’t join them due to her assignment as The Scarlet Empress’ bodyguard. He had a proud, but sad tone in his voice, apparently Naimitsu had been away for a long time.

He went on to tell them about a concerning rumor from the nearby town. Apparently a Yuki Onna, a Japanese ice beast, often resembling beautiful human women, had been seen near town. As far as he knew, the monster had yet to attack anyone, but the people were worried that it was only a matter of time. Both The Tokugawa and the Kyoka whose job it was to protect this area were busy apparently consolidating their forces.

The group’s cheer was somewhat dampened by this, and so they decided to visit the town when they got a chance. For now though, the all went to bed. All except Cecil and Mashiro, who stayed up long in to the night, talking about what happened on the trip there, about Mashiro’s transformation and what it meant for her to finally awaken her storm powers, for good and ill. But eventually they too fall asleep.

Lloyd was woken up the next day by being pretend-killed by Haruhi. It became increasingly apparent that Haruhi was incredibly talented for her age, even out classing her older sister in several fields when it came to being a ninja. He went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast and was soon joined by the others. They had barely begun eating until a desperate cry came from outside, Lloyd and Cecil, both still on edge after the story about the Yuki onna rushed outside. There they found Rei trudging through the snow, calling for Lloyd.

They went to meet her and just as Rei finally got close to him, she was hurriedly brushed aside by a tall, voluptuous woman. With a sensuous purr, she quickly pressed Lloyd tightly to herself, explaining how she had heard sooooo much about him from her daughter. At first Lloyd was strangely calm, remembering what he had learned about the Nipponese and their seeming fondness for surprise attacks, but as he realized where she was holding his head, he panicked, vigorously trying to free himself, frantically apologizing throughout. Again the woman, let out a soft purr and held him tighter. Eventually Cecil and a furious Rei managed to free him. With Eyes Like Daggers, glared at the woman and introduced her, Yuri Hashima. Her mother.

OVA: The Nipponia Arc Episode 2: Guardian Angel

While riding along in their storm coach, they all chat excitedly about the trip and their plans for the holiday. Cecil mentions how he wishes to visit the village of Midel. He and Luke had researched the old books in the clubroom and found out more about Cecil’s childhood. They learned that Midel must have been the place where he and Kage were born and that his mother, Terra, was part of the Kushieda clan, a now extinct clan of powerful mindbenders. He wants to return to his birthplace to settle his feelings and perhaps learn more about his past.

Lloyd meanwhile needed to find the mysterious Master Fei. Unfortunately, he had no idea how he would find his new teacher. Apparently all the information Fei had given the Principal on where to meet was the general area and the cryptic message of “When the student is ready, the master will appear”. Although this troubled Lloyd somewhat, he and the rest of the gang all agreed that the most important aspect of the holiday was to finally get some time to relax and have fun.

Little did they know that while they had all been speaking freely to one another, the coach driver (the same one who had taken Lloyd and Cecil to Dorfstadt) had been listening in on their conversation. And as the coach arrived at its destination, he quickly excused himself and unbeknownst to the others went to contact his fellow members of BLITZ what he had found out.

The group was far too busy to notice anything as they stood staring at the amazing airship waiting in front of them. ‘Highwind’, the famous Nipponese airship was a triumph of Nipponese and Teutonian engineering. The group eagerly boarded the ship and met the captain and his crew. Mere moments later, they ascended, heading straight for Nipponia.

The first hour flew by, but as the group began settling in, a cry came from the ship’s lookout. A ship was coming straight for them, hoisting a black flag…pirates. Immediately there was panic, the ship was a civilian vessel and not made for combat. They barely had time to react before the pirates were upon them, boarded the ship. It soon became clear that their enemy was Captain Peg Leg Pete, though thankfully not a trained stormknight himself, he had prospered thanks to only targeting civilian ships too weak to defend themselves. This time though, he had gotten more than he bargained for.

Cecil, motivated by his deep-seated hatred for pirates leapt between the two ships to engage the captain directly, furiously trying to pierce him with his lance. Meanwhile Lloyd, Mashiro, Ryoko and the rest of the crew fought to handle the boarding pirates. Though fierce and ruthless, it eventually became clear that they were not a true match against students of Eisenkrone. But as the battle began turning in their favor, tragedy struck. Cecil, who had been fighting the Captain and the few pirates who had remained, overextended. In his anger he had played in to Pete’s hands and as his crewmembers distracted him, the captain pulled out his flamepiece and shot Cecil at point blank range. Cecil leapt to avoid a lethal blow, taking the hit to his foot instead, but the impact was so great that he missed his landing and fell overboard… Lloyd immediately took a rope one of the pirates had used to board the ship and leapt to catch him, he caught Cecil’s hand, but due the pirate’s continuing attacks, Cecil lost his grip and fell towards the cloud and to his death.

Then a miracle happened. As she saw Cecil falling, Mashiro’s desperate need to save him awakened her storm powers. Without hesitating, she leapt off the ship after Cecil, and as she touched him, white wings sprang from her back and seemingly without effort, she caught Cecil in her arms and flew them back up as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Mashiro was an angel, a very rare storm power sometimes manifesting in those with a strong will to protect others. Relieved to see Cecil being safe, Lloyd swung himself up on the pirate’s ship and swashbuckled his way to Captain Pete. After Mashiro’s angelic powers had healed the worst part of Cecil’s wounds, he rejoined the fight and soon after the battle had been won. The Pirates were captured and taken in to holding and their ship toed behind Highwind.

Everyone gathered around Mashiro, happy and surprised, everyone except Mashiro. Of course she was happy to have been able to have save Cecil, but she explained that her family, especially her father, hated angels and their like, due to their chaotic nature. Thus her father hunted them whenever they were found. With the sobering realization that their stay in Nipponia might not be as carefree as they first thought, the clouds made way for water, and land. They had arrived!

OVA: The Nipponia Arc Episode 1: Holiday Planning

Winter finally arrived at Eisenkrone, and as classes began to ease down, there ended up being more time for Special~u Training~u!

Hildegard who was still stationed at the barracks outside of Eisenkrone continued her training sessions with Cecil and The principal continued to help Lloyd with his bending after he had recovered from the duel.

One common theme during Hildegard’s lessons with Cecil was to try and minimize any useless movements in Cecil’s very acrobatic style of fighting, and to prepare him for one day donning armor. On one such day, they moved their sessions on top of the barrack’s roof, where Cecil had to maintain his balance and movement while being strapped with wooden logs across his chest. The training progressed well until due to the icy surface of the roof, Cecil finally lost his balance, falling straight towards a large mound of snow!

However, thanks to her quick wit and even quicker reflexes, Hildegard managed to save Cecil from what could very well otherwise have ended up as a nasty case of the Nipponese cold, by pulling him up close to her. Mikhail, meanwhile saw this from afar and immediately got to work.

No sooner had Cecil’s training session ended before he began getting strange looks from his fellow students. As he entered the school building he saw why. Mikhail had printed large posters across the hallways of a drawing depicting Hildegard holding Cecil in a right embrace. To go along with the pictures were various headlines and questions along the lines of “Forbidden Love?” and “An Officer and a Gentlewoman”.

Cecil didn’t really care what people thought of him, and after notifying Hildegard of it, she found the notion too ridiculous to even get upset over. Someone who did care however was Mashiro. Due to Kain’s slander about her being “easy”, the fact that she and Cecil were dating was still a secret. So with the knowledge of Cecil being single and the already somewhat murky rumours of Cecil knowing Hildegard from his time in Durmstrang, the rumours caught on quite quickly.

Cecil had no trouble explaining what happened to Mashiro, but she still felt uneasy since she never really got to spend time with him as his girlfriend. Both Hildegard and Amanda got to spend far more alone time with him than she did… And so she asked Cecil what he was doing over the holiday. Cecil hadn’t thought much about it, he preferred not having to go back to Durmstrang and he wasn’t sure if he was allowed to stay at the school either.

Mashiro then suggested that he would come back to Nipponia with her. She knew how interested he was in Nipponese culture and that way, finally, they could be together without having to worry. Cecil readily agreed and they began making plans.

Lloyd meanwhile had made enough progress with his airbending that The Principal feared he didn’t have much left to teach him. For Lloyd to make further progress, he had to be taught by a real sturmmeister. He told Lloyd that he had made arrangements for him to travel to Nipponia and train under a mysterious sturmmeister from Hindusia named Master Fei, should Lloyd accept. Lloyd readily agreed, not really wanting to spend his winter holiday inside the empty house back in Dorfstadt.

Lloyd soon met up with Cecil and they were both amazed at the coincidence that they were both heading for Nipponia for their holiday. They spoke with Ryoko and she invited them all to spend the holiday at her place. They all happily agreed. Even Cecil and Mashiro, since Mashiro was hesitant to bringing Cecil to her parents place for some reason. Ryu sadly couldn’t join due to him already having made plans for the holiday but as soon as Rei heard that Lloyd was going, she immediately invited herself along instead. Unfortunately her mother had already arranged for her trip home, but she promised Lloyd that she would join him shortly. Lloyd was happy to see how eager Rei were to spend time with her friends.

Poor Amanda meanwhile invited Cecil soon afterwards to spend the holiday with her. After Cecil brought her to Ryder and thus saved her again, she had been far more open about her feelings towards Cecil and made very sure that the rumours about him and Hildegard and her own suspicions about him and Mashiro were untrue. So as to not hurt her, Cecil humored her for the most part while not saying either yes or no, until finally one day pointing out that he was going to Nipponia with Mashiro and the gang. He assured her that Mashiro was totally not his girlfriend and she was only paying for his trip there because she was his friend. Amanda was sad.

Everyone else however was happy, and soon the day came where they all gathered on the courtyard in front of Eisenkrone, with a storm coach ready. Off to a nice long relaxing holiday.

Episode19: The Prince and the Pauper

Things began to slow down at Eisenkrone. No one had time for doing much else than prepare for exams. Cecil and Luke tutored the other members and both Cecil and Lloyd ended up doing quite well. Cecil was however once again unfortunate due to his “belligerent” and “profane” questioning of the one true interpretation of Storm Jesus, and got very poor marks in Catholic studies. Similarly, despite answering most of the questions correctly, he got an unfairly low score in politics class. Lloyd meanwhile managed to get top marks in politics class, mainly due to him cheating. Normally this would of course be abhorrent to him, but when questioned about it by Professor von Zweibrücken, he explained that he thought he was supposed to. Since she repeatedly explained that politics is the art of controlling and gathering of information, so Lloyd assumed that was what he was supposed to be doing. Victoria accepted Lloyd’s explanation, complimenting his keen eye for politics. During her following exams she prepared further tests for Lloyd to further train his intelligence gathering ability.

Meanwhile, Anita’s ploy to befriend Ryoko to get to know Lloyd and learning about
“feelings”, resulted in unforeseen consequences. She actually started to like spending time with Ryoko and they slowly grew to become friends, one of Anita’s first friends who weren’t paid to be so.

One day when she, Ryoko, Cecil and Lloyd were spending time with one another, they were interrupted by Prince Heinrich. He casually insulted Ryoko like he and Anita used to, calling her pig girl and similarly hurtful things. Anita asked him to stop it and to leave Ryoko alone. Annoyed, The Prince tried to make Anita join him, but again she refused and told him to stop. As a response, The Prince slapped her hard across the face, sending her to the floor. An enraged Cecil immediately charged at him but The Prince sent him flying using a jet of fire. Cecil’s trauma of fire reignited and he screamed, clutching himself tightly. Slow, cold anger coursed through Lloyd. He knew that there was only one possible response for that sort of behavior. And so he challenged The Prince to a duel.

The two agreed on the time and place, and The Prince left. Ryoko and Anita desperately tried to talk Lloyd out of it, while Cecil calmly asked if he thought he could take him. Lloyd explained that he couldn’t, but that there were some fights you had to face despite that. The Prince had stepped on everything Lloyd believed in, so he had no choice but to stand up to it the only way he knew how.

The day of the duel soon arrived; The Prince had chosen the roof of the D towers, where spectators could watch his gallant victory. The Principal served as judge for the event and Cecil, as Lloyd’s second stood a bit behind Lloyd, as did Kain behind The Prince.

As the duel began it was immediately clear that The Prince was the superior fighter. He effortlessly danced away from Lloyd’s attacks while sweeping in to cut at Lloyd. Knowing that he couldn’t beat him, Lloyd focused on one single attack. He patiently waited and aimed until the Prince lowered his guard and just as The Prince was about to casually dodge away from the attack as usual, Lloyd channeled the wind through his sword, increasing his reach and cutting The Prince with the elements, scarring him across the cheek.

It was too subtle for the audience to see, but the Prince immediately understood who he was fighting. He took a few steps back, and asked Lloyd to join him, telling him that they didn’t need to fight one another. They were better than the others, they were rulers surrounded by mere subjects. Together they would rule the school like kings.

Lloyd sadly turned him down. That was not what it meant to be a ruler. Instead he once again lifted his sword, hoping to get the point across. Rage filled The Prince’s bloodied face, he lashed out to Lloyd in honest, hurling fire and ice, earth and wind at Lloyd, again and again until Lloyd fell limply to the ground. The Prince continued his attacks, and finally, he drove his sword in to him, driving the blade deep in to the stone itself. He then faced the audience to bask in the triumph of his victory.

An ice cold silence faced him, some forced cheers cried out but they too soon died down. As Cecil ran up to help Lloyd, Anita approached The Prince, dumping him publically, telling him she wanted nothing else to do with him. Furious The Prince left, turning only to glare daggers at the still unconscious Lloyd, swearing that it wasn’t over while clutching his cheek.

A few days after the duel, The Military History Club held another meeting; further investigation of the old clubroom had shown that the old club had worked to predict storms, even during the war. They had even sent warnings regarding the storm at Crystal, but none had listened. They decided that they too would do what they could to fight the storm and those who would abandon their duties as storm knights in favor of senseless warmongering.

But, before that, they had earned a rest from the endless fighting, drama and excitement that surrounded Eisenkrone. The semester was drawing to an end, and a long, peaceful holiday lay ahead of them.

Or was it?
Dum dum duuuuum

End of Season 1.

Episode18: The Noh Mask

Lloyd and Cecil continued their hunt in the forest and eventually found a new set of footprints. They were clawed and looked somewhat bird-like. As they followed the tracks up a steep hill, a raptor-like beast charged right at them, and a new battle ensued. Lloyd’s balance allowed him to fight despite the steep angle while Cecil handled it by resorting to his normal tactics of leaping in to the air and striking from above. However, after having done this a few times, the bottle that was barely containing the storm bear broke due to the impact. While Cecil fought off the raptor, Lloyd once again tried to pacify it by riding it in. They are eventually both successful with Cecil capturing the raptor and Lloyd hoisting Cecil up on the bear and they both rode off in to the sunset, back towards Eisenkrone.

Once outside the forest, they joined up with the rest of the class.
Mashiro and Gunther unfortunately barely got any points due to Gunther’s poor performance. Alice and Rei managed to capture a huge amount of very weak beasts, thanks to Alice’s natural ability to call on woodland critters with her singing. And thanks to Rei’s ability to shove said small fluffy animals in to small confined containers.
Sanchez and Jacob successfully managed to capture a fair amount of storm beasts during their own adventures.

Lloyd and Cecil tied with Sanchez and Jacob for first place due to them crediting Sanchez and Jacob for capturing the bear as well, despite Sanchez’s objections. Their friendship strengthening in the process.

When the two returned to the clubhouse, they found that André and Luke had been busy preparing a shortcut to the old clubroom. Using Andre’s pathfinding powers, they could now access the clubroom through a special tunnel by sitting down in a pair of chairs and using the password “Let’s Get Dangerous”.

The club began exploring the old club area for real, realizing that it is far larger than they originally thought. They found a well-stocked library, training equipment from all over the world, and perhaps most importantly, sleeping quarters with actual beds and not just slabs of rock. They were all excited by this.

As they continued to explore, Lloyd and Cecil heard light footsteps across the floor, following the sound, they opened up a door, finding themselves face to face with a person wearing an expressionless, white Noh-mask, matching the one Cecil received in the mail. The stranger immediately lunged at Lloyd with a furious snarl, clawing for his throat until Cecil was able to pry the mask off of the attacker. It turned out to be Amanda. She immediately slumped down unconscious as soon as she was freed from the mask.

Cecil rushed off with Amanda to Professor Ryder to makes sure she was ok. After which he returned to his room to try and reach out to his brother to get some answers on what was going on. Kage answered the call and they meet up within the same mindscape as last time: the flaming ruins of their old home. Kage explained that he sent Cecil the noh masks to help him. He knew about the bullying and abuse Ceil had to go through, and the noh mask could make it all stop. The first one, the one he sent Cecil would allow Cecil to control the person wearing the other one. Kage had been able to use Cecil as a beacon and control students throughout Eisenkrone to gather information, switching from one host to another, explaining the unconscious students that were found in the hallways.

Containing his anger, Cecil pressed on, asking why Kage had Amanda attack Lloyd. Kage explained that Lloyd was a bad influence on Cecil, that he weakened and confused him. He warned him that he shouldn’t trust him, that he shouldn’t trust anyone who isn’t family. Once again he urged Cecil to leave Eisenkrone, to go back to Durmstrang and be with his family. Cecil resolutely declared that Lloyd and his other friends at school are his family, that Lloyd is more of a brother to him than Kage and that he wanted nothing more to do with him, as he moved to cut off the mental tie that bound the two. A profound fear and sadness settled over Kage and he begged Cecil to reconsider, begged him not to abandon him. Cecil didn’t want to lose is only living relative either, so made Kage promise to not hurt his friends. With that the two started over from scratch, trying and get to know one other.

Episode17: Shadows of The Past

While Rei wandered off with Lloyd, Cecil and Mashiro headed out to look for Alice in the other direction. Being alone, now after the break up with Kain had them both nervous, unsure what to say. In their distraction, they don’t notice the ground coming to an end beneath them and they both fall. Without even thinking, Cecil takes Mashiro in his arms to shield her from the impact with his body, but instead of the thorny bushes or sharp rocks they might have dreaded, they land in an idyllic flower garden, hidden away within the otherwise dark and somber forest. Realizing they are still holding on to each other, they start to pull away…then stop. As flower petals dance in the air around them, they look in to each other’s eyes and they realize that this is where they both belong and they lean in for the kiss.

Cecil is happier than he ever has been in his life, as a large weight lifts from his shoulders. They lie there on the flower bed, talking, until Cecil blissfully drifts off to sleep on Mashiro’s lap.


Fire all around him.

Horrified, Cecil looks around and sees houses burning all around him. He realize that it must be a dream, but he cannot break out from it. In fact, to his horror and surprise, he can barely do anything. Looking at his body, he sees that it’s back to what it was as a young boy. That’s when he realize where he is, the houses, the scenery…

“- Welcome home, Cecil.” he hears behind him.

Turning around, he see another boy, slightly older than himself, with a fresh burn mark on his face, a mark, he knew, he got while saving Cecil from the fires in their house. It was Kage, his older brother. Cecil merely stares at him, as memories that he had been suppressing for over a decade washes over him. His life with his family, and how it was taken away from him the day pirates came and burned it all down. His family died that day, including his brother, that’s what he thought but..

- “I survived”. Kage confirmed. He told Cecil about how he survived and how he spent the last decade searching for his brother, his family. He finally arrived at Durmstrang but only got there after Cecil had gone off to Eisenkrone. While there he prepared the city for Cecil’s return. Being a strong mindmender himself, he had taken over the city, controlling the minds of those in power and punishing anyone who had ever harmed Cecil growing up. Again, just like the time back in Dorfstadt, he asks Cecil to give up on the people of Eisenkrone. They will only hurt and betray him, the only people you can trust are family. Once again, Cecil is tempted, life at Eisenkrone has been rough and often unfair for him. But memories of Lloyd, The Military History Club, and most importantly, Mashiro, makes up his mind. The people at Eisenkrone is his family. Kage is hurt by this, and refuses to accept it, and leaves the dream with the parting message “Did you like your birthday present?”. But before being able to ask him what he meant, Kage is gone and Cecil is alone amongst the burning houses. As the fear begins to take hold once again, he hears someone calling for him. Following that voice, he is eventually able to escape and wakes up to Mashiro’s face. She apparently had tried to wake him for some time.

He immediately relaxes and they continue their talk from before, and they decide not to tell anyone about their new relationship, especially not due to the rumours spread by Kain. Their talk is interrupted though by a shriek. As they hear Alice’s voice they are reminded of why they went out to begin with. They charge out, following the sounds of commotion but they arrive too late. Alice is once again back in her pink frilly dress and Rei is busy grumpily stomping a rogue sock at the ground. Lloyd soon joins up with them, and he explains what happened, while avoiding any mentions of the unmentionables. They group up back at camp, rejoin their respective groups and since there is still time left, they head out for one final hunt.

Episode16: The Storm’Beast Hunt

Lloyd and Cecil runs out in to the forest. Cecil hasn’t spent much time in forest terrain so leaves the tracking to Lloyd. Fairly soon they come up on a strange dog-like beast who fights using bites and nerv-chilling howls. However, they soon defeat it and move on. The come upon what seems to be a storm-bear cave. They consider challenging the bear, but then they hear a girlish scream. It’s Gunther, meaning Mashiro is in danger. They dash towards them.

Gunther is getting his behind thoroughly thrashed by tiny monkeys. Cecil jumps up to save Mashiro and Lloyd’s grabs a vine and swashbuckles to save Gunther. A battle of the ages ensues. Finally, the monkey leader, who was dual wielding a knife in one hand and his severed tail in the other, goes down, refusing to be captured and instead dies free.
The group begins to wind down and look over the wounded (ie: Gunther who got knocked out right at the start) , but they get no time to rest. This time it’s a deafening roar from the way they came, the Storm Bear has woken up and is not happy. Mashiro stays to protect the unconscious Gunther and Cecil and Lloyd runs off to see what’s going on. Apparently Jacob angered the Storm bear by going inside the cave and Sanchez is trying to protect him. Cecil and Sanchez charges in and attacks its lower body, and Lloyd jumps up on his back and tries to calm it down the only way he knows how. He begins whispering calming words and riding the bear in circles around the cave, teaching it to trot and canter. Meanwhile Jacob does something at the back of the cave.

Through their combined efforts and mental and physical attacks, Cecil eventually manages to capture it in to one of the bottles. Lloyd is uneasy about it holding though, since the bottles where not supposed to hold such powerful beasts. They all return to Mashiro where she’s set up camp. Jacob reveals that he’s brought a storm-bear cub with him. He names it Usagi, after his stuffed bear. Usagi wanders off a bit to Gunthers dropped backpack and licks up the liquid from a crushed container. Drinking what is revealed to be a love potion Gunther planned on using on Mashiro, Usagi evolves in to a Care Bear.
Before the group has time to recover from their surprise, there’s a sound from the bushes. Rei wanders off to Lloyd, relieved to finally have found him. Lloyd is happy to see her but wonders were Alice is. According to Rei, Alice got lost somewhere, but reassures Lloyd that there is no need to worry.

Lloyd immediately worries and wants to go out and find her. After a short and heated mental argument, Cecil and Rei agree to split up in two new teams to search for her. Lloyd and Rei, and Cecil and Mashiro. Jacob, Sanchez and Usagi stays behind to rest and watch over Gunther.

Rei leads Lloyd in to the forest but Lloyd soon realize that Rei accidentally took him the wrong way, and not the way she was coming from. And to Rei’s dismay, Lloyd quickly finds the trail back to where Rei apparently left Alice. Only to find the place abandoned. They do however find two pair of tracks leading to a small lake.

To Lloyd’s shock and horror, it would seem that Alice, tired from the walking, decided to wash herself in the lake. Somewhat startled, Alice answers him, and reassures him that she is quite decent, still wearing a few layers of undergarments. Lloyd, still worried that it might not be quite as many layers as there should be continues to look away, until he hears Alice give out a shriek. Alice is under attack. By her own clothes no less.

Lloyd stands stunned and troubled as this is an opponent he cannot fight. He can’t raise his sword against the clothes without ripping the fabric of a lady’s clothes. But as he stands there in despair, seeing the clothes tearing at Alice’s remaining unmentionables, he realize that he needs to act. Using everything he learned from Principal von Krakow along with the know-how that comes from a true Britannian upbringing, he blows up a wind, tearing the rampaging clothes towards him where he eventually folds them neatly in to submission. It is then Lloyd spots the owner of the second pair of footsteps, a hooded man hiding in the trees.

He goes to run after him, but is stopped by a screaming Rei, calling out for Lloyd to save her from a flying sock. Seeing that Rei is clearly stronger than the small piece of fabric, he encourages her to fight back and instead heads out after the hooded and suspiciously Russian looking man, though he sadly lose track of him after a while, along with any hope of identifying Mikhail the culprit .

Meanwhile, Cecil and Mashiro have wandered off on their own…

Episode15: At the Gala

Preparations are in full swing, and Cecil has to work hard to keep up.
While on an errand to the assassin’s quarter, he hears murmurs of plans for mischief during the Gala. Anita and the girls seems to want to punish Alice for going on a date with Lloyd. Cecil is concerned and decides that he must keep an eye on them.
Lloyd meanwhile, oblivious to any sinister plans leather pants-suits up. He borrows a Britannian suit from the Military History Club’s old wardrobe storage and goes to escort Alice.

They meet outside Alice’s room and with an unusually vigilant Cecil, and move on to the Gala. Once there, Lloyd and Alice are announced on entering, some shouts and muffled curses are heard from the female demographic. Anita welcomes them ever so warmly. Meanwhile, Cecil moves on to the back walls so he can keep an eye on everyone, including The Girls.
It does not take long before the game begins, the girls whispers between one another and Snowdrop is sent out, homing in on Alice. A desperate Cecil is forced to act before thinking, resulting in him grabbing on to Snowdrop and kissing her. Everyone is shocked and appalled, including Snowdrop. Alice and Lloyd tells him off. Snowdrop is horrified, telling him in no unclear fashion that his lips are not made for kissing girls.

Somewhat taken aback by this, Cecil only barely has time to stop Rose from serving Alice a toxic drink, only to turn to deal with Violet…This kept on for most of the evening, until after the dinner where Anita, as the hostess, thanked everyone for coming by playing a piece on her harp. She played beautifully, and everyone was engrossed in her performance, everyone except Cecil, who saw Anita readying herself for the kill. Just as Anita let her Harp bow sail towards an unsuspecting Alice, Cecil threw himself on top of Alice. Before Lloyd has time to reprimand Cecil for his clearly unsuitable behavior, he sees Anita’s harpoon looking Harp bow sticking out of Cecil. He quickly sweeps the table cloth from the table to try and stop the bleeding. Lloyd is still confused and has a lot to say about Cecil’s strange and uncouth behavior throughout the evening, but realizing that Cecil just saved Alice from a terrible accident that happened on Anita’s part, he decided to let it go for now. Anita, clearly irritated tells everyone that she is ever so sorry, and that her fingers slipped. Cecil, secure in the knowledge the he kept his mistress safe, gently falls in the comfortable embrace on unconsciousness.

A few days after his injuries at the Gala, Cecil and Mashiro has one of their many Nipponese-study sessions. Kain interrupts them and tells Mashiro to get away from Cecil. For once, Mashiro stands her ground and refuses to go along with what Kain says. Kain grows angry, telling her that she belongs to him and not to argue. The wounded Cecil talks back. Realizing that Cecil is still to wounded to go up against Kain, Mashiro steps in before Cecil gets a chance to defend her, and instead does so herself, breaking up with Kain on the spot. Kain looks at Cecil with murder in his eyes, but leaves angrily, calling Mashrio various unkind names. Cecil comforts the sad Mashiro, though is careful to control his feelings for her.

A few days pass and another field trip happens, this time it’s a competition in the nearby forest. The class is divided into pairs with the aim of collecting storm beasts by storing them in to storm-containing bottles. Points and grades are determined by how strong and how many beasts are collected, and the winners gets top marks. Each group is assigned a signal flare, using it will alert the teachers and get them to help you out of the forest, but also disqualify the group who used it.

Groups are:
Cecil and Lloyd (to Rei’s great disappointment)
Rei and Alice (again, to Rei’s great disappointment)
Sanchez and Jacob
Mashiro and Gunther

Alice is dressed in one of her normal frilly dresses, and Rei in heavy military gear. She looks at Lloyd with a determined and not entirely sane stare.
Gunther is greasing up on Mashiro hard after news has gotten around that she and Kain has broken up and Kain started spreading rumors about Mashiro being “easy”. He conspicuously pats his backpack knowingly.
The teacher fires his gun and the teams dash out in separate directions. The Storm’Beast Hunt has begun!

Episode14: My Fair Commander

Even though the two train in their respective ways, classes continue as always, and requires no less attention.

Jacob eventually returns to class after staying in The Capitol for rehabilitating training from storm madness. He is for the most part himself, but there is something… off with him, and he seems unbalanced. And he is not the only one.

Alice is still noticeably shaken by the events at the festival. She is unable to properly concentrate on classes, instead constantly keeps her eyes open for would be assailants. The Tutonian military presence at the school is a constant reminder of what happened to her during the festival and Ralph’s and Cecil’s supply of smelling salt was running dry due to her increased fainting fits.

Lloyd and Cecil are worried. They agree that Hildegard needs to talk to her and explain that she and her men are not the enemy. Lloyd goes to talk to Alice in her room and Cecil goes to ask Hildegard to come along with him. Hildegard explains that she has tried talking with Alice previously, but without success. Lloyd listens to Alice talk about her worries and her fears about the military and how everything associated with them brings back all the memories of the festival. And on cue, Hildegards booming and authoritative voice brings the conversation short. Hildegard and Cecil enter the room and in true Tutonian military custom, Hildegard introduces her name, title and before getting to her purpose of wanting to apologize, Alice screams. Utterly terrified, she runs in to one of her other rooms. Ralph glaring daggers at Cecil, runs after her.

The room goes quiet. Lloyd, somewhat aghast points out, delicately but firmly, that it is not in good etiquette to barge in to a lady’s private chambers dressed in full plate mail and start shouting, especially considering the circumstances. Lloyd glares spoons (not nearly as sharp or painful as daggers, but still not entirely pleasant) at Cecil.
Hildegard is utterly confused and wonders how else one is supposed to talk to someone.
Lloyd takes it upon himself to teach her…

Bringing Hildegard with them to the Military History Club’s old dorm, Lloyd uses a spare chalkboard and begins teaching her. First with “Apologies 101” and slowly working on to more advanced maneuvers, such as back straitening chestplates and random bursts of musical showtunes. Finally, switching out in her armour for a dress, Hildegard was finally ready.

After both Lloyd and Cecil urged Alice to give the Commander one last chance, they formally introduced Alice and Hildegard. This time it worked. Alice didn’t show any sign of her old fear and the Commander could finally explain and apologize for what happened. After a nice, long talk, Alice had calmed down and had gotten determined to put what happened during the festival behind her.

Just in time, since Alice had been invited to the Assassin’s Quarter’s Gala’s and she had not been able to prepare for it at all. This being the first such gathering she’d been invited to since coming here, it would have been awfully rude not to show up. And as such, it would also be necessary for her to have a companion to introduce her to everyone. She asks Lloyd, and he agrees. Cecil is tasked for butler duty during the event and they begin preparing at once.

Lloyd and Hildegard excuse themselves and Lloyd escorts Hildegard to her quarters, while Cecil stays behind to help Alice make the arrangements. Hildegard immediately changes back to her armour, ignoring any and all comments from her men. Afterwards, Lloyd thanks her for her help and Hildegard brusquely states that Cecil owes her one for this. But Lloyd can’t help but notice that Hildegard had folded her new dress very carefully on her desk.
He ponders…
The following weekend, Lloyd, Cecil and Alice prepares for the Gala…

Episode13: Special~u Training~u
The Lost Episodes

Due to a freak accident, no whole recordings remain of some of the following episodes, but thanks to the show’s strong fanbase, we’ve been able to recover most of what happened. But, due to some inconsistencies with their reports, there might be some mix ups, we apologize for this inconvenience.

A day or two after their return to Eisenkrone, the principal sends for Lloyd.
Lloyd eventually finds the principal’s office, a solid stone door, with impressive statues on either side. Somewhat nervously, he knocks on the solid stone mass, he hears the principal say something and the passage opens up.

The principal greets Lloyd and gives his condolences. He explains that he knows who and what Lloyd is and that he wishes to teach him how to control his powers, before they end up controlling him. He explains the Megamanius principle and what happened to Lloyd after killing the Jinn. All Storm beats, but most noticeably those strongly associated with one of the four elements have their powers stored within their heart. When striking such a beast’s heart, thus killing it, a Sturmmeister has the ability to draw upon that power, taking it as his own, storing it within his own heart. By striking down the Jinn, Lloyd now has the ability to bend wind to his will, and the principal is going to teach him how. Using his own ability, the principal borrows a small portion of Lloyd’s power and begins teaching Lloyd how to use wind to fling women’s underwear in to the air. A skill he assures him is vital to mastering his powers…

Not long after Lloyd has begun training with the principal, Hildegard calls for Cecil. Since she is to be stationed at the school for the time being, ensuring that there will be no more attacks against the school, she thought that it was time that she repaid her debt to Cecil for his assistance during the duel. She would teach Cecil to be a true Lancer. Weighing him down, first with weights, then with full heavy armour, she drilled stabs, parries and counters with him, the weight leaving him no room for unnecessary movements.
Their training continues and things slow down for a while though Cecil is still haunted at night by the strange dreams.


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